3 Tattoo Removals

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I had a black tattoo on my lower forearm about 6...

I had a black tattoo on my lower forearm about 6 in by 3 in. I went to a clinic in San Diego and it cost 280 a treatment. It took 4 treatments and it is gone! I love it. I did treatments 2 months apart to allow ample healing.

After the treatment I used peroxide daily pouring it on tattoo then applying a&d ointment and finally covering in a bandage. I did this routine after each treatment everyday for 10 days. My doctor told me that the laser starts the treatment but after care is just as important!

I recently moved to southern oregon and I wanted to continue getting my tattoos removed. I have a half sleeve on my upper left arm very colorful and a small one of the same colors on my chest. The doctor who I went to see in oregon had a total different approach and I just get the feeling that they dont care half as much about the patient as they do about the money coming in. Im a little worried to continue at this clinic because the difference in care from my old doctor but I really want the tattoos removed!

They told me it will take up to two years to get rid of the green and blues on my arm. Has anyone dealt with green and blue removal? Will it take this long? This new clinic tried to do the laser without any anesthetic as well. OUCH! I don't recommend that.

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The san Diego clinic had great care and service. I am yet to see about the medford clinic

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