Tattoo Removal Burn Please Help

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I had a tattoo (only black) that i m lasering in...

I had a tattoo (only black) that i m lasering in my forearm. The two first sessions was OK. The first was with a different doctor and the second i changed because i moved.

Well, this place i was going uses a medlite II (or c3, not the c6). In my third treatment, I had a lot of blood, not pinpoint only, but i think it was ok because the doc didnt stop the procedure. The problem is he burned me. Now I have a mark in my skin, redish/purple, and when I press it it turns to white (white as if my skin has no pigment). And when I see it in the light in a determined angle it bright as hell. I asked the doctor(actual he is a nurse) he said that this is ``normal`` and my skin must retorn to normal with some weeks (Today is 3 weeks from the procedure)

Well, i`m REALLY woried that this redish/purple color on my forearm will never faded. I know about the risk of hyper or hyporpigmentation in tattoo removal, I prefer ten times to have my skin white than this color that it is now, it is disgusting and my tattoo now is a lot more visible than before. Today I have three weeks from the procedure, and it is the same thing (redish/purple that turns white when you press it) Is this will ever fadeaway? Even to white? I m so worried about that that i cant think about any other thing right now. About the burn, every time I do laser I had blister, redness and everything but after some days my skin just return to its normal. But this time I had more blood which is not normal for me in this procedure, and I didnt got to much blister just really small ones but i think it was cause i was using sillicone sheets the firts 2 days of the procedure. I have scheduled an appointment with a dermatologisty that also does tattoo removal for next week for her to take a look. If someone can give me an advice here i will really appreciate cause this sucks so much. I think the person didnt know what he was doing at all. I regret my tattoo and now I regret ten times that i didnt made him stop when i saw the blood.

Miami Institute

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