Porcelain Veneers Taken off After 6 Months..

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Hey guys so I had 6 porcelain veneers on my top...

Hey guys so I had 6 porcelain veneers on my top row of teeth 6 months ago, I showed a certain photo to my dentist and all was great I had them installed on my second visit.. After they were put on a few months later one fell off while eating soft food .. I instantly went into panic mode doubting ALL of my veneers and had my dentist fix it..shortly after.. I was flossing and the floss actually went Inbetween a DIFFERENT veneer and my natural tooth.. So again my dentist just glued it back on.

So after my second encounter I bought up to my dentist that I was really disappointed because I was already having so many troubles, there was a gap which you could see where the veneer began and food always got stuck in it, they made a clicking noise if I were sucking a drink bottle, after flossing there was noticeable gaps Inbetween which would later move back into place, they really changed color, and not to mention the 1 falling out and the other hanging off.. After I bought this to her attention I convinced her to let me get them off and redo them. I really didn't want it any other way I felt so crappy about it and because of all of these things I actually hated the way they looked I started wanting a completely different set! Whiter, smaller, more feminine..

So today I spent 2 hours getting my teeth drilled at and we actually got them off, one of my front teeth veneers was actually lifted and my tooth was all stained yellow.. Thank god we took them off..
I couldn't help but feel like getting veneers at such a young age (19) now (20) was a mistake because my teeth (real) look horendous and my dentist mentioned 'this is the last chance to get it right' I didn't make her elaborate the comment as I had my mouth full but I'm really anxious that my teeth underneath are too worn out now..

Overall I have told my dentist about this look I want.. And she just doesn't unused stand it all, it is a seperate person who makes the veneers so I'm hoping he can help me.
I'm nervous I cannot achieve my goal, and I'm also nervous that my teeth underneath are no longer healthy or strong.

Will update in 2 weeks when I get them replaced, in the meantime I'm wearing temporary teeth which she tried to shape herself to the look I wanted and failed terribly.. And also some of the temporary teeth mould was on my other back teeth and actually fell off so I hope it stays on for 2 weeks.. Also very painful

Woke up to a surprise

My temporary teeth all fell out.. I'm really doubting this dentist now she gets frustrated with me for being picky but now I'm worried my teeth will be ruined .. I really want to change dentists

Ok I'm finally happy but it's been a long road since my last update

So I went to the lab and designed my veneers, he was really understanding and he told me he understood what I wanted.. (THE WHITEST SHADE, feminine, smaller, more natural teeth) I left feeling better about my whole process.. My temporarys fell off in total of 6 times, so I was very regularly in and out of the dentist and it really showed .. the staff and dental assistants were getting sick of me, asif I was a nuisance!! They became so abrupt and rude towards me I couldn't wait for it to be over.

The lab had told me my teeth would be ready in 1 week, we booked a date and time, the day before I got a call saying they weren't ready and I would have to wait yet another week..

When the following week approached we took off my already loose temporaries and I tried the teeth on.. Oh my they were LITERALLY like children's teeth!!!! I have got fairly big lips and you couldn't even see them under my lips I actually had to hold my top lip up to view them!! (Il upload a photo) and not only that but they were identical to my last set of veneers just tiny.. I was so unhappy I felt like this was all a mistake and I'd never be happy.. I really let all my concerns out to my dentist and expressed how I was feeling, so she sat me down in a private room and talking me through every detail I wanted with me teeth ( I felt like she should have done this from the start) I even bought a photo editor on my phone so I could warp photos of teeth and shape them how I wanted.. She seemed to understand but I honestly left feeling hopeless, I had to wait another week and I didn't even want the time to come, my gums were extremely inflamed from having the temporaries on for such a long time I could actually feel them seeping through the cracks in my teeth on the roof of my mouth.. Not to mention I was terrified to eat incase my teeth feel off!!

Well sooner than I wanted.. The day arrived.. When she put them on they were better than my last teeth and better than my temporaries so I just gave in and said yes .. They were okay.. Really similar shape(il upload photos ) but they looked white and a little feminine I guess..
While glueing them on there was a issue where the glue had leaked onto my tooth and we struggled to get the veneer on so it took a really long time and lots of drilling.. But we got there !!

BUT WAIT when she stuck them on I sat up and they looked NOTHING like they had when I tried them on!! They were SO I never the two front teeth didn't line up one was lower and the two next to them.. One was short and the other was online with the front tooth .. This was just too much I almost burst into tears, she tried o send me off with these teeth but NO WAY!!!!
I convinced her to straighten them (she used a tool/drill) and to my supeised I actually love what she did.. I think it was just lucky!! It could have been even more of a disaster .
I can sort of feel a slight clicking on my teeth but I'm having a check up so il see how I go..

Happy to say, I'm overall happy with my new teeth, they are very feminine and pretty, I don't feel afraid to smile, I feel great.. Next stop.. Nose job ! :)
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