457 cc silicone Mod+ under periareolar

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I nursed 2 children and hand-pumped for a full...

I nursed 2 children and hand-pumped for a full year with each child which KILLED all hope of normal, post-nursing breasts (if there is such a thing, right?) :)

In my 'circle', breast augmentations are still taboo and this surgery has been a hard decission for me because of that! I willingly gave my body to creating two beautiful humans and regret nothing! However, now it's time for me to regain my body and confidence back and I can NOT WAIT!!

I have my preop 4/28/15 to finalize size and shape. I am leaning towards 450cc Moderate+ silicone, under the muscle, periareolar incision.

Surgery is THIS FRIDAY (5/1/15) ... OH MY GOODNESS!

The picture posted is my current 'situation' (ha ha) and my 'wish' result.
I like the plump, natural look better than the fake high profile or ultra high profile look.

I am nervous AND excited .... and am VERY grateful for this forum to help walk me through all the stages of this journey! ;)

My Pre-op

My preop was this evening (4/28/15), which is only 2 days pre-surgery!!! It was so close to my surgery date since I scheduled surg. last minute. This was ok for me personally because I used to work for 2 Board Certified Plastic Surgeons ('top' doctors on this site actually) and was the pre-op consultant! Lol. I know a 'bit' of the prep but it is a totally different experience when you are the patient and not the advisor!

With that said, generally speaking plan your pre-op about 2 weeks out! This gives you time to stop any herbal supplements, fill your prescriptions, shop for clothes if needed (I am going to buy a few front-button blouses for the 1st few weeks post-op since you cant reach or lift your arms over your head, front zip sports bra, meal prep for the hubs/kiddos, etc). I only have 2 days for all-of-the-above so I will be a bit rushed!

You sign a LOT of paperwork and some things you read seem scary! Remember, you picked a doctor with good reviews and a good history so don't let 'legalities' of the 'fine print' trip you up! ;)

Be realistic!!! Your PS is NOT GOD ... They can not make something perfect! You are paying for them to enhance your appearance, not perfect it!

We finalized size/shape and stuffed my bra/shirt with some 'testers' once more!! I brought several shirts tonight so I could get a better idea of how I'll look on a day-to-day basis ranging from my favorite comfy Tshirt, to a sexy tank top, etc! That was FUN and got me REALLY excited!

I spoke with my surgeon (Dr. Charles Sarosy) and am pleased with his knowledge and attention thus far! Sarah, the patient consultant, has also been tremendously helpful with me!
Pre-ops can be scary and overwhelming and they both made the process easy, fun and EXCITING!

This is a pic of me tonight at the pre-op! Next time I'm in that room with that robe on I will have my new ladies! Yay!

Final choice: 457cc silicone Moderate+, under the muscle, periareolar.

(Ps: a little something I learned tonight: going periareolar means NO mouth-to-nipple contact for 3 months due to possible infections (mouths are dirty). This will be awkward on the sex-life but I'm sure we'll manage!)

Sports bra

I ran to Walmart and found this for about $10!!! It's front zip so you dont reach over your head AND perfect for the healing transition .... You WILL ooze and bleed and nasty-it-up! My suggestion, get an inexpensive one for healing and once the gross phase is over, get a VS bra to celebrate! ;) .... Tomorrow is my last day with my little, saggy girls. Ahhhh. ;)

Meal & House prep pre-surgery!!

Ok mama's ... If your family depends on YOU for food, laundry and a clean home you might want to plan ahead for those things preoperatively!

I am going to be dependant on my husband for a LOT of help but whatever I can do ahead of time to make his 'new role' easier and my recovery easier, why NOT?!

Normally I stick to a tight budget and shop several grocery stores for bulk and cost efficiency! I am NOT doing this for meal prep for my post-surgery meals. 'Ease' is my 'theme'!!! I went to Costco and luckily they are implementing FAR more organic products these days. I stocked up on organic frozen veggies, fruits and a few easy-to-make dinners (fish, pot pie from the deli, lasagna, raviolis and chicken breasts). All of which my husband, or eldest son, can make with ease and still be eating a decent, healthy dinner while I'm down! **We have a McDonalds a block from us and I am doing everything POSSIBLE to avoid my family having to eat that while I'm down!

I have several easy dinners from Costco, for the 1st 3-4 days. After that, I have a few crock pot meals ready to go for days 5-8 (or so). Crock pot meals I can 'start' in the morning with ease and know a decent meal will be ready that night. **My husband will only be off for the day of my surgery & one day post op- after that he returns to work, which is 2 hours from our house & he works 16 hour days! Home & meal 'prep' is a must for me because of this but it's not for all of you. Each situation is different! ;)

(**I did about a weeks worth of 'prep' for meals just for safe measure but I am assuming I wont be 'bedridden' those days. Just want to help recovery as much as possible.)

*I also planned ahead for clean bed sheets, towels and kids clothes. I will NOT want to do laundry and my husband never fails to wash a crayon or two so with the loads he does, so ... I did this stuff today! :)

We are often concerned with the pre-op instruction for US that we may forget that having some things in the home in order prior to recovery is just as important (if you are the one who normally does those things).

So, my house is clean, the beds are clean, the fridge is stocked, laundry is done... And this saggy-boobed mama is tired AND excited!!! 1 day AWAY!

Last night w/this mess...

Surgery is in the MORNING! 10am


Things I am nervous about:
1. My kids misbehaving in the waiting room or being bored! (Yes, they will be with us!). *"remember when mom got new ladies??"* Omg, poor kiddos!!! Lol ALL our family lives out of town, and our babysitters will be in school). Bummer times infinity, for ALL involved! Lol
2. My breasts being too big or not what I expected.
3. Pain
4. Capsular contracture
5. Traffic (surgery is almost 3 hours away....couldn't hotel it tonight b/c hubbies work schedule).
6. Getting in & out of my truck- OMG ... I hope I dont strain a muscle & damage my implants. I always have to pull up with my arms to get in!!

Things I'll miss while recovering:
1. Running
2. Gym
3. Shoveling manure! (I love my farm and farm-babies- will honestly feel so disconnected not being able to help out!)

I will post pics and details tomorrow! Trying to be very detailed for those who will follow this. All the women before me have helped tremendously with writing of their experiences; I want to do the same!

Surgery day

I feel awful! I am in so much pain!! In addition, my right side pectorals keep flexing and moving. This is worrying me considering they aaid pecs need to be inactive next few days!

Day 2 Post op

Still miserable! I am in an extreme amount of pain and my right side of chest has spasms that hurt so bad! It feels likea huge rock/knot on right boob. Bleh! I am icing and trying to walk around the house, but good grief, this recovery has been sooo rough!


My right breast feels and looks encapsulated! I am wigging out! Is that even posaible a day after surgery??? Rock hard and cramping and sitting high!

My rt breast has been twitching and spasming... It feels like my body is rejecting it. My nurse said it'a normal..... But it feels far from that!!!

My left breast is sore but 100% manageable and even setting decent.

Really, insanely nervous about my right side.

Day 2 post op

I feel a bit better now that the awful ace bandage is off.

I finally got to see the girls and am happy with the size and shape of one. Lol

Since the day of surgery my right breast has been a HUGE problem. It would involuntarily spasm and twitch and I believe that twitching forced the implant into my pit.

I have put a call and picture into my surgeon and nurse. In hopes I hear back 'that is normal' .... I would LOVE nothing more than to be called paranoid at this point .... Really really praying that's the case. :(.

More pics (day 2 post op)

I cant tell you HOW many reviews I went to prior to surgery, on this site.

The women who did 'post op' pics/reviews every day or so for the 1st few weeks REALLY REALLY helped me!!!! Especially the 1st few weeks where you look weird and the implant is placed awkwardly.

I will try to be good about posting my progression!

***Also, my pain has subsided a 'bit' .... I am grateful for ANY relief, even if it's small considering the hellish 48 hrs I had.

Day #2 -evening improvement

My 'right-girl' seems to be improvimg even from this morning and that is AMAZING news considering the last 48 hellish hours!

You'll notice some 'top' swelling is down and that its also a bit fuller below the nipple (meaning the implant is slowly making its way down and NOT up into my pit!).

Day #3 possible capsular contracture

Okay so the pain in my right breast woke me up!!

It is VERY rare to get a capaular contracture this early in the game but I swear it's what I have on my right side, that or an internal infection! I have ALL the signs and symptoms!

My right breast is ROCK hard, I mean ROCK hard and incredibly tender to the touch and sore and painful w/out touch! My 'good' breast, the left side, is setting pretty already and has next to NO pain, no tenderness and is firm but not 'rock hard' like my right.

My patient consultant is saying this is normal but I am questioning that considering I have a 'healthy' and normal healing breast to compare it too!

It's 2am here so I will call my surgeon when he's in the office later this morning. Please send good vibes & prayers my way, I am sooo discouraged right now!


Day 3 Post-Op (hematoma & emergency surgery)

Please pray for me! I am heading to San Diego NOW for an emergency surgery to fix my right breast which has a hematoma!!

This explains my god-aweful healing process and excruciating pain the last few days!

Though I am scared as HECK to go back under I am SOOOO ready to begin healing and move ON!

The last 3 days have been torture for me- now I understand why!

I will update when I can ... In the mean time, prayers are needed. I've been crying all day, just a crappy few days post surgery I feel so abnormal and discouraged!

Why me?


When things go wrong ...

I am over the moon when I read womens success stories on here!!! It reminds me of how dynamic the feminine spirit is!!! It is strong enough to power through child bearing years & hard surgeries, and tender enough to love and comfort!! Truly we are remarkable beings!! I LOVE LOVE hearing women 'off their pain meds', 'out and about', went shopping, 'back to work', 'had Starbucks' and all the other fab stuff done SO SOON post-op! You all have inspired me on this journey!!!

Unfortunately not every recovery is bliss and I hope my recent and tough experience will give the new-bies a well rounded and accurate view of what to expect (the good, the bad & the ugly).

If you are having your surgry in the US take note that the federal AND state standards for surgeons, medical staff, medical facilities, etc are so insanely high that rarely is a complication the result of such neglegence. It does happen, but is rare.

Remember we agreed to a voluntary cosmetic surgery!! In addition, we are putting foreign objects in our bodies... Bodies that were designed to reject foreign objects! Thus, adverse reactions may likely occur (as in my case).

Remember signing a bazillion papers at your pre-op? Well, in those disclaimers you (we, I) agree that we are aware that complications may occur!

In my case, I just got a bad stoke of luck and ya know what.... I'm ok with it! Life happens, our bodies revolt and sometimes after our long awaited boob surgery an immediate trip to Starbucks and Target is NOT in our near future! .... And that's OKAY! Every woman is unique and different!! Embrace your OWN journey, even if it has a few speed bumps on the way!

If you are new to this site and still awaiting surgery prepare yourself for ALL outcomes. But, also rest assured that you picked a good surgeon with good reviews who MUST follow regulations and safety protocol! Any complications will most likely be 'self induced' whether you digard all (or some) post op instructions or your internal systems simply revolt (as in my case).

It's ALLLLL goooood ..... I am very happy with my BA so far and will appreciate it ALL THE MORE because I went through hell and back to get it!! :)

In closing, if things go wrong on this journey of yours PLEASE stay positive!!! .... In the end it ALL works out! :)

****(And a MAJOR shout out to my surgeon Dr. Charles Sarosy, my nurse Sky, my anesthesiologist, the receptionist (who hugged me while I wept like a baby), my patient facilitator Sarah who stayed on call ALL weekend (even texting me while she was at church with her family on Sunday) ... I had a great group of people caring for me and I appreceiate it grately!

Day 4...

Well, I keep on truckin' - it's really my only option, right? Being positive seems to be the best medicine lately!

I have concluded that my right breast is acting like a drama-mama, teenager on her period: she is a BRAT, bottom line. :) Since day #1 my right breast (muscle) has tried to revolt and reject the implant. The spasms and involuntary contractions has kept my right side tense, immense swelling, painful & a high riding implant! I have been taking HIGH doses of muscle relaxers faithfully since day #1 and even that has not been enough to calm my muscle down! As I said before: she's high drama ... Flat out!! Lol

My left breast gives me HOPE, major hope! My surgeon did a wonderful job creating the size & look I wanted!!! I am SOOO excited to finish healing so I can enjoy this change!

Please just keep me in prayer w/the right breast!!! That she finally calms the F down and stops throwing a tantrum!!!! Lol.

I will leave you with this wonderful picture of me earlier today!! I sent my hubby to the store for frozen peas and he came back w/organic broccoli florets!!! Lmao. ...... Thanks Babe!!! ;)

Bye bye Ace wrap!

I was rewrapped at the surgery center Monday when I was there. Luckily I got to take it off today so I feel less restricted.

Still dealing with knots, spasms and involuntary muscle contractions on my dominant (right) side. Just trying to take it easy so my muscle will calm down!

Other than that, all is good! I am no longer on any pain killers as I have zero pain. YAYYYY!!! All I am taking now is prescribed muscle relaxers and OTC Arnica Montana for swelling.

I Also went to my hair dresser today for a shampoo & style. I still have t-rex arms due to the spams and have restrictions on raising arms. I was in DIRE need of clean hair! I feel so much better! I will probably do it one more time with her just to give my arms (and pecs) as much resting as possible!

Entering 'normal woman' land, slowly, but surely!

Day 6:

Today was hard!

I cried: A LOT

The dumb compression band is hurting.

My left side has dropped significantly, making the difference between my left & right seem a MILLION times worse!

I am SOOO lopsided that even with a baggy sweatshirt the imbalance is noticable and embarrassing.

Just all around bummer of a day! I am trying to stay positive but it's been a hell of a week for me!

On a brighter note, I walked my yard and visited my fur babies! Prior to surgery I would be out with them several times a day. They are so cute it brightened my spirits a bit :)

Day 6: continued

Before and After .... Only 6 days post but it shows you how lopsided I am due to the muscle spasm and one breast dropping & the other afraid to! :)

Goooood grief .....

1 week Post Op

It's been a LONNNNNG week for this mama, it's all good though! I've got one pretty breast which is 1 more than I had a week ago!
He he he he. ;).

#babysteps #perspective

Right breast:
1 week post op (1st surgery)
4 days post op (2nd surgery)

Left breast:
1 week post op

Mothers Day - Day #9 post-op

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all of you Mama's who are here for the sole purpose that your body created, birthed and fed humans! Lol. Now it's our turn to celebrate Motherhood in an unconventional way: NEW BOOBS! :)

I don't see much progress in my high-riding 'bad-boob' BUT, as with weight loss, often we dont see the subtle day-to-day changes even though they are taking place!

I am a moody person to begin with so the swings have been massive! One day I'll cry that I'm not dropping 'evenly' and the next monent I'm totally at peace about it all!

I have had an AMAZING support system here in RealSelf and truly so appreciate all of your posistive words!

Here are day #9 pics ... 9 days is still sooooooooo new post op so we'll give the bad-boob some time to come to her senses and cooperate! Lol

Happy Healing & Happy Mother's Day!

1st - Post Op

I saw my dr. today- 1st time post-op since my emergency surgery last week .... He is treating my 'stubborn' breast aggressively, which I like! Most dr's on RS say wait as long as 4-6 months and at that point its capsulated or other secondary problems arise! SOOOO glad he's working at preventing that & taking it seriously at one week!

Pariareolar incision

My Dr. cut along my areola perfectly!!! Finally getting to see the incision site since the tape is off! Very impressed, especially with my right since it was cut open twice in the 1st 3 days.

Also, a little fun pre&post op I had of me in the pink robes at my dr's office! Definitely filling out the fabric more post op! :)

2 weeks PO


Feel like I'm getting no where with my right side! Luckily, 2 weeks is still soo early in the game!

Here's to hoping week 3 brings some noticable & positive changes!

Stretch Marks

Someone recently asked about this on the forum but I can't find their post and am unable to upload photos to the forum-comments anyhow.

My stretch marks are about 7-12 yrs old! Hard to remember which ones appeared with each kid ... Lol.

I would say mine are LESS noticeable post-aug then prior, but I am sure that is different with each personal case!

(**These pics were taken today... Incision site is beautiful & healing exceptionally quick! A+++ Doc!)

Baby steps....

I never realized how incredibly impatient I am .... Until this journey! Lol

Since I had an emergency surgery 3 days post op (on my right breast only) each breast basically has a different PO date!

My higher set breast is not only 3 days behind b/c of the additional surgery it is ALSO my dominant hand. ... 2 odds against it.

This pic shows some improvement from last Tuesday to this Tuesday ... :) Not much but heck, I'll take anything! You see the nipple is up a bit (no more 'downward dog' look ha ha!!)

3 weeks TODAY!!!

week #3 brought 'physical' relief.

I could cook, clean, drive, do my hair & makeup and EVEN made it to the gym (not my usual work out BUT anythings better than nothing.).

The 1st 2 weeks I was pretty much out of commission so it's nice to be on the up & up in that sense!

My right breast is doing her usual thing: sore, pain, sitting high & weird and of course, causing me worry (since day 1) but she's not quite at 3-wks yet.

Remaining patient in that regard!
(Sometimes..... Lol)

Transitioning ...

I am nearing my 4 week mark (and about 3 1/2 week mark for the high breast)

I think what has been hard for this month is seeing others heal differently than me! I expect THEIR results and healing speed and I am NOT them ... My boobs remind me that daily!!!

Here's some recents pictures & HOPE that my stubborn right breast might finally be catching up! ;)

She's still high, has some pain and the impant itself seems like I might be in the early stages of muscle-flexion deformity. I see my PS in a few days to discuss those concerns --- hopefully it's just my extreme paranoia and nothing more :)

Happy Healing everyone!

Incision Infection

One month post op ... And, BAM!

A dry, hard scab turned gooey, oozie and infected over night!

(If ANYONE is going to have a hitch in their get along it's going to be ME, right?) :)

I don't know what would have caused it. No mouth-to-nipple contact yet, no bathing, no pools .... Might possibly be a stitch trying to surface & compromising the incision, I'll go in Monday for an exam!

Luckily, my doctor AND his assistant were on it right away! I contacted them on a Saturday morning (early) and had an RX ready at my pharmacy with in 30 minutes!!!

They have been 100% proactive and helpful with EVERY issue and concern I've had so far!

I have taken 3 pills (antibiotics) since this morning AND I am sad I'm not 100% healed!!! Lol (remember that 'patience' issue I have) he he he!! :-)

Questions, ladies

If your 1 month + ....

Are you still riding high? One or both?

What scar treatments are you using, if any? How do you like them?

Morning boob still?

Still sleeping reclined?

..... Curious how all the 4 wks + ladies are doing since we're all similar w/our dates but definitely different boats ;)

I am still nervous about my breast not dropping. 5 weeks seems long enough to wait, I guess the good Lord above is still teaching me a thing, or two, on waiting patiently! Ugh ...

My morning boob is only with my problem breast and the pain wakes me! No need for an alarm clock, my diva-breast lets me know it's time to rise & shine!

I do Whole Body Cryotherapy 6 days a week and that has made my 13 year old c-section scar near vanish. It definitely helped with inflammation & incision healing with my BA, I am assuming, in time, it'll help my areolar scar also but want to start on a topical in addition to cryotherapy!

Let me know what you all are doing for these issues if you have them!

5 weeks Post

My left breast is perfect! It settled so nicely and the exact look and feel and size I wanted!!! I fail to give her any attention because she's been so easy & cooperative! Lol.

My infection hole on the high riding drama mama right breast is MASSIVE in diameter it seems! It's really annoying me because the incisions sites were really coming along well up until last weeks infection! Gooooood grief! Looks like it will scar pretty bad so I will start scar treating more aggressively tomorrow when I have time to go to the pharmacy and buy them OUT! ;)


It's amazing what 'a few bucks' will do, right ladies?? :)

The 'before' was taken a few days before my May 1st surgery, the
'after' shot was today at the pool (about 5 wks post op)

Now it's time to ditch the mom-suit and go shopping for a new one! :)

More 5-week pics

Definitely feeling PROUD in clothes --- ohhhhh my goodness! LOVING them!!

****(Will update on scars & my right breast dropping as those two things improve, AND they better! Lol) ****

Wound/scar care *all natural

I am only a few days in with alo vera and coconut oil on the scar
And wound from the infection. I see a slight difference. I made fresh carrot juice and that will go on starting tonight as that is said to help also. In addition, I am continuing whole body cryotherapy daily and that will continue to lighten & heal the scar!

I got to rock the new bikini and have worked the booty off since November to lose weight! The new look is feeling good!

6 weeks

I can't believe it's been 6 weeks!

My right is still sitting high and its tender and sore especially in the mornings! The upper pole seems either swollen or it's just the high implant BUT it has settled enough to where my nips are at least fairly even AND I can rock the 'new ladies' in clothes, swimwear!

Naked, there is still a noticeable difference and MOST days I fret about it ... I keep massaging and have recently started heat therapy to the right breast to help relax it!

My areolar scars still look pretty red ... I will eventually use regualr scar creams however I suffer from TERRIBLE eczema and am currently battling a bad break out! I am using all natural scar treatments (coconut oil, alo vera & carrot juice) until my overall skin inflammation settles.

I still sleep somewhat elevated which is annoying BUT I wake up with a high/sore rider if I dont! My "righty" is so drama! Lol

That's about it for now -- next doctor appointment is a few weeks. Hoping to be fully settled by then!!!

7 weeks

SO very glad I have taken a gazilion pictures post-op! Seeing overall progress helps me on my low & doubtful days! There is significant improvement- no doubt! :)

I definitely happy with my overall reault & look but still in a 'limbo' with many things.

My Right 'problem' breast looks normal in this picture but it still sits about an inch+ higher. It is also harder, way harder, than the other breast even though I have massaged it religiously since week #2 when I was advised.

I am still in the 'recovery phase' of surgery (sleeping elevated, no rigorous exercise, no reaching, no lifting - with dominant side-, no hard cardio, compression band, sports bras and baggy t-shirts to hide the spors-bra-boob look!). It is ALL really old at this point but I am trying to do EVERYTHING right to help my problem-breast settle!

The hardest part for me has been wearing bras that make my breasts look sooooo ugly in any shirt. I really dread leaving the house and have only a shirt or two where I can masque the look!
SOOOO ready to move into the 'enjoyment' stage! I have set my mind to be okay with some asymmetry, but worried It may be something more complicated since the breast seems significantly stiffer than the other. :(

I see my doctor Tuesday and hope I get some answers or ideas on how much longer I'll be in the hard-core recovery phase or be able to begin transitioning out of it!

*Another* stitch infection

I was at the pool all day today and kept feeling pain and tingling on my infamous *drama-breast (right side).

When getting in the shower this evening the other end of my incision (where the pain/tingle was) had a pimple-sized bump. I barely touched it and pus (a good amount) came out along with a small suture knot! Grosssss!

UGH! My scar from the 1st infected suture is pretty brutal (look at the pic). This new infection doesn't look like it'll be as bad as the other but GOOD GRIEF already!!!

I have triple-antibiotic ointment on it and will place a call to my PS in the morning. I really dont want to get on another antibiotic but will if I need to! If so, it'll be my 4th antibiotic with this augmentation (1 round for initial surgery, 1 round for 2nd emergency surgery, 1 round for 1st infection, and now this...)

I am not too concerned about the infection, honestly! I have dealt with MUCH worse on this journey but wanted to write about it for the new-bies who read reviews! ... I am Pushing 2 months post op and hiccups still occur! It's good to be aware that things like this can happen, even late in the game.

8 weeks and boobie-blues

- scars are significantly lighter
- nipples are returning to my normal size and aren't so HUGE!
- in clothes, my BA result is EXACTLY the look I wanted!

- Right implant is SOOO not in its pocket! (See pictures/arrows). This isn't noticeable when I am standing 'at ease' ... But if I reach for an item at the store, pull my hair back while wearing a bikini (or thin clothing), or lay on my back/recline (at the beach or for sex) then BAM, bad-boob hardens and balls up and sticks STRAIGHT up and the other breast falls naturally! The contrast between the two during those situations - at that point - is humiliating!!!

I wanted them OUT last night and cried and cried! I have NEVER felt embarrassed during sex, even with my post-pregnancy bodies that had 80 extra pounds!

Iam PRAYING it's just a bad week mentally and that this 'low' will pass. Also hoping my implant falls into the gosh-dang pocket sooooon, for many reasons: scar tissue build-up being one major one!

9 weeks

I have been out of state on vacation and celebrated my 9 week mark in a bikini soaking up the sun!

All in all, I am glad I did the surgery.

I DO still have many concerns (rippling, morning boob, muscle flexion, assymetry, etc) but am trying (this week anyhow) not to borrow worry. Time has been a proven aly in some regards, and an enemy in others. I will have to ride it out and see what concerns are 'permanent' , 'transitional' or 'temporary' and act accordingly as each arise.

I will see my PS for post op on 2 months at about the 2 1/2 month mark since we're out of town. Until then, it's silicone on my scars (while on vaca as it's less maintenance then cream) and massage, massage, massage!

10 weeks - wow!

LOVE LOVE these sexy girls in clothes!!! Lol ....

Still seeing muscle flexion deformity signs (minimal) naked and with movement and increased skin rippling in my cleavage zone (from sagging)

BUT..... right now I choose to focus on how great they look in a shirt or bikini! :) I am loving THAT part of it!! (This pic I am wearing a sports bra from Wal-mart!) :)

I see my doctor Tuesday and will discuss the issues with him. It is what it is and I'm working through it all mentally.

Focussing on the fact that I look a gazillion times better than pre-aug photos is enough to celebrate for now :)

NOW ... Where's that secret pill to lose the 10+ pounds I put on post-surgery?? Lol!!

Time for lipo?? :)

2 1/2 Month Dr Appt

Well ... It's confirmed: muscle flexion deformity on my dominant (right) problem side. I figured as much a few weeks ago and have had all that time to accept it. :)

My PS thinks it won't get any worse and luckily it's very minimal. I only noticed it when I lift/reach my arm over my head naked (or in a swim suit/thin tank). ** see my 9 wk post for picture of it, it's a pretty mild case to be honest**

I understood there would be possible problems with unders OR overs -- you take risks either way. I believed months ago BEFORE my surgery that overs would be disastrous for me for many reasons & I am glad I picked unders. I would do that same route again. Risks are made either way and no one knows how each individual person, and side, will react to an invasive surgery. Obviously we hope, wish, and pay for the best -- but ultimately our body decides.

My PS has been attentive and proactive and gave me the look I wanted both naked (natural, full look) and in bikinis & shirts! I do NOT fault him AT ALL for my obstinate muscle ... On the contary, everything he advised and prescribed post-surgery I believe helped lesson the severity of the issue and I'm grateful for that! I worked with plastic surgeons ('top doctors' on this site actually) who did NOT have good after care - especially with their problem patients and I was the nurse that had to deal with their tears and uneasiness. Knowing that makes me appreciate my PS and his staff tremendously!!

I look 100,000x better naked & clothed than I did PRE-aug ... And that makes this journey 100,000x worth it!!

These were the pics my PS gave me today coupled with my 10wk post picture in a cute shirt!

WORTH IT!!!! (C'mon, that pre-pic is soooo terrible!). :)

11 weeks

I have tried to stay active on this site with posting progress updates & pictures weekly considering my problematic right breast!

Hopefully the updates will help the next woman in my shoes who drops late and has similar issues overall.

I am nearing my 'final' and beautiful result and promise not to blow up the news feed much longer, with the exception of a few updates for scar pics as those improve & maybe my 3 month mark.

I am posting several collage pictures with time line-improvements now. ...Man OH MAN have I come a long way in 11 weeks!

This is my FIRST (yes, first) week I have not had pain & morning boob on my right side. However, she'll ache a bit if I'm 'late' on the days massage, or I use my arm too much. DIVA breast for sure!

You can see my scarring is still pretty bad where I had both suture infections. Time, coupled with topical treatments, will lesson it but most likely they are here to stay. No biggy. I gave birth to both my children via c-section so scars really aren't a concern to me.


There is significant improvement on the redness AND size from week 5 to 12!

Week #5 is when I had the stitch infection which caused the big 'dot' you see on my incision line.

I alternate between Mederma and silicone strips. What is everyone else using?

Scar update

The 'good' breast has not only dropped in time and healed well but the scar is lightening 'on schedule' and near gone! I am very pleased. When my nipple is hard you can hardly notice a scar at all!!!

The breast with the larger, more prominent scar has it's reasons: May 1st I had the original incision on my areola line for the initial augmentation, a few days later the same incision was REOPENED for an emergency surgery for a hematoma and THEN weeks later I had two separate incision infenctions on that same incision line! 4 traumatic events on that ONE line makes sense as to why it's a more noticeable scar.

I assume it will always be obvious. The mid-line may lighten more but the two 'circles' at each end will probably always be noticeable. (No biggy, as there are FAR bigger issues in life than nipple scars, right?!?!)

I'll continue my scar treatment of alternating between OTC gels, bio oil, and silicone strips for now.

Scars at 4 months PO

I think they are getting lighter, slowly. I am glad I have taken pictures along the way, it's hard to notice changes/progress day-to-day & easy to feel discouraged, but over time there is a noticeable improvement!

I primarily use Mederma for now.

I am almost +15 lbs from surgery and have really struggled getting back into a good work out routine especially considering most ALL I used to do bothers my problem- breast. Running I do well with and my right breast doesnt hurt after, I guess its time to ne more consistent with that! (Wahhhhh)

I still massage my problem
Breast daily. If I dont it seems to harden and stay higher.

That's about it for now!

Happy 4 months ladies!

4 month scars *continued

I forgot to add this picture the other day when I posted an update about my scars.

The scar line on this breast was opened TWICE and had an an abscess-like suture infection on each end of the scar line.

Considering the trauma, it has healed up pretty well!

1 year+ Post Op

I am sorry I have not posted earlier! Overall, I am happy with my surgery, my scar healing, and the overall shape & look of the implants. I really do love them, *however* if I had a do-over I would most likely pick high prifile which would have given more top cleavage. My right drama breast is doinh well - she calmed down somewhere along the journey and I am grateful: I felt worried for quite some time! Hope all is well with you May 2015 ladies!! Sending loven

Clothed (15 months Post Op)

I wear VS T-shirt bras. I am not a real fan but dont have the time or money to keep testing out the perfect bra. I am a 36DDD post op.
San Diego General Surgeon

Great surgeon and thorough doctor! He did a great job on my BA and has been incredibly proactive with my aftercare and post-op progress! Nice facility and great staff!

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