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Im a 36 year old female who decided to get a few...

Im a 36 year old female who decided to get a few wrinkles out of the way...nothing to severe. I didnt do enough research on the procedure. I also got laser resurfacing underneath as well. It has now been 8 months and am in tears of the results. I look back now and nothing was wrong with my eyes. The doctor gives me botox injections right beneath the eye but this is a life long thing i never expected. My eyes look hollow more wrinkes and loser. I am in tears at 36 and cry myself to sleep. I dont know what to do? My surgeon suggests resurfacing again...but i am very scared they will get worse? Should i do it or is there something better to resolve this. I find my skin beneth my eyes very thin me please. I use to be an attractive feel like hiding away in a hole due to this procedure.

Ok Im deciding between a parlane filler under my...

Ok Im deciding between a parlane filler under my eyes...above the bone or an inscision underneath the eye to get rid of the extra skin created....any advice?

I recently transconjunctival blepharoplasty(8...

I recently transconjunctival blepharoplasty(8 months ago) with laser resurfacing CO2 and find my eyes have hollowed out and extra skin remains. I have seen a few doctors and they all seem to see the problem, but take on different routes to solve it. Some suggest a filler first (to a fat graph)then a snip insision underneath the eye. Or the reverse order? Does the order matter? Also with the filler...what do i consider as some doctors prefer restylane and others perlane?? My skin is fairly thin. Also are there different techniques to apply the filler in this area as Im finding cost varies with each sergeon. Im so afraid to even touch them again...I cry myself to sleep every night and I hate looking into mirrors. I;m seriously going into a depression.....I should never have touched them as there was nothing wrong with them in the beginning...and need help.

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