30 Years Old, 5'7'', 145 Lbs, One Kid, 380 CC round silicon implants

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Hi everyone! I have always dreamed of having...

Hi everyone!
I have always dreamed of having bigger breasts especially after giving birth to my son 15 months ago, I could breastfeed him for only 3 months and then my breasts size reduced.
I finally made up my mind and started searching and asking from friends who had done the surgery. Then I heard about Dr.Fereydoon Vazindel who is a great and famous surgeon in Tehran and 2 of my friends have had breast augmentation by him.
I also searched in this site and studied hundreds of pictures and reviews and I thought maybe I should go for anatomic implants.
The day I met Dr.Vazindel he told me I should get round implants because the upper part of my breasts is empty and anatomic implants won't fill that part well. He also told me it will look great on me and we will go for 350 cc +.
I was really happy that my surgeon was so optimistic and dodn't give me any stress. The day after I went for blood examination and sonogram and I had to wait for the next week to meet Dr.V again but this time with my husband with me

Finally did it!!!

Hi everyone! I went under BA surgery yesterday morning in a private clinic and although I was really nervous, the whole process went on really great! It took about 2 hours and when I woke up I could feel a little pain on my chest. I'm so happy now because I thought I would suffer alot but it was ok . They gave me methadon and I was almost asleep the whole day. I came home at night and could have sleep till morning. Now I only feel some sourness under my right armpit and I still have drain and it will be removed in 3 days
As I said before, Dr.Vazindel told me that we can decide about the size of implants at the time of surgery and when he asked me what sixe I wanted, I told him any size you think will look better. When I wole up I looked at my implants boxes it was written 380 cc round high profile silicon implants. Now my breasts are hard and so high so I think I have to wait for them to come down and soften more
My baby boy is staying with my in-laws and will come to see me today but we have to be careful with his actions so that he won't jump on my chest or touch my breasts

Day 6 and first bath

These six days have gone so fast I can't believe. From day 4 I felt more pain than previous days and I hope it will get better
Today I finally could take a bath as my surgeon said and it was the first time I could open all the bandages and see my bare breasts ! I love them they look amazing but I felt heavy on my chest.
Within 2 days I will visit my surgeon and he may give me surgical bra.

3months post op

I'm so happy and feel so beautiful now
My new breasts look amazing and when I compare them to my previous boobs I feel so good
Some people may see me in doctor's clinic and say they are not so big but they haven't seen my pre-op
The scars are getting faded and I use Contractubex gel for my scar
I will post some pics
Dr.Fereydoon Vazindel

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