HIPS DON'T LIE - my Thighs and Knees Liposuction! - Tel Aviv, IL

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So today is October 3th, a day after my...

So today is October 3th, a day after my liposuction.
The prosses itself went well BUT the "before" op was... hmmmm.... exciting.
my op was set to 6.30 am and i had to wake up at 3 since i'm living about an hour and a half from the hospital (whice took place in a privet and clean hospital call RAMAT AVIV MEDICAL CENTER in tel aviv). I entered the doctor's room, all excited and anticipated, feeling great. he asked me to undress and stand by the wall while he's taking my pictures. still - feeling great. while he started marking my thighes i felt little dizzy, a second after i open my eyes while my legs are up in the air and i'm down on the floor.
not even realize what just happend, i got up and felt perfectly fine!!!
the doctor was great, very relaxing, went to check my blood test again. he asked me if i ever fainted before and on what circumstance and we all thought it's the exciteness mixed with the fasting before the surgery. ohh well, back to marking on my body!
i fainted again.
that happend 3 times till he wanted to reschedual for later and i begged him not to.
he sent me to check my blood pressure and temperture whice were fine.
45 min' later - i was prepping for sergury.
i woke up. not pain, no sore.
allready dressed in my shapper, the nurse took me to my privet room and told my friend to make sure i'm drinking enough water. about an hour later i had to use the bathroom. while walking those 10 steps from my bed to the washroom the cuts started bleed all over the floor but the nurse said it's normal and those are fluids from the surgery. by noon time the bleeding stopped.
few hours later i was walking around the corridor back and forward. had no pain (or almost no pain) but cause of the faints earlier the doctor wanted me so stay longer. ohh well. i trust this guy. :)
got home and cooked (yap yap) myself dinner, thoug my parent offered doing it for me. i was feelling good!!!
the nighr, on the other hand, was bad! the pain started sometimes around midnight and i woke up every hour. i think that is the only complain i have for my doctor is not giving me pain killers for the first night. also, if i should take untibiotic - how am i suppose to take if the first day? i think there should be a first few days supplys of peels.
today, (day after), i'm abit sore. my room is up on the 3rd floor and thoug everyone trying to be helpfull i'm insisting of getting down the kitchen and fixing my own meals.
the shapper is open at the crotch and i can see the iner side of my thighs and it's really swollen. i should have my first bath 3 days after the surgery and only then i can take the shapper off and see what it's really like.

Today i took my first bath. ohh taking the garment...

today i took my first bath. ohh taking the garment off was bad! i was so worried about it being so swollen and i won't be able to put it back on but it was fine (though painfull). i saw here people who worte about using hot water while taking a shower - for me it was not an issue. i think the hot water even made it better.
i'm all blueish and sore but not as bad as the 2nd day. for lounch i even went out for a restaurant and it was fine.
my first doctor review will be on wednesday, 8 days after the op. CAN'T WAIT.
how long till the pains will be all gone? and how long for the blue marks?
can't wait for it to be over!
ran silfen

i'm still waiting for the whole prosses to end and then i can give more accurate review. so far he was great!

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