pre op - 32b breast asymmetry Post: 500/550cc HP natrelles 32DDD

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Im currently saving and researching my dream...

Im currently saving and researching my dream boobies. For a long time I went back and forth on whether to have a foreign object in my body, but I have always wanted boobs. Now am 100% sure that I want a BA. Omgosh there are SO MANY options I don't know where to begin. I love the idea of them looking natural, so anatomical implants have been catching my eye, but I want to do whatever will work best for my body. I have slightly wide breasts and there is a little bit of sag to them as well, if they're not cold that is, then they usually perk up. My sternum also protrudes a little bit so, I want to take this into consideration for the implants I choose as well. There are a couple doctors that have caught my eye, one is in Beverly Hills, the other is in Miami. For me, when it come to going under the knife I have no problem traveling for the right dr.

Please forgive the slouch lines in my stomach and underboob, I was just chillin on the couch before I took these.

Choosing the right plastic surgeon, deciding factors.

Okay, so now it really begins. I've narrowed my PS done to 2, Dr Halpern in Tampa Fl, and Dr. Gorin in Tualatin oregon. Both on either side of the US lol, but both look to be amazing surgeons and after extensive research I feel that both would do the best job for my tata's.
I looked into another PS in Miami who's nickname is "the boob god" but after reading lots of reviews on RS and seeing pics along side of them I've decided against using him for my surgery. Sure he does great boobs but in the few that he has botched, he won't own up to or try to fix and so that leads me to believe that he's nickname was possibly self given. I want a Dr who is there for me and wants to make sure I have the best results I can get. So bedside manner is a huge factor.
I have concerns with my breasts that I need a dr that is going to take the time to truly evaluate and discuss my options with me. So I will start my consultations this up coming week.
I'm in Portland currently so dr Gorin will be easy, but dr Halpern is in tampa, and I'll have to wait until the end of June before I can see him in person. But I will be emailing his office to see what can be discussed before seeing him in person.
I've been weighing out the pros and cons of each dr, recovery time, experience, reviews etc. but now it's at the point where I can't do much else until I meet, or at least begin emailing them. Picking my surgeon has definitely been a tough one! What factors are most important to you? And for those of you that have had your BA were there things in hein sight you wish you would have watch out for that you didn't know about until after?

The waiting game...

so I've tried to set up a consult with Dr.Gorin in Tualatin and was told he won't have and opening until August! Super bummed since I was leaning more to him for my surgery. The receptionist did say however that there are cancellations all the time and that she'll put me on the list. Hopefully I can get in!! But I'm curious if he'd be able to do my augmentaion soon after of not. Now that myoney is saved and my decisions are 100% patience is the thing I'm lacking. I'm so over my small boobs.

Size 'Em Up!

made some rice sizers today to get an estimate of what I want and well- holy cow I want some big boobies!
At least that's what it seems like when I say the cc's out loud to myself, and especially when I compare them to what I see most on RS. After adding a 1/4 cup here and there I've come up with my favorite size. 560cc's in my left breast and 501cc's in my right.
Holding them in my hands feels pretty crazy, can't help but think "these will be my boobs one day". They feel huge! But I love it. I've posted a couple looks on here but the biggest is my favorite. I wonder if my anatomy will be able to take such a large amount of silicone. I don't want to bottom out or cause complications because of going too big, but I'll trust my surgeon to help me know if I am or not. One thing I wish I could tell is whether or not to have HP or moderate. Since I have a wide sternum I think moderate is supposed to fit best to create cleavage but again, these are all things that I have to talk to my PS about.
Oh and speaking of which I was able to connect with Dr. Gorin and start an email dialog, I'm waiting to hear back from him on what he thinks about my anatomy and what implants he think with work best. Shaped or round, textured or smooth, high profile or moderate. I'm curious as to how do these differ in look and feel for the final result? In regards to implants they're are so many types to chose from, It's a little overwhelming and I just hope to get the best and right fit for me. Dr Gorin uses allergen in his office and Dr Halpern uses mentor. Why did they chose to use these brands over others? So many questions, and hopefully I will get them all answered.

Well that escalated quickly!!! B-Day tmrw!!!

Wow, so completely unexpectedly, I was able to get in to see Dr Gorin for a consultation due to a cancelation. He's been so busy at his office that I wasn't supposed to be able to see him until August!
Well I had my consult yesterday and zoom bam boom I'm heading in for surgery TOMORROW MORNING! I'm so lucky that I was able to get in becuase he's scheduled out thru September, and I know for sure I would of had to go with a different PS bcuz Id be living back in Tampa by then. I'm mean could this be boobie fate? Was this meant to be? Hard to not think so when everyone including you is shocked that you were able to get in. His staff is also amazing, everyone is so genuine and warm. I'm having no doubts that I've picked the right surgeon for me.

So crazy tho, its all happening very fast, too fast for me to keep up with updates on RS. I still haven't even put my wish pics on here.

On another note: My Boyfriend flew out last night to head back home, so I will be recovering here in Portland before I see him again. I'm actually sort of happy that I'll be all healed up before he sees me again. But even with him gone I won't be alone; thankfully my sister has agreed to be my boobie buddy & is going to be taking care of me while I heal.
I've gotten everything prepared for her tho so it's as easy as possible, I've picked up all my supplies and even prepped my meals out, one reason being that I don't want to gain a ton of weight while recovering and having healthy food ready-made will deter me from snacking on comfort foods.
This is all becoming very real, and I couldn't be more excited <333 it feels like the part on a roller coaster when you climbing the incline. I'm just about to the top and ready to take the plunge.

Help!!? Is 500cc's too big?!

So it's the night before Christmas, aka surgery and tmrw morning I have to lock in my final answer for size. I'm afraid of going too small but also fear that I'll go to large. When trying on the sizers yesterday my BF said that 500cc RT/550cc LT looked good on me, but I'm afraid of clothes not fitting bcuz I'm too big up top. I'm having a really hard time find pics of girls with my stats (5'6" 127lbs 32b) who go to that many cc's. I want them to look big and avoid boob greed but would hate it if I go thru everything and look like a porn star. The PS said he thought it looked good on me too and wasn't to big for my frame. He's done 1000's so his word holds merit. Just still nervous that I'll push myself on to the other side of the spectrum when it comes to finding clothes that fit and look good. Here are some pics from the consultation. Unfortunately he takes pic on a dark blue background and my pants are the same color, so bare with me. ought differences and to some might be unnoticeable but I'm trying to think about low cut dresses, and tops where the look can go from "nice boobs" to "hoochie" by the size up top

Parting with my itties.

Here I go, heading to the office. In a mix of emotions. I'm saying goodbye to my small cheast And although I'm excited I have a little sadness. I love my boobies,but as my boyfriend says, they'll still be my boobies, just bigger:)
So crazy to live with small boobs my whole life and in just a few hours I'll be rockin it up top.
So here we go, I'm at the crest of the roller coaster and I'm so ready for the drop!


I did it! There they are:) First and for most please forgive me if the post seems jumbled, I'm pretty out of it but wanted to share the first day. I'm so happy to finally have something I waited 27 years for, well not my whole like more like 15 but whateves lol. I'm still in shock that I actually have them now. I think my brain is a tad confused lol. I was loopy coming out of surgery but nothing to bad, they loaded me up with some pain meds pretty good since I had an hour drive back home and I felt great first couple hours. I'm not too much a fan of pain killers so I try to hold out but after while I do feel the pain pretty good so ill dose. This time I tho it hurt too much to raise my arms and my sister has to just put them in my mouth. So I'll probly be keeping up on them and not wait too long. My sister has been amazing helping my and talking pics on the B-Day journey. She's such a caring person and has been an angel trying to make me comfortable. I'm finding it hard to eat, I get nausea with anything I have to chew to much, I think it's due to the pain meds. I taken my anti nausea meds but it doesn't do much, and I think that's just opiates turn my stomach. The sensation it very tight and feels like pressure but no sharp pains. And I have feeling on my RT but not the left. I got the i incision thru the mammory fold, with 550cc in LT and 500cc in RT. Seriously can't wait to see them unwrapped.

More day of surgery pics with wrap pulled down.

Curiosity got the best of me, & I had to see what they looked like.

Right now they're riding high and it seems like they won't be as big as I want them to be, but I saw the implant they put in me and there's no way I'm going to heal from this and dislike my results.
Still Feeling good, just tight and lots of pressure. Dr Gorin must be super gental bcuz for dad I have no bruising or sharp pains.
I have feeling in both my nipples, one more than the other but the sides of my boobs are numb.
I've been Ice packing my new girls to help with the swelling. And that feels good, its soothing actually.
After seeing them with no wrap, I'm really hoping they will settle softly and become more full. I'm sure they will, I mean I got 500cc, I don't see how I wouldn't see a difference.
I took a peak at the incisions, they have clear tape. I could barely see but from what I did see, II can tell they're a fine line and small. But The edge of my left incision is a little stingy. It's not constant and completey managable. Then again I am on two different pain killers. So hopefully it's not masking the pain too much making me think there's no issue .
Currently my girls look a bit like snoopy noses to me right now:(
I've seen the first days for girls on here and they're boobs look amazing right of the bat! I have faith tho that Dr. Gorin gave me the best result he could with my anatomy.
I'm hoping by posting these pics it will help other women who deal with asymetrical brests and want to get them done a little bit of an idea of how they look.
My PS said that even tho it will be improved, I'll always have some asymmetry in my breasts due to my anatomy. .
For example my left is much smaller and the mammory fold is higher then the right. This could result in one Breast being higher than the other.Kinda sucks but. At the same time, I'm not too upset about it, hopefully no one can tell if I wear a bikini. it could be more noticeable but I've had fhem this way my whole life so I'm not gonna get all judgy to them now. Most everyone has some unevenness, mine is just more severe.
Best of luck to all those pursuing and researching your trip to boobyland! The site has helped me so much, I just hope I can return the gratitude by providing some input for other girl on here:)

1 day post op update

Day after surgery.

I've been taking micro naps everywhere, one minute I'm listening to a start and than BAM fast asleep. I've been drinking a ton of water bcuz I feel like all the meds give me cotton mouth or something. Whatever is causing it, I feel super dehydrated.
Ice packs are life right now. Been icing the girls on and off thru out the day, helps with the nerve pains and the aches. I can't wait to for them to drop and fluff! I want to see what my final result is like.
There is a little bruising that showed up today along my lower ribs but it very minimal. And with our help I cant take the pic.
I'm looking forward to the day when they don't hurt anymore and feel more like they're mine. I don't feel uncomfortable with the size at all, it's just how much pressure and tightness I feel. Especially if I've been laying down and then get up for a something, that's when it feels like 100lbs are tried to the front of me.
Most of my boobs are numb, but nipples are actually overly sensitive. To where if there stimulated it feels like a sharp burning zing at and thru the tip. Again this is where my ice packs come in handy again.

Sleep pattern is totally off:(

well it's 6 am, I went to bed at 1am and have been lying awake in bed the whole time. Did anyone else have a hard time sleeping during normal hours of the night? Sleepin on my back doesn't come naturally to me. So that throws a wrench in the mix, that and I'll admit I'm still obsessing over boobs, trying to get an idea of what mine will look like once the D&F fairy comes to visit.
Its only day 2 but there are things that worry me about my final result. For example I can tell my clevage is far apart:( most early post op pics you can see more defined lines and shape of a boob and with mine, my boobs don't look like there gonna have that defined shaped of a nice boob but more smooth like in appearance, I guess that's just my anatomy. I just wanted there to be a more defined crease for my clevage. And as of right now it's more of a gental slope from Breast to Breast. I can tell I do have a fair amount of swelling still, so maybe when that goes down the puffed up areas where there's supposed to be lines will crease and become more natural.
It's early in my recovery, but I'm trying to get off the hard pain killers asap. If I feel I really need it I'll take it but I hate how they bloat me and make it hard to have a BM. Not to mention I'm loopy and often space out when others talk to me. Thankfully everyone at my sisters house has been totally understanding and accommodating. She's been an angel, cooking, cleaning, switching out my ice packs helping me dress. Honestly couldn't have picked a better boob buddy.

The more I read a it what's normal in the first few weeks the better I feel about my new boobs currently. Seeing pics of the different stages on RS has helped tremendously. Seeing a pair of frankenboobs turn into perfect perky breast gives me hope!
Now if only I can get some sleep.

2 days post op. Pics, first shower experience, and pain meds.

They look so strange to me that I can't even comment on them right now. Just posting to help others.

I was approved to have my first shower today and it was the first time the girls weren't bundled up tight. Having no support made them feel like they were gonna fall out or if I took a deep breath my pec muscle would snap!
Having big boobs feels WEIRD! At least these numbly , weighted blobs on my chest that shift and sway during recovery do anyway.

I've never had kids so I don't know the feeling of breastfeeding, but I imagine that when your boobs are filled (or engorged) with milk, it feels like this. Heavy, tight, lots of pressure and a certain kind of pain that isn't easy to describe. Like hitting your funny bone and the zing comes thru your nipple.
Not sure how long this stage of recovery lasts, but looking forward to when the bursting or falling out sensations go away.
Today I stopped taking my heavy pain killers. The past 2 days have been a bit of a blur, and I know it had to do with the pain killers so I switched to just a light dose of the nerve inhibitor, and Tylenol if I really needed something extra. I haven't been as comfortable maybe, but my clarity is back and that's huge. Now if only I could remember where I put my car keys on surgery day....

Faith and patience. Is this the boobie Blues I've heard of?

3 days post and I'm trying to not be to judgemental of my new additions but at the same time when I look at other early post op pics on here I feel like mine look ugly:(
I mean, you wait from age 12 and on for boobs to show up, realize at 22 that they're never going to. Then research, save money and research some more. After years of that you finally decide to move forward with a breast aug, despite the judgment you get from others.
Now here I am just hoping and praying that I'll be happy with my results, hoping it wasn't all for nothing. When the PS tells you that even after surgery you'll still have asymmetry bcuz of your anatomy, and there's nothing that can be done about it makes me so upset. I get that they're sisters not twins, but what else about my anatomy is helpless? Will I be damned to have "death vally" between breasts? Or what if the shape of my boobs never come thru and it's all smooth slopes and no real definition!? Just feeling how unfair life is right now, wishing I wasn't apart of that 5% that's just plain screwed. Thanks chest wall and breast bone! Definitely not doing me any favors when it comes to clevage. I see reviews on here where a girl might be resemble my structure, but then I see her early post op and she able to wear swimsuits 5 days after surgery and her boobs not only don't look weird, they look good! I have a hard time thinking that in 2 days from now I'll be in the same boat. Mine are so square:( actually I should say one of mine is rectangular the other is much more round. Not sure why they're coming thru as different shapes but will for sure be bringing that up at my 1 week post op. Both obviously super high still.
So, what do I do? Do I need to just tell myself it will be okay? Is this just the boobie Blues and I need to brush it aside and not feed into the thoughts. Ugh so hard to know what to expect:/ I guess there's nothing I can do but see how they relax. I know I picked a great surgeon, and he's done the best with what I've got so I guess I just have to see in a few weeks.

Recovery, progress, and a better attitude (post op 5days)

Ahhhh, I took a 2 day break from here and it was exactly what I needed. I was stressing so hard over what my end results would look like that I was literally loosing sleep over it. I'm feeling better everyday, the pain is not so severe and I'm getting more range of motivation back by the hour. Righty is healing better than lefty, or at least that's what it seems. Lefty is still has sharp burning pangs from the side and out thru my nipple. The pressure/tightness is getting a little better but my new breasts still feel pretty heavy. The pressure gets worse with swelling so if I haven't ice much through out the day, by the end of the night I find it hard to breathe. They seem to go thru phases: sometimes they're good and then all of a sudden they're terribly achy. I've managed to kick the oxy's I was prescribed but I'm still taking the nerve pain med and Tylenol as needed when my girls get angry. But for being 5 days post I can do almost everything again, perhaps not to the same strength level, but considering flushing the toilet was a serious chore on day 2 I'm a little in awe of my body's healing capabilities to now be dressing, raising my arms and doing light house work. Ive been able to run errands and today I'm gonna go back to the gym for the first time. No weights tho, just incline walking. I'm still taking it easy for the most part. One things for sure if I use my muscles even lightly I can feel them tense up. For example last night before bed I tried to load the dish washer and quit because my pecs had gotten so tight that I was having hard time breathing. I went to bed with a couple of ice packs which helped with the swelling, and eased the tension but I was pushing it a little too far and paid for it. Other times I find my pecs clenching so hard it's difficult to breathe is when I get cold, once I start shivering I know if I don't relax quickly the PAIN is coming. My back has been affecting by this too, which I don't think I read much about when reading others blogs in here but FYI your back will hurt! I was finally able to work a nasty knot out yesterday which if I put any pressure on it before, it felt like a bolt of electricity would shoot forward thru my boob and out they the nipple. Again the fact that this didn't happen shows me that my body is making big strides in this healing process. Anyway, with improved range of motion I've now been able to try on some swim tops and shirts which has honestly made the recovery process so much better. Seeing how much better you fill a top out or how your body looks more proportioned is definitely what makes this all worth it.

Mellow yellow.

9 days post, insicion scars, recovery update and progress pics

Well the girls a about a week and a half old now, I can see why so maybe other bloggers on here say how time flies. It's so funny cuz it feels like it creeps when waiting to get your boobies, and than BAM! Already had them forever a week.
At first it was tough but everyday they're looking and feeling better.
Last night was the first time the girls went out, in a V-neck! Not just any v-neck either but one that had been sitting in my closet for months bcuz I loved it but couldn't wear it due to being so small up top that it did fit just right. Well for the first time I was able to try it on and it fit perfectly!
I was so happy, and got a lot of compliments on my outfit and even tho my boobs aren't even close to final result yet they still looked good enough to show off a little bit. I felt beautiful! I felt like "finally! I get to wear what I want!" It was definitely a little personal victory I can honestly say I felt more womanly in a sense. And considering the first week is full of emotional up and downs having a new found feeling of I made the right decision help put other thoughts out of my mind. For the first few days my mind was consumed by contemplating: did I go too big? Will I look like a skank becuz nothing will fit? Why do they look like this? Too far apart? What if there's a complication?" The list goes on.
I realise nis that when you go thru a change like this it's not just physical, it's also psychological. It takes time to adjust in both areas of your life so I encourage anyone considering a BA to remember paitence is also a needed supply during recovery.
It was butter sweet lacking up certain clothes and my old bras that I will never be able to wear again, on one hand I'm happy that I can't, on on the other I missed my little boobies and the some of the freedoms that come with being small chested. No they weren't perfect, but they were 100% mine and had been thru a lot with me! Lol!
In the end of course I don't regret my desicion at all, I love that I went ahead with the surgery.

Certain tasks I still find a little hard is chopping/cutting foods, driving when I have to use over hand turning, and twisting tight caps off. They're is no pain but I can feel my muscle clench the implant hard and it feels sooo weird, not a fan, oh and clapping is weird too for the same reason, I feel the implants.

I had my 1 week post op on Wednesday and o saw my incisions scars for the first time. I am so impressed with how small the are, just barely an inch long and I can tell there gonna be practically invisible.
My Dr also gave me some massages to start doing to help the girls settle. For the first day, righty had a hard time bcuz I had a nerve that was agitated and it keep zapping me from the side and out thru the nipple. Thankfully that chilled out after the first day tho, which also means to me that these massages must be helping. Lefty isn't settling as fast as righty which I was expecting do to prior asymmetry with my right breast being a bit bigger then my right. To help correct this and make the asymmetry less noticeable the dr put a larger implant in my left. However to me now my left looks bigger than my right instead of evening out, or at least fuller. I hope this evens out more as time passes, and it could be just appearing so since righty has begun to settle more.

Overall I'm trying to not obsess over anything About my boobs right now, they're not changing in appearance everyday anymore like they were in the first week, with it still being in the first month I'm reserving my thoughts about they're look. They're obviously still quite a bit of swelling that I can feel as well as see. They still come up very high and swell out to my shoulders. My ribs are pretty sore and a little bruised but those are fading fast. Sternum is still visibly swollen but has gone down a lot as well, and thank heavens my clevage has started to fall closer together. But being as my breast were wide spaced before I can expect that to still be the case. I'm okay with that tho, this is my body and I don't need to change every little thing about it. As of right now I'm really happy with my results and looking forward to seeing the changes happen.

2 weeks post and I'm devastated with my results:(

Today marks two weeks post op and I haven't been able to stop crying all morning. I am absolutely devastated with my results. I'm trying to be patient but as my breast are settling they are looking worse and worse to me. They are so far apart, I hate them. I'm so sad to have spent all this money and still ended up with a huge gap between my breasts. At least when I was small chested it didn't matter, becuase no experts you to have nice clevage when your and small b cup, but when you pay to have surgery ppl expect to see nice pair of decently close breasts. Now I look like I got a bad boob job, just becuz its me anatomy and I'm just screwed by genre tic disposition. Over $7000 dollars later and here I am wishing so badly that I was happy with how I look. As my breasts have been settling they appear to be putting more space between themselves. I tried on a dress last night, a dress that your supposed to be happy to wear now that I have boobs and instead of feeling beautiful, I felt deformed. My boobs look horrible not sexy. I picked a experienced, top dr and I know he gave me the best I could get, so it's literally heart breaking right now to know that this is what my best can be. I was happier before thinking that as they'd settle theyd look better but the opposite is happening. Not sure where to go from here. I guess I start saving my money in hope that maybe there's a dr out there that can help.

2 week post op pics

3 1/2 weeks old today

Things are looking better, feeling better. Tried on some swim tops, and feel like my boobs look huge but in clothes they look good and proportional to my lower half.

Finally got the go head to start low impact workouts. So I'll be starting some after the 4th. Everyday they settle more and feel like there more mine.

Also took some pic of the my style implants while I was at my check up so I could remember how big they are and therefore allow me to have a little more patience.

4 weeks post. 500/550 cc finally starting to love my new boobies.

Every day the girls are settling more and more. I still go Back and forth between thinking they're the perfect size and thinking they're a little too big. I think over time I'll be happy I went the size that I did.
My nipples are still painfully sensitive and I'm still numb under my nipples and the sides of my breasts. Bruising is all gone and they're getting softer.

5 weeks post, 550/500 cc's allergen natrelles

5 week update:

The girls continue to relax and look better and softer everyday. I think they look good now but still wish they were a little closer together and sometimes still struggle with wondering if I went too big.
My boyfriend doesn't think so, and when I look at pics I like the look too, so I guess it's just going to take time for my brain to catch up and accept my new body in the first person.
I'm also trying to get used to the added attention and looks I get. I can't believe that a pair of boobs can make such a difference! As my boyfriend says "well baby, those are the kinda boobs you got, you didn't get small ones" lol
Ultimately I love them, and I'll get used to it I'm sure.
I'm back home in Florida now, so there's a lot more opportunity to show the girls off in cute tops and bikinis. I don't mind when it's just me and my boyfriend but if we're out with friends I haven't felt comfortable to show off the girls yet. Going from nothing to big boobies is kinda shocking lol, but just as I'll get used to them I'm sure everyone else will too.

As far a recovery goes;
A couple days ago I developed a rash around my incisions, it was it itchy more than hot or painful. I emailed my surgeon and he said that this issue should resolve on its own. I put some cortisol ointment in the affected areas and it helped a lot, it has all but cleared up since 2 days ago when it arrived.

Very happy so far with all of my interactions with my surgeon Dr. Gorin he really is amazing. I'll share a before and after pic on here soon.

Don't let the fear of boob greed get the best of you! Things I wish I would have known before my BA.

Hi ladies!

So we all have our reasons of why we decided to get new boobies, but mine had to do with being proportioned and fitting clothes better and having a consistent bra size. My boobs fluctuated close to 2 cups sizes dependent on weight and time of the month, making it so I had have bras ranging from 32c to D to 34b and sometimes C. It was annoying as all hell and bcuz of the changes my breasts were deflated and in need of an upgrade. So I decided to move forward and get boobs.

I read, researched and youtubed for months and almost all the blogs, vlogs and advice out there say "I wish I would have gone bigger" or "the boob greed has hit me!" Or how about, "I was torn between sizes and I'm so happy I went with the bigger implants!" I didn't want this to happen to me, I didn't want to spend all this time and money and not be happy with my size.

Well, lemme tell you, the door swings both ways. And going to big is worse than not going big enough.

Before I go thru the reasons I understand that we all have our own unique body types, and these reasons are just what I've experienced personally. If you have stats that are similar to mine, take these things into consideration. Pre BA Stats: 32b-26-31 post BA stats: 32DDD-26-31

Reason1: If you have a small rid cage, finding bras will suck and not be easy

I had my first fitting and got measured at VS at a 32DDD. 1 cup bigger than my goal, and it makes a big difference.
Beware they will not carry this size in all their collections. I can sister size it to 34DD but it still doesn't fit quite right and I can never find my size at a place other than designated undergarment shops. So anything cute at a Ross, Tj max, forever 21- ya bit a chance of finding something to fit me.

Reason 2: Fashion. Online shopping just got harder.

Most things aren't made to fit big boobs and a small waist. What might zip up easily on your lower back gets real hard when you get to the part under your shoulder blades. Several of my cute dresses have gone to the give away like bcuz there not a snowball chance in hell in fittin these puppies in there. 1cup less, would fit just fine.
Anything flowy, say bye bye bcuz you will look fat and frumpy in it. T shirts won't fit me around the chest without looking a little awkward and too tight. And bcuz my boobs are so big they take up space and make my shirt a little shorter than it would be normally making my torso appear short as well.
Unless my t shirt is perfectly stretchy, it's not a good look.

Online shopping is also hard, I bought a dress that looked "oh so cute" but the size I need to fit my body doesn't have room for my boobs, if I had gotten just a little smaller implants I wouldn't have this problem.

Reason 3: Instead of feeling confident and sexy, you feel slutty and exposed.

It's all good around your friends, but are your boobies family friendly?

I have to avoid certain clothing that would look great on a 34D but the extra cup size I have creates just enough side boob that I can't wear certain shirts out in public anymore.
Also all my friends have kids, 2 of which are teenage boys and wearing a bikini in front of them makes me feel so exposed! If I would have gone a little smaller I wouldn't feel as weird about it. But there just out there like "hello big titties!".

Reason 4: can't wear push up bra's

So for some of you this might be a plus, but for me I have a wide gap between my breasts and have to wear a push up to make cleavage. While my boobs look proportionate in a sports bra or nothing at all, as soon as I wear a bra to push them together I look like how you say "boobs on a tooth pick" needless to exaggerate, they look ridiculous lol.

Over the course of the next year I will be learning to dress and be used to my girls and I'm sure I will adjust and love them but if I were to do it again, I would go 100 cc's less. Which is what I originally wanted, but was convinced to go bigger by not only all the advice I had read but my surgeon and boyfriend thought I'd be happier with 500's as well.

In the end take the time to really think about what you want, and don't let good greed get the best of you. Think about your undergarment options with the size your getting.
Bring multiple styles for shirts with you to try on with the sizers. And bring a zip back dress as well. consider that most of the female population wearing size medium clothes clocks in at a 34C so most clothing is sewn to fit this.

Thanks and hope this helps some of you!

500cc's =32DDD FOR ME

Today makes 7 weeks post breast aug. I have waited for the girl to settle in a bit more before getting sized but it seems that for most woman, once you hit 6 weeks you can get sized and there won't be a change in cup size after.
So a few days ago I went and got sized at VS. I was so excited to go pick out the 32dd bras that I had wish listed before my BA.
Well, I'd be lying if I said I was happy when the peppy young sales woman declared me a 32DDD. In fact I almost left in tears. Hearing that your a triple D can mess with your head, especially when you just wanted to be a 32dd max. The girl tried to make me feel better by saying "well it's really only a 34DD". Sry girl, that's still hugmungo! Go ahead Google 34DD and se what pops up. My boobie guides were Miss Tina Louise (34d) and Sara underwood (34c supposedly but hers look bigger in pictures)

It's crazy how one size can look huge on one woman and proportionate on another.

For example, 34DD sound huge and look huge when I look down. but they look proportionate to my body when I see them in pictures. So now I'm just dealing with the mental battle of what my brain thinks I should be, VS what actually looks proportionate and good on me.

That being said if I were to do it again, I would decrease my size by 100 cc's maybe more. From the front they look good but from the side they're a bit too big and I now have clothing restrictions due to side boob.

I'm gonna upload a video after this, just to show how they are on my size body.

7 weeks post op.

What 32DDD/500cc's looks like on a girl with a medium frame.
It's not the best production so sry in advance about the shaking. I also jump to try and show bounce but they're still pretty firm and I don't get much movement out of them. I can't wait until they're super soft and squishy!

9 week update.

Over the past two weeks I've been steadily getting used to my new additions. I'm learning to love my bit-bigger-than-I wanted breasts and I'm liking them more and more. I've started to feel sexy, and confident with them instead of being embarrassed like I was a few weeks ago.

I think in part, this has to do with the fact that I'm learning how to dress them appropriately depending on the occasion. Not knowing how things fit is frustrating in the beginning, but as I'm getting the hang of it and I've started to have more fun when putting together outfits.

One thing that has started back up is my nipple sensitivity, oh joy! I thought they were working themselves back to normal, but they're back up on the charts to the point were I've had to make them off limits again. (Sorry boyfriend! ....And I had just bought a sexy outfit too *snaps fingers*)

My nipples usually get real zingy after I do my massages, but they get zippy at random times through out the day to, heaven forbid a breeze rolls thru! From what Ive read tho, it could be a sign that my nerves are healing, so I'm down for that, cuz my underboobs are still numb...

Finally bought a few bras. One being a VS push up, my favorite bra from back in the small boobies days, guess you could say my brain is still hard wired to go with what I know. Well... I'll be taking it back lol. I laughed so hard at how much size it added to my chest, I had to post a pic!

I still love the cleavage I get from it pushing my boobs together, but it pushes up as well and I feel like I look like Jessica Rabbit, "I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way..." For any of you girls who are experiencing boob greed, I feel like this is a decent solution.

However it is nice not NEEDING a padded push up bra anymore. I used to joke and say my bras could stop bullets with how thick they were.

Now I'm filling a 34DD unlined and, it's a little tight:/ but I don't think I'll increase in cup size anymore or at least I hope! They've gotten so much more jiggly since 7 weeks, but when I squeeze them they still feel pretty firm to me. I wonder if it will always feel like a bag in there...

Out of the bras I got (dream angles Demi, VSpush up, and VS-unlined) I love the unlined bras the most. They are soooo sexy, I'm not sure if it's cuz they actually are, or if it's bcuz I've never been able to wear one before; one things for sure unlined is the way to go when living in Florida.

All three help me get that closer cleavage that I want with the bowed out breast bone I have. With these sweater puppies you can't tell at all that I had a protruding sternum!

3 months post, and fear that I may have to have a revision.

I haven't been on here lately, due to just having a ton on my plate. So it nice to take a minute and update. Also looking forward to reading all of your updates too! This site has been so wonderful I regards to advice and support. So I'm pretty excited to see how you all have been doing:)

I've been waiting for my implants to settle and my nipple move up the breast mound but my nipple posing as stated in the same spot making my boobs look droopy.

I emailed my PS about my nipple position concern when I was at 7 weeks and he put my worries to rest by saying it can often take up to 6 months for the nipples to sit right. So I have been patient and haven't bugged him, but here I am 5 weeks later not only have my nipples not moved up but when comparing pics from my last update to him I can visibly see my nipples are actually moving DOWN my breast :'(

I can't be sure but I'm worried that I may be in the beginning stages of CC. Especially in my left breast bcuz it looks like it's being squeezed. However they aren't painful, and aren't rock hard, but not super squishy either.
The other thing that could be the problem is that the implants were simply too big for me and I should have gone smaller. I was totally okay with going smaller and said so but I left the final implant decision up to my PS and said for him to do what he felt was best so 550/500 it was.

I was told that I didn't need a lift and even tho my breast had asymmetry I would end up with a very nice result that I could be happy with. And honestly things were looking better and better but unfortunately right now that's not the case, and even my Boyfriend said that my boobs look droopy and my nipples are centered like they were on my originals. Freaking heartbreaking. So today I emailed my PS and am hoping to hear back from him on what to do next. If my nipples don't move up, I will need a revision, they weren't this low on my breasts before and I will not be okay with them being this low just because I have bigger boobs. I also posted a question on here from a different account asking the opinions of other PS and they all said that the position is low for my stage of healing. And that if they don't improve I will need a revision.

My PS said that he does all of his free of charge for the first year if anything happens, other than being unsatisfied with the implant size which even that he gives a discounted rate. I really hope he will hold up to it, bcuz when I look at my pics from 5 weeks ago to today there is no doubt to me that something isn't right. I have faith in him, but of course when you're in a situation like this, you still get nervous wondering if you're going to be stuck with a revision bill:(

Hoping and praying that this works out and I can have normal looking breasts.

For ref. All the comparison pics that say "last update" is when I was at 7 weeks.

Update didn't post yesterday WHOMP! Got a reply from my PS about that status of my boobies...

Well that's sucks. I wrote a update yesterday and it didn't post wtf!? Oh well probly for the better I got my wisdom teeth taken out earlier this week so I was a little cloudy. There's actually a good chance that I thought I press post and didn't lol.

So yesterday I got a reply from my surgeon who was on vacation and that was the only reason it had taken so long for him to get back to me. He typically replIes back within the hour and always by the end of day so.... May anxiety got the best of me but I'm glad it was all good in the end.
I've been super happy with the attention I've gotten from Dr.Gorin and his staff, and I didn't expect to hear from him while he was on vay Kay! That's one of the amazing things about him is he really cares about his patients, and that was a huge reason of why I wanted him as my PS.

Okay so on to the reply.

My PS said that it looks as tho things are taking their sweet time to settle and that there is a chance we may have to "fix things". He assured me that it would be of no cost to me which was relieving to hear since you hear so many stories of surgeons saying "too bad, so sad I think there good enough so you're gonna have to pay for the revision" very happy that Dr.Gorin had the professional integrity that he does.

That being said I am hoping that I won't have to go thru the healing and another surgery all over again:/ There is a chance that over the next couple months everything could be set in its place **fingers crossed** but it's hard to know if I will see as much change as I want/need. The fact that my nipples aren't rising is definitely worrisome at this stage. He told me to continue massaging aggressively and to send him pics in 2 mo to see what we will have to do, if we do have to revise he won't do it until the 6 mo. mark which makes sense to me as I've heard many woman say that it takes about that long to truly see your final result.

I'm not sure if there's something weird going on like cc or if they really are just taking an abnormally long time to settle. I will say that I am LOVING the size now and am very happy that I went with this large of implant. However if I do have to do a revision I will ask him about switching to teardrop implants bcuz he said they have a tendency to make the nipple angle slightly upward, and I don't want to do it all over again and not get perky nips. I also think he gave me great shape... And honesty I have pretty good cleavage considering what I started out with. Bottom line is I didn't have easy boobs to work with, I had asymmetry, a slightly protruding sternum and not saggy but slightly deflated looking breasts. There were challenges and I feel he has done a great job with considering what I originally with. So over all, everything looks great, If only these damn nips would cooperate and get with the program!

I asked him to sched a phone call with me to discuss and go into more detail about what he sees and what he expects could change in the next 2 months. The problem I'm having is I can see my implants are settling and the slope becoming more gradual but the nipples aren't moving. I'm concerned that in the next 2 months they will improve slightly but not enough to where I'm happy. I want perky boobs dang it!!! * flailing arms in the air*

I wish I could be in blissful boobland with the rest of you ladies... Hopefully these TaTas will get in gear and started settling correctly and I can join the party. Until the. I will be massaging like a fiend!

It's official I got the okay from PS for a revision, going to downsize these sweater puppies.

It's been a back and forth up and down boob journey for me. Ive been emailing with my PS about how my breasts haven't settle right and today it was finally confirmed that I will need to go back in for a revision.

I encountered a complication due to to large of implants used. Apparently, if the implant is too big the nipples have a possibility of being low on the breast mound. I'm a little bummed that I'm having to redo this since I let my surgeon pick the size and I said it was okay to go smaller than what he put in me, but It is all at no cost to me and that I feel better about.

Plus, I struggled with my implant size from the beginning, feeling that they were too big for me, so now that I have to go smaller it's not a crushing verdict. However, I think that if they would have settled correctly I would have really loved them. For the most part I'm used to this size now but I will be happier with smaller implants, these are just a cup size too big for my liking .

I won't be able to schedule an apt until January at some point.

Revision scheduled.

Going to be downsizing the girls and might be changing the profile as well.

Deciding between 350R/375L or 375R/400L 400R/425L. Not sure about whether I need moderate profile or high profile.

Comparison pics preop/2weeks/5week and now.

Wow, I can't believe how much boobs change while settling after a BA!

I feel like I have gone thru so much with these things, from having super franken boobs when I was in early post op, to getting a horrible itchy rash when my internal stitches dissolved to now, having to get them redone.

I definitely agree with what other girls have said on here and that's to have patience. There were a lot of dresses and tops that I donated thinking my boobs were too big and wouldn't fit into them anymore but turned out they just weren't settled enough. Now I can fit into a lot of tops that I hadn't gotten around to giving away and thank goodness for having higher priorities, otherwise I'd have barren wasteland for a closet. Even at 3 mo. I still was t footing as well into my clothes.
Makes shopping really hard too bcuz the first thing I wanted to do was start buying clothes and see how I looked in them.

Anyway, I just wanted to post these to show how much things can change.


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