Rhinoplasty and Recovery (updated photos) - Tel Aviv, Israel

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So let's begin with why I even decided to get...

So let's begin with why I even decided to get a nose job. I have at some point around 7th grade realized that my nose wasn't as cute as the other little girls' noses. My nose had a bump, a somewhat droopie tip (that I have not even payed too much attention to, I just wanted the bump to go away), a deviated septum and an enlarge columella. It's actually not as bad as it sounds, I was only really unhappy with the way I looked in profile. That didn't stop me from perusing a career, dating or what have you, but all this time I just thought I could be happier with myself and the way I looked if only I had a different nose. I researched the subject thoroughly and met up with 2 surgeons before making my decision. Finally yesterday came and my boyfriend drove me to Atidim medical center in Tel Aviv to get it done. This was my first time getting a surgical procedure and the first time for me to get hospitalized. You can only imagine how nervous I was! I met up with my surgeon twice before surgery- first time for consult and a digital morph, second time for him to examine my blood tests and see I was fit for surgery. On the day of the surgery I met with the surgeon again for him to have me sign some papers. I also met with the anesthesiologist, who explained some things to me about total anesthesia. When the nurse came to get me I wasn't even sure I was being taken to the actual surgery, I was really confused. In hindsight "could you come into this super cold room, lie down on this uncomfortable bed and let the anesthesiologist pump stuff inside your vein" should have given me a clue. Next thing I know- I woke up and was seeing double, I was post op and very cold after being in the cold operation room for an hour without moving. The nurses pumped liquids into my vein as I was dehydrated already, and put bags of frozen peas on my eyes to minimize swelling. My boyfriend stayed with me until the evening. I stayed in the hospital overnight. I didn't sleep very well, though the hospital was a very nice one. I tried to keep my head elevated but after I finally fell asleep for 30 minutes I woke up with my head facing right. I was discharged in the morning, after being given instructions for the week until the splint is taken off. * Day one post op- Despite the nurses best attempt, I have quite a shiner around me left eye. Swelling is not too bad. I am trying to keep myself hydrated. Surprisingly- I'm not in any pain, just general discomfort: my nose is dripping and I can't wash my hair.

* Day 2- I think swelling is going down around my...

* Day 2- I think swelling is going down around my left eye. Half my upper jaw and my upper lip feel numb.
I have actually slept well tonight, which is a very good thing. While I was in the hospital I couldn't fall asleep and when I finally did I woke up from my own snoring.
I try to eat an egg a day to get my protein from. I'm also still on antibiotics, which is one of my least favorite parts of recovery, alongside mouth breathing.
I will post some pictures later, when there's actually something to see.

* Day 3- I have a bit of a headache today. The...

* Day 3- I have a bit of a headache today. The dark marks under my eyes are becoming less noticeable- they changed color from purple to yellow. Swelling seems to have migrated from my eyes to my cheeks (thanks, gravity).
I seem to be coughing up a lot of blood and mucous (sorry if that's tmi) and it's really uncomfortable, not to mention gross. Does anyone know when it's supposed to stop?

* Day 4- I didn't sleep well tonight, I kept...

* Day 4- I didn't sleep well tonight, I kept waking up because I felt my nose dripping.
My cheeks are still slightly swollen, but I no longer look like a hamster.
I was really grossed out yesterday by my hair. It seemed greasy and dirty. I used some dry shampoo on it but it does not work as well as real shampoo, I can't wait till I can wash my hair again :)
I uploaded a before photo along with the digital morph the doctor did, so you could see what the goals of this surgery were.
Also, the skin is very oily now. The doc warned me about this and said it's perfectly natural to have oily skin after surgery, and that it's important to clean the face frequently. At what point will my skin return to normal?

* Day 5- I'm really excited to get my splint...

* Day 5- I'm really excited to get my splint removed tomorrow. I will be so relieved once I can breath trough my nose again. I know that after removing the splint and tampons, my surgeon will put hard bandaids where my bump used to be, and I'm supposed to take them off after a few days.
I slept so well tonight.... I can't wait till' tomorrow!

Splint removal day is the best day:) Hurray!...

Splint removal day is the best day:)
Hurray! Splint came off today. A friend of mine gave me a scare about the removal of the tampons, but it was all a breeze.
My nose is still swollen but you can tell that it's very harmonious with the rest of the face.
When I came out of the doctors office my mom went like "are you sure you had surgery? it looks like you were born with it". Isn't that the best way to compliment a PS's work?
I will post pics later.

I am uploading some photos from yesterday. It...

I am uploading some photos from yesterday. It feels so nice to be able to breath again!

I'm now 10 days post op. I still am not allowed to...

I'm now 10 days post op. I still am not allowed to blow my nose, I only clean my nose with q-tips dipped in 3% peroxide, to avoid having the gross smell people often complain about after Rhinoplasty. My results look natural, even though swelling is slightly uneven on both sides of the nose. The profile is so cute! I never before imagined I could look better in profile than from the front.
Since I can't blow my nose but am highly allergic to dust the whole not being able to blow my nose bit has been hard on me. I have contacted my doctor about this and he said it's OK to try and blow my nose by blocking one nostril and blowing gently through the other.
So far people have not noticed a significant change in my appearance. I will upload more photos later.

I have only now gotten around to posting photos...

I have only now gotten around to posting photos from my 2 weeks post op mark. I have spoken with the doc about the smell that's coming out of my nose. He said it's bacteria that's stuck to the place where the turbines were, and that there's nothing to do except clean clean clean, so that's what I'm doing.
A work friend have told me that she cannot recall how I looked before the surgery, so that's a good sign.
I still have a lot of swelling, especially in the tip area, and I feel it's uneven. I hope it will even out over the recovery period.

I am now 2 months post-op. The nose looks very...

I am now 2 months post-op. The nose looks very natural. Most people don't even notice I've had anything done. The smell is now gone, I think it was caused by packing residue that stayed inside my nose after the cast was removed. It came out after cleaning and blowing my nose regularly. I only hope that there are no more foreign objects stuck up there :)
I updated with a few photos from a few days ago.
I have noticed it is still uncomfortable for me to wear sunglasses on my nose, so I try to avoid doing that as much as possible.
Dr. H. Ashkenazi

Dr. Ashkenazi is very detail oriented and committed to his profession. He has over 30 years experience in the field of Rhinoplasty and is confident in his skills to perform most procedures with the closed approach. He strives to achieve natural results.

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