Had Rhinoplasty in the Nose Job Capital of the World! TEHRAN, IRAN!! Went from a Huge Nose to a Perfect Nose!

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I am a 19 year old Iranian female. Being an...

I am a 19 year old Iranian female. Being an Iranian there's always a much bigger chance of you receiving the short end of the stick in the genetic pool regarding the shape/size of your nose mostly when the common perception of a pretty nose is one that is supposed to be small, not downturned, thinner rather than thicker, etc. As for me, I got the short end of the stick for my nose. Like the shortest stick you can find lol. My nose was HUGE, and believe me when I say it: I was bullied and made fun of constantly all the way from the 4th grade when my nose started to take its form all the way up until I got my nose done. The bullying was so bad in middle school I would usually come home school crying because I wanted a small nose so bad!

But, as an Iranian with a large nose, I was both cursed (for reasons just explained above) and blessed. IRAN - mostly the city of TEHRAN is a freaking mecca for nose jobs. I honestly think Iran's doctors are absolutely #1 with their skills in rhinoplasty. Of course, there are always bad doctors (which country doesn't?) but I think a vast majority really know what they're doing. I think this is because so many people in Iran have big noses or think they have big noses, that SO SO SO many of these people get them done over there --all ages, all genders! It's insane. It's so common--even my mom, my aunt, a whole bunch of my cousins have gotten their noses done. It's comparable to double eyelid surgery in South Korea. No one bats an eye when you walk with tape on your nose in Iran haha.

But back to my story. I had a huge nose, and I was sick of it. My mom had planned for me to get rhinoplasty once I turned 18 all the way back from when I was in the 7th grade. Flash forward to me at 19 and my family and I went on vacation to Iran this summer to visit our family and of course for me to get my much anticipated rhinoplasty done. I had done extensive research on many surgeons in Iran on Google before I left and I managed to find Dr. Yahyavi and three other doctors. All of them were great, but man oh man, I could not manage to find one nose that did not turn out amazing on Dr. Yahyavi's website! i knew I had to get my nose done by him.

When we reached Iran, my aunt set up a consultation with Dr. Yahyavi one week into my stay (My family and I were staying in Iran for 1.5 months). When I went to my consultation, the waiting room was packed! When it was my turn, the doctor talked to us for about 10-15 minutes. It was awesome. He knew exactly what he was talking about, was extremely charismatic, and intelligent! I told him that I wanted my nose to look natural, not doll-like or anything of that nature. He also suggested that I get my chin done as well to make it bigger which I accepted! The price he gave us was a total of 11 million tomans for BOTH nose and chin. Around $3,450--so CHEAP! That's another huge reason why people from other countries come to Iran to get their noses done, because it's dirt cheap. My nose alone was 8 million tomans ($2,500) and my chin was 3 million tomans (around $940).

The date of the surgery his assistant gave us was I believe three weeks from the day of my consultation. My mom and aunt told the assistant that because we were from another country, and thus, had limited time in Iran, to please try to give me a sooner date. The assistant managed to give us the date of my surgery TWO DAYS FROM THE DAY OF MY CONSULTATION instead of three weeks. TWO FREAKING DAYS. How amazing! I was so lucky.

I got my blood work done, took some vitamin pills, had to watch a CD given to me by the doctor that explains the process, recovery, etc. and before I knew it, I was in the hospital to get my nose done! Surgery took around 2.5 hours, and I was released that same day from the hospital.

It has now been a month since I got my nose and chin done and I cannot believe how different I look. I look GOOD! I am so happy with my face now, and I'm so confident now! If any of you go to Iran, GO TO DR. YAHYAVI! YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!

What I experienced RIGHT after my surgery!

So this has already been around a month since this has passed for me, but for those who are seriously considering getting rhinoplasty, please take heed!

I got to the hospital at 8am and came home around 6pm.

I got into the surgery room around 11am, and was quickly put to sleep when my surgery started. I woke up with no sense of time, but I was glad because I felt no pain whatsoever, only discomfort. Obviously after my surgery, I was not able to breathe out of my nose, so breathing with my mouth only while I was brought to the recovery room for three hours was TERRIBLE! My throat was SO DRY and I thought that it was even worse than my actual surgery lol!

So for all those who are considering getting rhinoplasty, please be prepared for a dry throat! After a few hours in the recovery room, the nurse pulled the tampon out my nose for me which was great for me because that thing was really limiting my ability to swallow my spit in my already dry mouth.

The car ride home back from the hospital I don't really remember since I was drugged up lol but I remember that I needed a lot of help walking back after getting out of the car. I spent the rest of the day drinking water and taking naps. I had no bruising on my face just yet.

5.5 months post-op

Hey everyone!
Sorry if I haven't updated in a while. I'm glad i'm getting around to it again though.

Okay! Wow, so a lot of emotions have happened since my last update. I actually began hating my nose (I know, crazy) because I thought it was still too long, too wide, etc. But honestly, it was my dysmorphia talking because I really do love how my nose looks. Could the doctor have made it a teeeeeensy tiny bit shorter? Sure. Could my nose have been made just a little bit thinner? Yes, but I keep reminding myself that the "natural" look is what I wanted, and I remember telling the doctor hundreds of times that I did not want a nose that people could tell I got surgery on right off the bat. My mom even says I might have scared him. Haha! Well, my nose still looks so much better than what it used to before and I am content and happy with it now. I definitely won't go in for a revision, for my nose looks so natural and I would not want to risk losing that natural look to it no matter what.

My breathing is A-okay! Don't have a deviated septum anymore, which is nice.

-If you look through my pictures, you'll see a picture of my severely uneven nostrils. That, of course, was asymmetrical swelling. Howeverrrrr, my nose, if taken a picture through the nostril angle, is actually still asymmetrical, although it's nowhere near as bad as that picture. It's not noticeable from a front view--like if a person was looking at me straight on. It might be noticeable if a person was looking at it from under though. I'll post pics of my nostrils when I can.

More pictures!

Here are more pictures, some of them are from straight on views of my nose; and one of the others is a picture of my nostrils, which are slightly uneven. I guess that's the only bad thing I can get out of this surgery, but I'm really glad that's the only problem I have with it. No one notices uneven nostrils haha so it's not that bad a problem. Also the scar from my chin implant is still slightly visible, but I'm sure it still has a few more months to go before it's almost completely gone. I am very happy with my nose! Thank for all the wonderful comments by all of you.
Dr. Shahriyar Yahyavi

Extremely intelligent, detailed, and nice! Knows exactly what he is talking about. I had went to one doctor in the U.S. before coming to Iran, and my consultation with that doctor was so crappy compared to Dr. Yahyavi's. The other doctor seriously talked with me for around 40 seconds (I am not joking), didn't even ask what I wanted my nose to look like, and was not as warm as Yahyavi. Also the doctor in the U.S. priced his rhinoplasty at $8,500, which is crazy compared to $2,500 with Yahyavi. Yahyavi, on the other hand, right off the bat asked what I WANTED my nose to look like, conversed with not only me, but my mom and aunt who had come with me as well and my consultation with him took around 10-15 minutes. It was glorious. He is an amazing surgeon and I hope he realized how much better he has made the lives of people like me.

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