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I decided this year that it was time to get a...

I decided this year that it was time to get a breast reduction but first I needed to lose weight. I weighed in at 217 in February and began my journey to better eating and increased exercise on February 18, 2013. In April I went to see my primary doctor who gave me a referral to see a plastic surgeon. A friend recommended a plastic surgeon at Temple University who did her breast reduction. On my appointment date with the plastic surgeon a staff member took my pics and measurements before the PS finally came in. He actually just looked at my breasts, nodded his head yes and said "you should have a response from your insurance company in 4-6 weeks" and that was it. So within a few weeks my approval from Aetna arrived. I called the PS to find out what the next step would be and was informed that the previous doctor was retiring and they recommended another PS. I was somewhat relieved because the initial doctor was a little aged if you will. Anyhow, I met with the new doctor this past Friday. I was hoping to not have my BR until at least August since my children would be out of school. The doctor stated that since I was in the process of losing weight, the surgery shouldn't be conducted until i get with 10-15lbs of my goal weight. This works out because that should be around July or August. I'm currently down 34 lbs and have an appointment to see the PS June 28th to follow up and possibly schedule my date. I'm so excited about everything... weight loss and BR!!!!!! I'm gonna rock at my wedding and 40th Birthday in 2014.

Only 4 Until My Breast Reduction....

Sept 30 is my BIG DAY!!!!! So since February 18th I have lost about 48 lbs. I have 19 more to go to reach my goal weight. My breasts have gone from fluffy full to flat. I'm a 34 G/H. Since the weight loss people are asking why I still want to have the reduction done. I guess these minimizers really work. Anyhow I'm finally starting to feel nervous and excited at the same time this week. I'm only expecting to be out of work for one week as I have a high tolerance for pain. The PS wrote me out until November 4th. Gonna post before pics shortly.

Day 1 Post Surgery

I got to the hospital at 5:45 am yesterday (09/30/2013). everything went pretty fast. They took me to the back, I got undressed, then nurses and dr's came and introduced themselves. After they inserted my IV, the PS came and drew all over me. Soon after they wheeled me to the operating room. I remember sliding over onto a bed and then they were waking me up. The pain wasn't too bad. I told them I didn't want percocets so they gave me morphine through my IV. I was groggy and irritable at that point. After sleeping for a few hours I was fine. I woke up just before 6 pm. Right before I was ready to go to sleep for the night I asked the nurse for tylenol or motrin. That seemed to work just fine for the little pain I'm having. Some Dr. came in this morning to check my nipples. I still have sensation in them so that's good. They feel really firm right now, not mushy like before. I haven't been able to get a good view of them yet but so far they look pretty good. I'm hoping to go home by noon... only one hour to go.

2nd Night Post Op was Awful

OMG!!!!!! Last night I must say was the worse. I was hot, I was cold, I had chills, fever, and headache. I felt restless and sore. I woke up sweating profusely. I'm hoping I don't have to go back to the hospital due to an infection. Ugh!!!!!! Good news is, tonight I can shower and remove padding. I saw some indentations during a sneak peak that I hope will go away but only time will tell.

I Really Didn't Want To...

I was a little reluctant to take these photo's as my breasts look awful and i'm hoping this is just because I'm only 3 days post op. Nevertheless, maybe someone could tell me something that would make me feel better. Anyhow here are my 3 day post op pics. I have indentations on both breasts which I'm assuming came from the padding. I really don't know what else to say as they look really hideous right now. The funny part is, i'm not regretting the surgery (yet), and I am looking forward to the changes to come as my healing continues. Nevertheless, my fiance won't be seeing me bra less anytime

Good Sleep

Last night (4 days post op) I was able to sleep on my sides. Can't wait to sleep on my stomach again. I also did some lower body exercises for about 15 minutes (knee raises, squats, side steps). Just felt like I needed to move something. Recovery has me home eating all day(along with PMS) and the last thing I want to do is gain weight over the next few weeks. I'm gonna take a slow walk today.

8 days Post OP

One week and a day has gone past since my BR surgery. I have my follow up tomorrow and hopefully I can go to work afterwards. I love that I can actually wear a button up shirt. I lost almost 50lbs before my BR surgery so I spent yesterday cleaning out my closet and making room for my new clothes. All of my old bra's are all bagged up for the Goodwill. What did you all do with your old bra's??? I had 40DDD and 36G's. I think when it's all said and done I'm going to be a 34C... finally on 10/19 I get to start shopping for my wedding dress YIPPEEEE

Bra Shopping.... One Month Post Op

PS gave me the green light to go back to the gym....NO Restrictions. Just came from bra shopping.... right now (according to Victoria's Secret) I am a 34DDD... thinking I may still have some swelling going on. Tomorrow is back to the gym for ME... I will post pics soon.

One Month

Dr. Newman

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