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Horrid experience. Why? I am convinced the plastic...

Horrid experience. Why? I am convinced the plastic surgeon just did what made him the most money and NOT what would be the most effective.

My scar was bound down, but the surface was otherwise smooth thanks in large part to my doing my own peels. But it was horribly bound down. Three times I asked the surgeon DO YOU think this will IMPROVE MY SCAR? Any trained professional would have recognized the type of scar and treated it appropriately. After the scar revision all I had was more scar tissue.

When I was referred to a dermatological surgeon, he said subcision is the best for your type of scar, then possibly follow up that with Co2 laser to soften. Well that WAS the thing to do, not cutting open again which just made another incision. But it's all about the money. And that is the sad truth. Too many surgeons tend to just recommend what they are comfortable doing, not necessarily what is the best approach.

About three months after the surgery my scars were just as bound down only worse: I had more incisions. I begged the plastics guy to just try to release, or do, subcision. He did though he acted like it was beneath him. Well he released my right side so well and I was extatic. But within two weeks it bound down again. My dermatologic surgeon used ephinephrine to cut down on the bleeding and bruising, a special subcision instrument and knew what "plane" in the skin to cut it to mitigate the chances of them tacking down again.

Well, the difference is amazing.

Please know these scars are a nightmare as they are on my FACE and effected my speech. Money, not my best interests, governed the "recommendatons" of the three plastic surgeons I saw. Last thing, when my scar revision did not turn out so well, the surgeon's attitude was snotty. He also acted like doing the subcision was beneath him. It also cost $350 and done in the office under local. No general anesthesia risk.

Please email me if anyone needs specifics of who and where. The care at the clinic was disgraceful; my surgery was at 9:30 but I did not go back until 11:30.

Please do not publish this if realself is going to edit my comments to avoid upsetting the plastic surgeons on this board. They need to have their eyes opened to the realities of what people go through.

Tampa Plastic Surgeon

My surgery was scheduled for 9:30 am; I arrived at 8:30 per clinic instructions. The surgeon did not roll in until 11 am, which is his habit; I also wait intolerable times in his overbooked office; he also became irritated with me when the surgery obviously did not improve and he was loathe to do any aftercare to remedy the situation. Overall, this plastic surgeon has not stayed abreast of the times. He is a cutter and probably very good at that, but has extremely limited knowledge of HA fillers, options to surgery such as fillers, fat transfers etc., the surgeon is chronically late so people wait hours after their appointed times and he is completely insensitive to the impact of this on his patients; if he has a bad day he lets it effect his attitude in the office ie: he was angry at a clinic he was going to start using in a neighboring county (this was June, 2010) and I waited in an exam room while he raged and raged to his office staff and this ate into my time, MY TIME that was supposed to be for me after I paid a gouging fee for a filler and then he rushed doing it. He and his staff are not up on the latest techniques because during a discussion on what filler would be best his nurse said "oh I'd be more comfortable with Sculptra in my lips" and got irritated with me when I said Sculptra is never meant to be put into the lips. (They no longer do any fillers at all, just as well). I would love to upload before and after photos however, the doctor did not provide them when I requested copies of my records to bring to another doctor. It is my firm belief this surgeon would benefit greatly from sensitivity training; running and maintaining an office; seminars and personal training about fillers and the latest techniques and the global approaches to correcting defects using fillers and needs a change in the one nurse who ill-serves him and his patients. Oh yes, they'll take your money: check, credit card, etc.

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