Breast implant removal with lift....amazing doctor!!!

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In 1995, when I was 25 years old, I had my first...

In 1995, when I was 25 years old, I had my first set of saline breast implants put in. Because I was always barely a size A cup, it was something that I had wanted to do as long as I could remember. I was pleased with the results until the day I was in a car accident and one of my breast was damaged. Because of this, in 1998 the implants had to be removed. I had originally wanted them just removed without replacing them, however, the doctor at the time (not Dr. Pousti) talked me into removing and replacing the implants instead of removing them only. I had a very difficult surgery as well as recovery. I have regretted ever since then that I let the doctor talk me in to new implants. They have since been uncomfortable; I have not been able to sleep on my stomach; as a runner, it has been hard running with the implants, they have been in the way; and I just have not been able to wear anything that I wanted without it being too tight in my chest and too big in my waist. I was just a different person when I got the implants, and implants were not fitting in with my lifestyle any longer. I had been beyond ready to go back to my natural body for a long time. Finally, fourteen years later, when we were finally in a position where I could have them removed, we began to research and pray that we would find a great surgeon. Due to the fact that I had such a horrible experience with my last surgery, we wanted to find a doctor that we could trust and one in which we would feel comfortable. In Dr. Pousti and his staff, we found much more than we could have ever imagined or hoped for. We have been so blessed that we found Dr. Pousti.

I went yesterday accompanied by my wonderful...

I went yesterday accompanied by my wonderful husband and mother-in-law for the removal of my bandages and the big revealing of my new breast. I had been somewhat worried about how they may look. After all, I had had my implants for over 20 years - almost half of my life; I knew that there would be a major change in my naked appearance with the implants removed. Besides that, I had seen on the internet not so great results. I was a little worried. Although I was worried about how I was going to look, I still had no regrets. I knew that above all that I wanted to be free from implants, and I also had faith in the doctor that my husband and I had chosen. I had seen his work and trusted in the confidence that he had to perform good results. Well, so there I stood, as the nurse who was so kind I must add, began to take off my bandages. My husband and mother-in-law eagerly waiting to see the final results. The bandages were finally off and my hubby and mother-in-law came to look first. They were so excited at how wonderful they looked. It was pure celebration in the room. It was now my turn to see for myself, so I began to walk in front of the mirror to see. I was so surprised at how amazing and wonderful that they looked. They were perfect. They were way better than I had even thought that they could be. If they were to stay just like they are right now I would be happy. My mother-in-law said that I was going to be obsessed with looking at my new breast now, and she was right. I looked at them all evening making sure that I was not just imagining that they looked so amazing.

Dr. Pousti is amazing and such a very talented artist. We had prayed that we would find the best doctor to do the job, and we did for sure. I want to again say what we have said before, if there is anyone looking for a wonderful, amazing, talented, caring doctor, please add Dr. Pousti to your list of doctors to visit. I absolutely know that you will not go anywhere else.

I am so glad to be free of my implants and finally natural. I am excited to finally be able to run comfortably and wear things that I have not been able to wear for a very long time. Yea!!! Thank you Dr. Pousti!!! I will be posting pictures soon.

Here are some pre and post op photos. Keep in...

Here are some pre and post op photos. Keep in mind that I am only 3 weeks post surgery. My hubby and I are thrilled with the results so far.

It has been 7 1/2 weeks since I had my surgery. I...

It has been 7 1/2 weeks since I had my surgery. I am going for a follow up appointment today to my surgeon. I am still so excited with my results, and can't believe that they get better each and everyday. I am so thankful to be free from my implants and the way it feels to be natural again. I will post pictures later today after my appointment.

It has now been 3 months since my surgery. I am...

It has now been 3 months since my surgery. I am loving my results. I love having my small natural breast. I can wear anything that I want and don't feel uncomfortable. I can sleep on my stomach. I can run comfortably, and I absolutely love the feel of being natural. I love my results. I am actually even feeling healthier and have noticed that some health issues that I have had for awhile have now disappeared. This has even been noticed by my health practitioner. I am finally posting updated pictures.

From a double D to a very very small A and loving it!!!

WOW!!!!! I can't believe that it has been a year since my surgery. Just last week my hubby and I went to the office of my favorite doctor in the whole wide world.....Dr. Pousti. My hubby and I were still so amazed by and much appreciated the usual courteous and friendly office staff as well as Dr. Pousti. They honestly make you feel like you are their favorite patient. It has always been such a pleasure going to my appointments. I wish that all physician offices conducted their practices in the same manner.

The office visit went well. Everything has healed up nicely except for a couple of little areas that Dr. Pousti is going to fix tomorrow with some scar revision, and yes after a year without my implants I have absolutely no regrets at all!!!!! In fact, I absolutely love my body implant free and my husband would agree to the same. I just can't tell you how much better it is living without implants. I am very small (like an A cup) and I love it. I honestly really don't even need to wear a bra because you just can't tell. But the great thing is that I can wear anything and I don't have to worry about busting out of anything. It is so much more comfortable too. And believe it or not, my breast are actually more sensitive then they were with the implants. It's great!

I would so encourage anyone considering an implant removal to first of all not to go anywhere else but Dr. Pousti, no matter where you live, and second of all, do it. You will not regret it.

I will be posting some pictures once I get them from Dr. Pousti as he took some updated photos last week. I would love to answer any questions that anyone may have considering the same surgery.....implant removal with a lift......from a double D to a very very small A and loving it!!!
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Dear Dr. Pousti and staff: I would like to thank Dr. Pousti and his staff so much for all that they have done and continue to do for me even though my surgery is over. While I was researching and looking around for the best surgeon that could perform my surgery, I kept coming back to Dr. Pousti. I was impressed with the extremely large amount of positive comments that were on many websites. Fact is, honestly in all of the many reviews that I read through, I did not come across even one negative comment. Also, his own personal website was amazing and filled with so much information about any surgery that you could possibly think of. Once I went in for my first appointment, I knew for sure, no question that I wanted Dr. Pousti to perform my surgery. Dr. Pousti, from the very first appointment made me feel beyond comfortable. He and his staff explained everything and answered any question that I had, and I had many. I had such a negative experience due to a very bad surgery in the past, and felt very very anxious. Dr. Pousti took so much time to help my husband and me to feel as stressed free and relaxed as possible. This amazing Dr. and his staff has called me everyday since my pre-op appointment just to check in on me, making sure that everything was ok and to rest any worries that we may have had as they knew that I was extra anxious. Since my surgery, they have continued calling and checking in on me to make sure that all was well. They even called on both Saturday and Sunday. From my first appointment until today, which is a week today since my surgery, Dr. Pousti and his staff have just gone above and beyond what they needed to do; way more than I have ever experienced from any other doctor’s office. If Dr. Pousti and his staff were not enough, the Surgery Center where he preforms his surgeries is absolutely top of the line. Again we were astonished and amazed at the treatment that we received there. Dr. Pousti shared with them my concerns, and the staff from the Surgery Center went above and beyond what they needed to assure me and help make sure I was comfortable. They called me the night before and listened to my concerns. The next day they were perfectly punctual, and everything went according to schedule. Dr. Pousti and the staff from the Surgery Center were there by my side the whole time. They even held my hand as I drifted off to sleep. My husband and I will always be thankful and blessed that we found Dr. Pousti to perform my surgery, and we would not hesitate for even one second to refer anyone who is looking for a plastic surgeon to Dr. Pousti. He is truly a one of a kind Dr. with a one of a kind staff. We searched form many other doctors, and Dr. Pousti was like night and day compared to the others that we visited. We are absolutely sure that anyone who does choose him will be extremely satisfied, thankful, and blessed. Extremely Grateful PS: A side note from my hubby -- It was vey important as we searched for a doctor that we found one in whom I could feel safe in trusting my wife’s care too. Dr. Pousti and his staff were very professional with high quality and standards which exceeded our expectations. Thanks for taking care of my wife. God Bless I researched many different doctors in the area, chose those that I thought seemed good from our online research, and made appointments to each one. Dr. Pousti was by far the most amazing doctor that we visited. I am so glad that we did not settle.

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