My Terrible Lip Lift Surgery -destroyed my Life - Tel Aviv, IL

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Hi evryone, I guess that if you are reading this...

Hi evryone,
I guess that if you are reading this now, it means that you are considering a lip lift surgery. I saw so many good reviews in this site, but you must know that the surgery can go so very wrong. For me it destroyed my life.
I used to have a turned-up nose, which looked very beautiful. The doctor worned me about scaring in the nose base, and I took it under consideration. When I removed the bandge I was shocked, The nose shape looks completely different, The nose it much more turned-up, and the nostrils are huge- he removed my nose base! I look like a pig, as if I had a nose job done. I am not going to post pics in this public post. Please if u r considering the procedure contact me for questions and I will be more then happy to answer and to share pictures in a private message.

I did not have a lot of confidence before of the surgery because of the long distance between me nose and mouth. I went to to a plastic surgen and he said that he will make a very gentle lift because my teeth does not look so good and he did not want them to show too much. As I said, he worned me that there will be a visible scar - but said nothing about the nose shape looks different. He said it is a very simple procedure and I scheduled my surgery to 15.8.16. I was so excited, could not wait to have it done. When I got to the clinic he marked me for the incisions and I noticed he marked it right on the nose base and up within the nose. I asked him about it and he said he would like to hide the scar inside my nose. The surgery took about 25 mins and was painless. After about one hour I started to have terrible pain, my face were swallen and I had a bendage on my nose so I could not see the demage done to me. My lip looked nice and I was so happy that I had the surgery I dream to have so long.
The next day I removed the bandage from my nose. I was very swallen but could imediatly notice something is very wrong here- He removed the nose base under each nostrils and now the nostrils looks so huge. It looks like when u put your finger on the tip of your nose and squeeze - like a pig. I immediatly understood that it has nothing to do with the swalleness. I was so shocked from what happened to my beatiful nose I could not stop crying. I cried for days. It made my healing process very long. I want you all to understand how bad it was - I wanted to quit my job because I was so emberessed from the way I look. All I wanted is to have a slight change to look a little nicer and the result is that my face looks so ugly now. Its been a month now since my surgery and I just can't go back to my normal life. I cry every time I look at the mirror. I wish I would not do this stupid surgery.

I want to make sure that people understand the danger in this surgery- must of the reviews that you are going to read are great, because when people have a good expirience they like to share it. When the result is not good people will not be so happy to write about it and post pictures. My life will never look the same. I feel so ugly and it changed my life - I am not happy to go out of the house as I used to. I don't go out with friends. I try to work from home as much as possible - I will never be the same.
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