40 yrs old Mommy Makeover; TT and Breast Lift w/ Implant; 5 Kids + 100 Pound Weight Loss - Tel Aviv, IL

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After 5 consults, I finally chose the doctor I...

After 5 consults, I finally chose the doctor I felt most comfortable with. And I got his cell phone number :) I don't know many people who have had this procedure done, so I'm really a pioneer.
I am very scared, as this will be the first surgery I've ever had in my life. I look forward to sharing my experience with others.

2 days pre-op

Took some before pics today. I've worked so hard for this. I started my weight loss journey 6 years ago and have been at the gym almost every day since. I actually still have to justify having the surgery because I look good with clothes on. Im a size 6! But I've been wearing spanx every single day. I will have a spanx burning party after surgery :) My kids know that mommy has to get rid of the extra skin on her tummy. I didn't feel the need to tell them that I'm getting a breast lift as well. My doctor wants to keep me at a size C just as I am now. Which means 200cc implants. I hope I'm okay staying the same size. He worries that too big will cause them to fall again.

Smoking and drinking....

Having trouble quitting both. Just saying...

I'm on the other side...

I read somewhere in this site to bring a neck pillow. It has been a lifesaver. They won't let me eat anything still and I've been out of surgery for 6 hours. The nurses said because the doctor doesn't want me to have to have a bowel movement. Needless to say, how much can I possibly help anyone on this site if I've had my surgery in Israel. Protocols completely different than in America. Like no doctor I consulted would allow me to get bigger than 200cc implants. And everyone on this site is VaVa Voom!! For fear of them falling again I guess... But my before and after pics can be helpful to others. So I'll post those in due time :)

Hell and back

There is no preparing for what I've just put myself through. Birthing 5 kids does not compare to the pain. I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I developed a hematoma in my abdomen so was opened up again the next day, which added another $7500 to my surgery cost! I don't care about the money as long as I'm alive. It was an amazing medical center and I even had a private room with a view of the beach :) They also had the in-house ability to give me a blood transfusion and that is much better than needing to be transferred to a full fledged hospital. I'm off of pain meds for the most part. I never want to be constipated again. Dr. Raderman was very attentive and visited me every day I was at the medical center. He also called me after I was discharged to see how I was. Feeling very cared for. But I paid through the nose :)


The nurses had never seen swelling like mine in the past. I was operated on twice in 2 days. I know I swell from epidural a and plane rides, but wasn't prepared to not fit into my clothes when i was discharged. My legs were (and still are) the size of tree trunks and my back is unrecognizable. Having worked for 6 years to take off 100 pounds made this very emotional for me. I walked in to this surgery a supermodel and walked out a scary version of the "old me". The doctor reassured me it was only fluid and that he only removed fat, and didn't inject any:) it gets a little better each day but I will not get into the scale!!

Before and after

I'm not going to start analyzing every small detail because it's so soon. I just hope it all looks even in the end.

Another before and after

I have had a complete revision after 11 months

I suffered for almost a year with terrible results. I finally did my research and found the best surgeon in Phoenix, Arizona, Dr. Remus Repta. He is worth every cent and I cry every day from happiness. Please don't make the same mistake I did and I am happy to answer any questions.
Dr. David Raderman

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