Not "Extremely Painful" As Some Would Put It

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If used as directed, this stuff only produces a...

If used as directed, this stuff only produces a MILD stinging. As long as you leave it on less than 3 minutes it should feel like a bee sting and then go numb.

I was removing deep scars on my arms so I needed to use 50% TCA and leave it on over 10 minutes. Though I left it on way above the maximum time advised time, it was not making me "jump out of the chair" as one person put it. Although, it was very uncomfortable at moments. But this was after about 6 minutes and I had been reapplying the acid with a Q-tip every minute or two until my skin was frosty white and completely numb. 10 minutes later was pretty painful to touch or move around, but that subsided quickly.

For about a week, the application areas were dark brown and slightly stiff. The whole area cracked off evenly to expose about .25mm underneath the skin. Took about a month to fully heal but my scars are completely gone.

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