Revision Rhinoplasty Turned into a Nightmare - Dr. Farshid Mahboubirad - Tehran, IR

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I travelled from europe to iran to get revision...

I travelled from europe to iran to get revision rhinoplasty with dr. Mahboubirad in June and I am deeply regretting it. Now my nose looks bulbous and is very large from front view -both the upper & lower parts of my nose look incredibly swollen all the time-. I have contacted rad Medical tour but they have kept telling me that my nose looks wonderful, that there is nothing wrong etc, while I have visited several surgeons in Germany/Denmark, who are, on the contrary, concerned about my nose!

So far, they have told me that: 1.Farshid Mahboubirad has injected silicone in my nose -which I had never been made aware of-
2. I must have an infection/inflammation. In any case, they have all agreed that I have had a botched surgery and that the surgeon should take responsibility for it.

So far, M. Mahboubirad and his team have been very unprofessional and unwilling to help and I would therefore advise anyone living outside Iran against undergoing rhinoplasty with Dr. Mahboubirad. As you can tell from my and other ppl's experience here with Dr. Mahboubirad, complications/deformities are a common thing with him and if that happens, you will be left to deal with it on your own!

Also, in case you haven't realised he keeps re-posting pictures of the same people on his instagram feed every 6 months, while he has indeed carefully avoided posting the after pictures I sent to his team.

All in all, Iran is not a place for "good quality" plastic surgery but only for "cheap" plastic surgery like in Thailand or Czech republic..

3 months post op pictures

Got a pollybeak and a LOT of swelling between the eyes and on the tip of the nose. As a consequence, had to keep wearing stripes for 6 months.

Also went to do steroids injection which improved the situation a little bit. However will have to go for another revision to correct my nose!

Deformities after dr mahboubirad surgery

As some ppl asked for pictures, here is one from one year post op. You can see how bad the result looked.
Farshid Mahboubirad

Unprofessional and irresponsible

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