45 Years Old, 7 Kids, Upgrade Needed - Australia, AU

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Hello all, Firstly I have to say how insanely...

Hello all,
Firstly I have to say how insanely excited I am about having this op. My surgery is booked for 28th July and I have decided to write a review as I found it very difficult to find any reviews either on my PS or state that I live in at all, which was very frustrating. Hopefully this might help someone else. ????
So a little bit about me;
- I'm 45 Years Old
- I have 7 children ranging in age from 18 - 9 years old
- I am 5 ft tall and weigh 50kg (110lbs)
- having my 7 beautiful kids completely wrecked my body, I have really bad muscle separation in my tummy and because of 4 c-sections my stretched skin on my tummy hangs like an apron.
- my boobs were always very big for my frame, they developed early and I think I was around a F/G cup for most of my adult life. Since breastfeeding 7 kids and then having a hysterectomy and now being right in the middle of menopause ???? (which has been awful) I have very droopy DD/E size breasts.
So the plan is to have a TT with muscle repair and a Breast lift/ reduction down to about a C cup which will be in proportion with the rest of me.

My poor stretched tummy and boobies

Ok, here are my before photos of my very stretched tummy and deflated droopy boobies.
I have to remind myself that I grew 7 beautiful babies in that tummy and breastfed all 7 with my boobies so all in all they have done an amazing job.
I still can't even image how awesome it's going to feel once all the stretchy saggy skin has been removed and my boobies are back up where they are meant to be.
Hope everyone is doing well.

8 Days to go

Well time really has flown, I've been trying not to think about surgery day too much because I'm so excited and I'm trying to focus on getting everything completed for work.
I have to be at my Surgeons rooms at 11.15am next Thursday (28th July) where he will mark me up and then I will wander across the road to the hospital where he will operate on me at 1.30 pm. I will be staying in hospital for about 4 days until the drain in my tummy comes out. He will most likely have to do an inverted T scar on my TT as I have a lot of loose skin above my Belly Button and this will be the best way to get rid of that. I hope everyone is doing well xx

Day of surgery

Well I am now on the flat and perky side, I can't believe it's all finished,
These are the photos from yesterday, I had to go into the PS office to be marked up.

Day 1 post op

I was very drowsy and fairly out of it last night after surgery. I had absolutely no pain which was awesome but didn't sleep very well as anaesthetics seem to have that effect on me.
I had my IV fluids and PCA for pain relief removed after lunch and have been on endone and panadol since which have kept my pain at bay.
I still have a drain in my tummy, which should be removed tomorrow because I haven't had any drainage and a catheter which also should be removed tomorrow.
The Physio came and got me out of bed this afternoon and I sat out in a chair for a couple of hours. I feel great, not too much pain, just a tight achy feeling. I have attached some pics of day 1 although there is not much to see yet.

Day 5 post op

Time is flying past, or maybe it's the lovely pain medication I've been taking. Lol
I came home on Sunday from the hospital ,so spent 3 nights in there instead of 4 which was awesome.
The PS was very impressed with my progress, there had hardly been any drainage from my drain that was in my tummy so that got taken out on Sunday morning.
I have been really strict with taking my pain medication ( Endone every 6 hours and Panadol every 4 hours) since I have been home and so my pain level has been really good. Just a little bit achy under my boobies.oh and also a bit constipated if I don't take coloxyl regularly. The Endone also makes me very itchy so I have to take a antihistamine with them.
I still haven't really seen what any of my lovely new bits looks like as I am not allowed to remove any of the dressings or the binder till I see my PS on Thursday, so unfortunately I haven't been able to have a shower yet either. So really just taking things easy and resting until all is revealed on Thursday morning. Yay can't wait

Week 1 Post op

I had my 1 week post op appointment today with my PS. All went really well. The nurse took all my dressings down, which actually felt really good because they had been getting very itchy:)
There are no stitches as they were all internal, the scars are very thin and look fantastic, they are healing really well and my belly button is great.
He said he removed approximately 1.5kg (3.3lbs) of stretched skin which is amazing, I can't even begin to say how grateful I am to be able to have had this done.
My boobs look great as well, I think I am probably going to be about a D cup which is fine, he has attached the breasts very firmly to the chest wall, which is why my ribs have been so sore, just to make very sure that they don't go anywhere. They are a really good shape even after one week so I know after all the swelling settles down they will be perky perfection :)
I have posted a couple of photos , but haven't had a chance to take many good ones yet.
Safe and happy healing to you all xxx

A couple more photos

9 Days post op

Everything is going well, I still have to wear my binder all the time and last night I got a rash that was extremely itchy all over my tummy, which I think was irritation from the binder because it is quite rough on my skin. So I had to take it off and throw it in the washing machine and put on a some compression pants that I had bought before a went into hospital that come up over my tummy and go down part of my legs like shorts. They are actually firmer than the binder and a lot more comfortable so I think I might stick with them for the time being.these are some photos that I took after my shower this morning. I'm really pleased with my progress. I have ointment on me to stop the itchiness which is why I'm shiny. :)
Happy healing xxx

2 week update

Well it's 2 weeks since my op, everything is going well, I'm only taking panadol very occasionally and I'm back at work. Moving around hasn't really been an issue for me, the only time it's a little bit painful is rolling over in bed but that's getting easier everyday.
I have a really tiny bit of separation at the bottom of both breasts, nothing to worry about, it's because I have been reaching up to get things because I'm short and pulled the skin. I got told off by my PS for doing that so I've been extremely good and have kept my arms down.
These are my latest photos, i am extremely pleased with how everything looks and I now have my little waist back. Yay. He has done such an amazing job I still don't believe it's my own body when I look down and there is no loose skin sitting in my lap. I still have to wear my compression pants but touch wood I haven't had any major swelling at all. Hope everyone is healing well, all my best wishes xxx

4.5 weeks post op

Thought I had better post an update, life has been extremely hectic so I haven't had a chance for a couple of weeks.
All my tape has been taken off now and my incision lines are looking really good. I'm still wearing compression pants and soft post op bra until 6 weeks. I have started Exercising ( using my cross trainer, walking and some small weights)
Have been a bit swollen on and off depending on what I've eaten or if I have overdone the Exercise but all in all I have felt really good. No pain really since week 2 which is awesome.
The photos aren't brilliant, I took some quick ones after my shower so the scars under my boobs are a bit red and the lines, other than my stretch marks, on my tummy are from my compression pants.
Hope everyone is going well.
Best wishes xx

4 Months update

Well it's coming up to 4 months since surgery, I really don't know where the time has gone. Everything is great, I have healed well, started exercising again and now am focused on getting more abs and shape. My scars are awesome, very flat and only get red when I have had a shower. I have been using Palmers coconut oil body lotion ( all natural with no added yucky things) twice a day which has been great.
Hope everyone else is going well, all my love and best wishes xxxx

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