7 Months Post Op..Getting Touch Up July 3 - Temecula, CA

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I am 37 yrs old, mother of 3 boys and a cancer...

I am 37 yrs old, mother of 3 boys and a cancer survivor. I have been considering either a tunmy tuck or lipo for about a yr. Wasnt to thrilled about the whole scar of the tummy tuck, then I heard about the smart Lipo and thought hey I can do that, ive been through worse. Ive been reading and seeing pictures on the site and have enjoyed seeing the great results. I am 5'6 & 207 pds... =-0 .. Yea time to get back to my old self. :) ... I am excited, nervous but thrilled. My procedure is scheduled for Nov. 7th. I will keep it posted how it all goes...

3 morr days :)... People keep asking me if im...

3 morr days :)... People keep asking me if im nervous..not quite yet, im more excited. Im surr the day of I wil be but hoping for the best!

Tomorrow is the day!!! :)..I am sooo excited and...

Tomorrow is the day!!! :)..I am sooo excited and nervous too...My emotions are going crazy I dont know what im feeling LOL. I have all my meds ready, vitamins, antibacterial wash. NY appt is at 12:15 am. They told me I can have a light brrakfast at 5 am and take sips of water until 10:15am. I will post how it all went as soon as im up to it..praying for the best :)

Well today was the day :)...I was so anxious..we...

Well today was the day :)...I was so anxious..we finally got there and they took me in..weighed me and gave me all my after care instructions. The Dr came in,took my pictures and wrote all over me. I got my whole abdomen done,waste,hips,inner thighs and even my face. He drew what seemed all over me...i was like yay take it all off LOL. The nurse gave me some anxiety and anti nausea pills,hooked me up to my IV and i was ready to go. I was in and out of sleep. Felt some but i was so out of it that it didnt bother me (im so used to tattoos that i was ok with it). No i must admit i dont remember how i got dressed or home or into my bed...just that i threw up once i came to. I tried to eat a little but my face was so swollen i couldnt. I was also still very drugged. I took a pain
med at around 9 & slowly started feeling back to normal and awake. I ate a couple of crackers and chicken noodle and fell back to sleep. I have been going pee a lot which is
good it helps undrain the fluids in my body. My cheeks are not as swollen anymore but i am tender all over. I will post pics on Friday when i am supposed to take all the pads and bandages off.

They took out 8 lbs of fat

They took out 8 lbs of fat

Day 2 ...i can move so much more today. It feels...

Day 2 ...i can move so much more today. It feels sore mostly on the bottom of my abs. Today i get to take all my padding off and take a shower. My mom came yesterday and made dinner and my hubby and boys have been taking such great care of me. :) i have been spoiled. The Dr and nurses called to see how I was doing which I thought was very nice. Overall all had been well. Cant wait to take all this paddings off and see how i am for now :)

Every day i feel a lil better... All the meds gave...

Every day i feel a lil better... All the meds gave me an upset stomach which wasnt fun. Feeling better just still nauseas. My hubby and boys have been spoiling me... I can get used to that part :-) lol.. Cant wait to feel 100% again but so far loving the new bod..my pants are too big now :-) yay

Feeling way better now. I stopped taking the pain...

Feeling way better now. I stopped taking the pain meds by the second day and havent needed it since then. Stitches are healing nicely. The dr placed them where they are not notacable which i like. Still swollen but i can definately see results so i cant wait till full results. I was able to get on my treadmill and do sime walking. Have cleaned the house, made dinners and take a nap during the day. I havent been able to take pictures withoit the garment because i need help getting in and out of it so I have to wait for hubby to help me. He has no patience for pics so when im done showering he is ready and waiting with the garment to go back on lol. My chin still feels numb to the touch, still swollen but just looks like before not worse like ive read in other posts. So thank god for that. Went to the Dr on Monday and he said all looks good. That i was still swollen but doing good :).

Tomorrow it will be four weeks. All has been good...

Tomorrow it will be four weeks. All has been good in healing. I am seeing that after the two weeks I am more swollen now. I have been massaging the bumps i feel daily. I wear my garment every day during the day but take it off during the night. My Dr said i only had to wear it for three weeks but I feel more secure with it on. I will post more pics soon

I updated new pictures on how I am at 8 weeks...

I updated new pictures on how I am at 8 weeks today. I see some improvement but hoping for more. Being patient. Some days i feel sooo swollen while other days i feel ok. The soreness has gone away. I do not wear the garment anymore. I see my dr in Feb.

It has been 13 weeks now. All is well. I still see...

It has been 13 weeks now. All is well. I still see swelling at the end of the day and I continue to see improvements. People are really starting to notice the changes now. I see the Dr after 3 months on Monday :-)

7 Months Post Op

Ive been great. People notice the difference. I went to go see the Dr for check up and he recommends a touch up to stretch the skin out more and tighten it more. So July 3 I get it done. Excited and nervous :). He says we will see a big difference. Praying all goes well :)

7 Months Post Op

7 Months Post Op

Touch Up Today

Today I go get my Touch up. Feeling a bit nervous. But since I know what to expect already, I have everything ready for when I get home. Have to be there by 11:45.

1 day after touch up

He decided to take more fat out of the abdomen and inner thighs. The nurse could not find my vein so it took her 5 times before I was ready to explode. A new nurse came in and did the IV. The procedure felt the same as the first one. They say my recovery will be easier. we will see. I came home super dizzy and sleepy and nauseas. Slept on and off till this morning. I took one pain pill but my head felt so bad that I decided to take regular tylenol instead. Feeling better today but sore. Have to follow the same after care as before. I pray this is it because im done now, dont want to do anymore again lol. I will post pics in a couple days because I am super swollen.

2 days after touch up

My recovery has been way better this time around. I have been up and at it. It is sore but not as much. Took my first shower. Had a lot of drainage and I am very swollen.

week after touchup lipo

Here I am a week after touch up lipo. Feel great. I am swollen but I am healing quicker then the first time.

3 weeks after Touch up

Healing well. Still swollen but getting better.
Dr. Oneill

I chose him after going to many other drs. He was the one who gave the less invasive procedure. Did more areas for less then a tummy tuck.

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