Extended Tummy Tuck After 120 Lb Weight Loss, 31 Yrs Old, 2 C-sections - Templeton, CA

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Very excited to FINALLY get all this loose skin...

Very excited to FINALLY get all this loose skin removed! After 120lbs of weight lost and two C-sections, I am ready to not be reminded of the weight I used to be every time I look in the mirror. I currently have to wear multiple compression garments during my high impact workouts, really looking forward to just wearing a shirt!

Post op day 2

Swollen and tummy is so little and tight but will loosen down the road. So glad my kangaroo pouch is gone!

3 days post op...swollen but coming along!

5 days post op

Took my first shower, feeling really good!

Post op day 6

Feeling great! I get tired very easy but am moving around better. Had breakfast with my kids this morning at the table which was so nice!

Two weeks post op!

Two weeks, went to buy my compression garment and couldn't resist trying on swimsuits! Lots of work to do on my legs but this was fun!

4 Weeks post op!

I made it to a month! Feeling so much better these days, though I hit the dreaded "swell hell" at 3 weeks post op. Blah. My tummy is huge! I know it will settle though. I've been speed walking 2 miles and starting to add in light jogging. I got clearance to lift my 2 yr old son (28 lbs), so that has made life SO much easier! Starting my scar therapy with silicone strips as well. Happy healing everyone!

4 weeks post op pics

5 1/2 weeks post op!

Did my first workout where I actually got to break a sweat last night, felt great! My swell hell is much better - still swelling but I no longer look pregnant thankfully. I have been doing light cardio with some upper weights, excited to start lifting a little heavier around 8 weeks (starting light). I started my scar therapy a week ago, hopefully it will help the scar fade, but it is not raised so I'm happy with that. Happy healing all!
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