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So after reading reviews and creeping all over...

So after reading reviews and creeping all over this site, I decided to make a post regarding my progress. After having my daughter I decided I wanted to get a floraly shoulder piece with an owl and my daughters name. It was supposed to have so much meaning, and so I found a guy who had good reviews and was cheap (first mistake), and he would come into your home and do it for you. Initial black tattoo cost me $140. Immediately I hated it. Pretty sure the guy was on some kind of drugs too. Long story short my friend introduced me to an artist who does AMAZING work, and I (not knowing I should have just removed it the !) decided to go ahead with a cover up. After multiple sessions I just kept adding onto it and eventually it just got so big and now I just hate it. I know I hate it because I have never felt this way before with any other tattoo. I got discouraged, being a young mom and knowing I couldn't afford to get such a large tattoo removed. I found a place near me that is a non profit for tattoo removal. A doctor volunteers one day every 5 weeks to remove tattoos, cutting the cost by like 90%. The woman seemed really nice and understanding and I don't have an exact quote for mine yet, but she said the smallest tattoo would be $65 a session with a sleeve for example being their max at $175. I'm guessing my sessions will be around the $100 mark, but I'll update when I know more. Im willing to go to as many sessions as it takes for this to come off. I'm just so upset. I didn't realize how much this would affect me. Having many small tattoos that I love, to this big tattoo that just looks way too hard for me. It's just manly! Anyways I'm basically just looking for support, it's amazing to know I am not alone and many people feel this way also. It's just too bad I'm so young and have ruined my skin so early!

Tattoo after first cover up session

After my initial tattoo I got my cover up done in multiple parts. This was what it looked like before the final cover. You can really see the tattoo underneath.


So I'm going into my first treatment on Dec 12th. The clinic I'm going to is a non profit that only opens up one day every 5 weeks. From reading these blogs I've seen people say it's better the longer you wait between treatments, and that having them too close can cause scarring. Ultimately it's my choice I have to make, but I'd love any opinions. I could either go every 5 weeks, or I can go every ten weeks. What sounds better?? I just know I do not want to scar!! But I know with such a large tattoo I have at LEAST 2 years probably more to get this thing off.

Popped my laser cherry

First time getting lasered!
So I just had my first laser session. I went in there with no numbing creams nothing... And let me tell you wow it hurt!!! :( I'm gonna still be going but I have to say I wasn't expecting the pain. Can anyone recommend what to do prior to the appointment to not have pain?? I was shaking so bad I almost passed out... And that was the lowest setting!!! Also can anyone give me tips for after care? I just had it done this morning and haven't taken off my bandages... I'm not sure what to put on it or should I keep it covered or let it breathe... Thank u so much everyone on this group gives me hope that there will be an end eventually!!! Also one more thing I was not prepared for... The SMELL! That smell alone of melting skin and hair is just enough to make you want to pass out knowing its on your body... Nobody on here has really mentioned the smell.

Questions about blistering

So I had the laser set on the lowest setting possible... And the blisters on day one aren't too bad... Fast forward to day 2 and there are more and bigger... Is it normal to have so many??? They itch but I don't want to pop them. Are they going to go away on their own or do I have to wait for them to pop on their own?? It's so gross!!

1 week post session 1

How is my original tattoo breaking up before my cover up???

My tattoo underneath the roses is already showing lines of breakup where the owl was but no lines breaking up on my cover up as of yet. Is that normal?? Lol I thought it would be the other way around. Just another reminder what a bad idea a cover up was...

Another pic after treatment 1

At least the part that pokes out of my shirts is starting to break up and fade. Looks crazy seeing all that hoopla underneath

Treatment 2 Completed!

So this is 2 days post treatment 2. He says he turned up the laser this time but I have no blistering, whereas last time I had blisters. Is that normal? Does that mean he didn't hit me hard enough? I'm not having much swelling but I did ice it and put numbing cream on and it helped so much!

Treatment #3

So I know I haven't posted an update in a while. I started searching for different places to do my removal because the place I was going was a non profit more geared towards people who had prison or gang tattoos and they really only specialized in treating black and couldn't do anything for my green or blue. I was paying $100 per session there when I found the national laser institute medspa thru a friend. I met with Shelley (she's the teacher) and she told me that to minimize scarring she wanted to lift as much black out before hitting any color because the color is fading faster than the black because it's so dense from the cover up. Long story short she has her students perform on me but she guides there every move and makes me feel very comfortable. And guess what she charges me!? Only $50 per session!!! As a young mom with little income I'm so happy that I can do this for myself without money being the deal breaker. I felt great after my appointment just a little burning. I posted a pic of after my 3rd treatment.

Faric oxide in tattoo ink??

Apparently any ink colors with faric oxide will show up as clear with the laser so they won't go away. Does anyone know anything about this?

Treatment #5

Well I have been gone again a while. Mostly because I try to forget about this process as much as possible because it depresses me. I'm currently just hitting the black with the q switch to lighten it up then will move to color. Is it even fading??? I feel like it keeps looking grosser and grosser. Another thing. My friend invited me to be her bridesmaid in 2 weeks and wants us to wear strapless dresses. I feel like I have to miss out on this opportunity because of my stupid tattoo it makes me so sad!!!! I'll keep posted my next appointment is in 10 weeks or so.
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