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Hello Everyone, Im Jay. I am 23 years old, 4' 9"...

Hello Everyone,

Im Jay. I am 23 years old, 4' 9" and 126 pounds. I came across this site when researching about my current chosen doctor, Dr. C Andrew Salzburg to do my fat transfer to the breast from the abdomen procedure. I wanted to know all there is to know about the journey of fat transfer. What I am most scared about is the results lasting. Other questions: Has anyone on real self done a procedure with this doctor or know of anyone who has? About how long is the recovery process? Is there a specific compression garment that is worn after the procedure? Is there any creams of things I can do to help speed up the recovery process or help reduce scars? About how many cc's does it take to move up a breast cup? Lastly, I had a c-section about 2 years ago, I do have stretch marks but my skin does not seem to sag with my current fat on my stomach, however, once Dr. Salzburg removes the fat from my stomach will my stomach automatically become saggy and if so is there anything I can do (besides another procedure) to prevent that from happening and will the stretch marks become less or more noticeable? If there is anything else that you can answer that you think might be helpful please please do! I will be grateful for ANY advice. By The Way, I have not had my consultation yet, it will be the 27th of August.


Hello Everyone. Sorry for taking so long to write a second review things have been hectic in terms of getting back into the grind of school and work however, I am still as excited about receiving the procedure as I was before. I actually was able to meet with Dr. Salzberg was a bit disappointed that it was only for a short period of time and the rest of the time I met with his Physician Assistant and Patient Consultant. Though they were very pleasant I still would have liked to talk to him more about my options and get a professional, in the fields, advice. He briefly relayed to me that I am a good candidate for the fat transfer if I use implants BUT I am totally against to placing unfamiliar objects in my body, my husband feels the same, he prefers as natural as possible which is understandable. So his next suggestion was doing a breast lift which would increase my cost by more than half and my healing time which I am not comfortable with. His consultant then suggested a nipple repositioning whereby after the fat transfer Salzberg would remove my nipple from the lower position and place it higher to look as if my breast are more raised/ lifted than they really are. I have been looking up nipple repositioning and haven't found much on it however I am a bit sold by the idea. If anyone can give me any feedback on how you think it will go? Whether or not I should do it or consider something else, I would really like to know? Also are there any before and after pictures of this because I have yet to see it online other than what I saw in his office? Honestly I thought that my breast would fill out just fine with the fat transfer but I am assuming the doctor knows better than I. He said with the weight of the new fat my breast are likely to drop more. Has anyone else experienced more of a droop after your transfer? Still waiting to hear from anyone who has done any procedures with Dr. Salzberg. Lastly, almost forgot, I am scheduled to do my surgery on September 13th am actually considering pushing it back one month just in case the healing with the nipple is more difficult than planned. Before then I am suppose to meet with the doctor again and his staff. I am hoping he wont disappear again like last time. Wish me the best!!! Until next time Real Self.

Second and Third Opinion

Hi All! I was able to get the second and even a third opinion and they all seem to say the same thing that I am a good candidate for the fat transfer. When I asked about the nipple placement they also said that it will be beneficial because it gives me a mini lift, nothing major that will delay my recovery but at the same time give my nipples more of a perky look. The only difference is that Dr. Salzberg is offering to do the nipple placement with no extra charge. I was totally sold on the fat grafting but I saw just recently of a lady who ended up not keeping any of her fat and the procedure leaving her with lumpy breast... what is that about? Has that happened to anyone else? This question is specifically for amelia girl and colleen3000... how long has it been since your fat transfer? AND when I asked my doctor about after pictures that date 3 months post surgery I was told most of the patients, because they are happy with their results, choose not to come in for a followup exam so they are unable to take pictures after that time. Is this believable?
So now that I have seen other doctors I feel a lot more comfortable with using Dr. Salzberg. Are there any other suggestions anyone can give me before receiving my surgery? By the way I changed my date to early December. I have been looking on youtube for videos -- recovery, progress, best diet regimen, creams to lessen scars and speed up recovery, etc.. have yet to find anything but I am overly excited.

So far, Im not sure.

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