Is It Worth It? NO! NO!! NO!!! - Los Angeles, CA

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Had really great skin before the peel which I got...

Had really great skin before the peel which I got compliments on all the time. Decided to treat myself to a peel because I'm turning 40 soon and had a baby last year. Well, had a HORRIBLE reaction to this peel. 7 days after developed dermatitus and had an itchy rash all over my face. I wanted to rip my face off it was so bad. I've since spent hundreds of dollars at dermatologist to help me clear up the bright red blotches and breakouts all over my face. Yep, this peel gave me acne. I've done all sorts of glycolic peels, microdermabrasion, etc with excellent results. Not this one. Still recovering and depressed about the whole thing. It was administered by a well known plastic surgeon - I didn't do it myself. It was a TCA 30%. If you want to take the chance then good luck! I wish I'd never, ever messed with it! So mad!

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