Slim Lipo - No Improvement Yet - Tampa, FL

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I had Slim Lipo 1 week ago on my flanks and...

I had Slim Lipo 1 week ago on my flanks and abdomen. My doctor said I was an excellent candidate because I am slender to begin with, but have localized areas of fat.

The day after the slim lipo, it looked like I was going to see good results, then I went back to looking like I always did.

I've been wearing the compression garments. My doctor told me not to wear any underwear under the garments as they might leave permanent impressions in my skin, yet the compression garments themselves are leaving deep impressions, not to mention being very uncomfortable. So at this point I'm wondering if I wasted my money and the whole thing is smoke and mirrors. Any advice?

3 and a half weeks out and I see SOME aesthetic...

3 and a half weeks out and I see SOME aesthetic improvement, but am content to wait a while more. There are definitely still lumps on my abdomen, but the overall area of swelling has subsided and now the lumps are pretty localized and very well defined. So I can see I have a ways to go.
I'm still undecided as to my overall satisfaction, but I guess I'll have to wait a while to make that determination.
My doctor said I don't have to wear the compression garment at night anymore, but to be honest, my stomach and hips feel better with it on.
Has anyone else been given the OK to take the garment off at night at this stage?

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My doctor had a very good bedside manner and gave me her cell phone number in case I had any problems.

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