Tattoo Removal - Tedious Process but Worth It

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First of all, this is a *really* long process and...

First of all, this is a *really* long process and one should understand this from the beginning. It's not instantaneous. I'm having 3 tattoos lasered and it's been a year already since I've begun treatments. My tattoos are black ink (supposedly easier to remove via laser than other colored inks) and aren't particularly large. The laser treatments are usually spaced about 7 weeks apart and due to cost I alter which tattoo is being treated during each session. My smallest tattoo is about $100 per treatment and my largest is $350. The locations are my ankles and left upper arm. The good: My tattoos are finally fading - some better than others. I have a grouping of little symbols on my ankle which have responded very well after only 2 treatments. Another plus is that you don't have to fork over thousands of dollars right off the bat., You pay per session so it gives you time to come up with the payment ever 2 months. The bad: These laser treatments are basically burning your skin and your skin responds as such. There are often blisters. It's so important to take care of the treated area afterwards (using the steroid cream & aquaphor). I wasn't so vigilant at first and ended up with an infection on my ankle from a broken blister. Another issue is that ankle tattoos are so common, but the ankle area doesn't heal all that wonderfully. My arm barely even blisters and the redness is gone in a few days. My ankles, however, take longer to heal - just a more sensitive area overall. Oh yes, another negative. Laser tattoo treatments are painful! I opt for local anesthetic, but went without one time when I was not injected thoroughly. Wow. I felt like I was being tortured! The doctor told me some people really do go without the lidocaine and I cannot imagine. As I've said, I'm still going through this process so I'll update later on. All in all, if it's worth it to you to erase the past by having your tattoos removed, then it's worth it! Do I wish I never got the darn things - well sure, but I did so this is the second best thing!
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