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I started out this journey back in 2012, before I...

I started out this journey back in 2012, before I had anything done I had tubular breasts. I had planned this surgery a year beforehand and started saving then. I didn't do much of a research and maybe thats where my fault lays, I just went to who I heard many good reviews about and many said "he is the best surgeon in Israel". I had full faith him and I only bothered going to two other surgeons, one which suggested my boobs are perky and all I need is an implant, he kept saying how it would be cheaper than a lift and I'll be saving money(Dr.Dan Regev, I figured it would be worth mentioning his name since I think any surgeon who is capable of suggesting something so obviously wrong and stupid, people should be wary of.), the other said my surgery would be too complicated for him. I was 19 and reckless and didn't want to wait any longer, I chose Dr. Moscona and he promised me I would get a good result and I believed him.

My surgery was done on December 2012(cant remember the exact date), I had 400CC euro silicon implants put over the muscle and a lollypop lift. After the first week, I was supposed to have my tape removed by Dr. Moscona and when I came to the office I was told I would be seen by a different doctor in which I have never met. He removed my tape and it caused some of the stitches to open up, he ofc didnt tell me about this, I only found out when I came back home and an infection started spreading. I think this happened because 1 week was TOO SOON to remove the tape. My breasts were still obviously swollen. I was left with big ugly scars under my breasts but regardless I was happy with the shape my breasts. The only thing that bothered me is the fact that one had an obviously bigger areola and it was also sagging slightly more than the other. Still, they had the shape of natural breasts and I was happy. Dr. Moscona and I agreed to have another surgery to make the areola on the left boob smaller.

6 months down the line, it was time for my corrective op. I paid the hospital fees, had to take a break from work and I believed it would all be fine and it'd be the last time I'd have to see the surgery room. What I didn't expect was on the day of the surgery, Dr.Moscona told me he wants to operate on my right breast and "lift it" even though he said nothing about it before the actual day of the surgery. I was naive and agreed to it, because I trusted he knew what he was doing.

After 2nd op I was devastated to find out my left areola on my left breast was still as big as it was before the operation and my right breast(the good one) had a very unnatural and strange shape to it. He basically ignored what he promised to fix and ruined was he was not supposed to touch. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures saved from I don't know why he did it to this day, I feel very guilty I didn't stop him. Unfortunately I dont have any photos so I just drew what the right breast looked like, the left looked pretty much the same.
I should also mention I started developing brown spots on my right breast because I was tanning without a bra after a while, they said I shouldn't do it for the first couple of weeks but I only started doing it a few months later so I assumed it would be "fine".

The 3rd time I believe I came to him about a year later, he said I dont need a serious op to fix the difference between the left and right areola, he just injected my left breast with some numbing stuff, I waited 15 mins in he waiting room, came back in and he just cut some skin around the areola and stitched it up. He wouldn't do anything about the brown spots and said "its hardly noticable". Unfortunately I had a flight booked up a day later. I thought he would use stitches that would dissolve by themselves like he did on my other operations but he didn't, he used ones in which he was supposed to remove himself a week later, but it was too late to cancel the flight and we just assumed they would be willing to remove it where I was staying. They didn't, it got badly infected, the left breast stretched and became even more saggy, I was stuck with a right weird shaped boob and a left saggy onewith a giant scar and areola. I admit the massive scar in this case was due to my own fault since I left the country a day later.

He agreed to operate on me a forth time. He also agreed to remove the brown spots that developed on my right breast. I also started developing ripples on the upper parts of both my breasts and on the sides of my left one (I assume mostly because of saggyness and some weight loss) so he said he'll place the implant under muscle. he didn't go over the complications of it with me, he just said it'll "take longer to heal". I had to research about the complications myself.

The forth op was done on the 23rd of may, 3 weeks after meeting him and showing him the rippling and deciding to go under muscle. Once again, I had to leave my job(they wouldn't agree to give me a 2 week break) and pay 2400 shekels for hospital fees(696$). When I seen the surgeon I brought up my concerns about the complications, in response he said he "doesnt see any rippling now" and its not worth going under the muscle, its a very complicated procedure, etc.. I think was he was trying to tell me is "it's alot of effort". So basically, he left the decision to me. I feel it was very unprofessional how he changed his mind last second and left me to make a decision HE should've made.
I made the mistake of going under the muscle.

As expected, the healing procedure took alot longer and was more painful. the wounds healed up nicely, my left breast is perfect and my areolas are finally even BUT.. my right breast doesn't even look like a breast anymore. it's deformed. It almost looks like a double bubble, but it looked about the same after my second op and it's slightly changing so I'm hopeful the shape will somehow get slightly better. That's not all though. I cant push the right breast to the center with my right hand, I feel a muscle in the chest is stopping me, I can with my left hand though. I believe this is because of how he placed it.
I also have no cleavage. This is what annoys me the most. While I had deformed breasts before, least I had some sort of cleavage, now I don't even have that, and I believe this is because there is no fullness on the side thats closer to the center on the right breast.

A week later, I started developing rippling on the sides of my breasts near the center(picture included), alot more noticeable on my right breast(what a surprise), but can be felt on the left breast. I was in tears and distressed about it for weeks. I got an appointment with Moscona 3 weeks after surgery and showed him the rippling which I had NO idea would be there. If I did, I would go over the muscle. Moscona immediately recognized it was the implant, which I assume he knew it would happen, but didnt warn me which upsets me. He said I must not have alot of fat tissue in that area but that he removed "90% of my rippling" and theres nothing that can be done about it. While showing him the other things that bothered me such as the shape or the fact I have no cleavage now, he wouldn't even look at me and was too bothered reading my files. I was in tears and all he had to say was "Your breasts were deformed when you first came to me. I can show you a picture. Show me one surgeon who could fix what you had then to what you had now. This is the best result you have out of all surgeries." other than that, he asked me to take off my tape(I started using paper tape as adviced by him to treat the scars), he took a picture to document the progress, and asked me to come in another 3 months time to take another photo for his collection. he let me out of his office with a "be optimistic, smile".

So now I'm stuck with a deformed breast that doesnt even look like a breast, doesnt feel like a breast, wont drop like the other, looks like a double bubble from certain angles, and it will NEVER EVER look like the left one. It upsets me because if he hadn't touched my right breast from the start after my first op, there could've been a chance it would still look like a breast. but he fucked it up so badly and made me come back for another surgery each time promising to fix his mistakes and only making things worse. I came to this "surgeon" because of other people's advices, but moral of this story, don't believe everything you read. DO YOUR RESEARCH. I wish I did. I wish I went to more consultations before I paid him, maybe I would have perfect breasts, but maybe I could've had natural shaped breasts unlike now. All this pain and suffering and torture and tears and stress and 11k $ down the drain for messed up breasts, it's just not worth it and I wish I knew when to stop trusting him. Its too late now.

1 month

nothing i can do anymore. I can only wait and hope. i feel terrible.

butchered boobs

just an update. gonna try to find another surgeon in my area to see if anything can be done about it.
Dr. Rony Moscona

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