11 Weeks PO and finally an update and new AFTER pics! TT, BL, Lipo

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I'm 40, 5'7", 168 lbs. and working to...

I'm 40, 5'7", 168 lbs. and working to lose 8 more lbs. before surgery hopefully to be scheduled on 12/9/11. I'm have had one consultation, with Dr. Stanley Castor in Tampa, FL. I have two more scheduled with Dr. Jaime Perez and Dr. Daniel Greenwald, both of Tampa, FL.

I have a decent shape, but always have had a belly. Now of course, after having a child and aging, I have no muscle tone in stomach and the typical "apron". I'm most nervous about the expected scarring of the breast lift. I'm also concerned that I was told in the first consulatation that my very full D cups will go down to mid-C cups. I like my D's! He wouldn't consider a small implant to make up the loss. I'm hoping to get a different answer on next consultation.

Today I had a consulation with Dr. Jaime Perez. He...

Today I had a consulation with Dr. Jaime Perez. He can do the surgery on 12/8/11, but his cost was a bit higher at $14,100 and he also said no go on the implant at the same time as the breast lift. (Dr. Castor's price was $9,800, btw.) However, he said the implant could be done in a second stage. Apparently, I have Stage 3 Ptosis and it is not recommended to do a lift and an implant at the same time under this circumstance. At least he gave an explanation! And an alternative!

I did like Dr. Perez. He spoke much more about the importance of the liposuction in conjunction with the tummy tuck, and I just got the impression that he views himself as a bit of an artist and each surgery as a chance to sculpt and do the best he can with what he's given. That might sound stupid... but that's the impression I had. Stupid or not, it made me feel confident that he would do good work! I walked away really feeling like he wanted to make me look good. I didn't get that feeling at all with Dr. Castor. It was all very cold and scientific with him. No artistic flair!! LOL, maybe it's Dr. Perez's latino culture. It makes for good bedside manner, as it comes across as very attentive.

I'll upload before pictures next.

Sorry, still no before pics! I did it -- gave Dr....

Sorry, still no before pics! I did it -- gave Dr. Perez my deposit today and scheduled for December 8th! 4 weeks and I'll be on my way!

Surgery is one week from tomorrow, and I'm...

Surgery is one week from tomorrow, and I'm very nervous. Excited, but scared of scars, pain, swelling, not being able to do anything, being out of work so long (tough for a workaholic) and on an on. Spent Thanksgiving weekend "nesting" and preparing to be down. Bought a new recliner/sectional couch and got all the Christmas decorations up.

Before pics taken tonight/tomorrow... and hopefully still brave enough to post them!

Okay... finally... BEFORE pics! With one week to...

Okay... finally... BEFORE pics! With one week to go, I must say I'm sure glad I waited until it was this close to take these pics. I really didn't think it was THAT bad! Some things to note: these are the swimsuits I really wish I could go standup paddleboarding in, so I wanted to do before/after in them. And another: I don't know why I look so crooked in most of the pics! I think I was holding one hand up higher than the other or something!!

Okay - 2 days to go, and feeling so nervous. ...

Okay - 2 days to go, and feeling so nervous. Bought a bunch of "must haves" last night and went through my pre-op notes again. Feeling pretty good. Wondering: How many inches do you typically lose in the waist with lipo/tummy tuck combo? I don't have much of a waist now, with measurements of 38-35-40... hoping to more clearly define the waist area! I guess now I'm just coming up with stuff to obsess over!

Yep - I'm a mess! No more posting until I'm...

Yep - I'm a mess! No more posting until I'm officially "after". Surgery is at 10am, and I hope I'll be able to update by Friday. I have my first post-op appointment at 2pm. Thanks for the words of encouragement!

Okay, guys...about 5 hours post op (surgery...

Okay, guys...about 5 hours post op (surgery complete at 4:30pm) and so far so good! Highlights best I can do on meds:

1.Pain pills doing their job

2.The girls are riding high and I like it! Can't imagine if I'd gotten the small implant. He was able to preserve max amount of tissue

3. One drain, filling fast. Have collected 180mls since getting home 3hrs ago.

4. Thank goodness for recliners.

5. No idea on tummy situation, guess I'll have an idea tomorrow.

6. I don't know how much fat he lipo'd! I'll ask tomorrow:)

It hurts, but not crazy bad. I've hurt worse for not nearly as good of an outcome :)

More tomorrow,hopefully a pic or two!

2 Days post op - I was definitely still riding...

2 Days post op - I was definitely still riding high on drugs Thursday night! The pain is severe, but not unbearable. I'm very uncomfortable due to swelling make the compression garments super tight. Shower allowed tomorrow, so i will get pics then.

Technically it's Day 4 Post Op, but so early in...

Technically it's Day 4 Post Op, but so early in the morning.. more like Day 3.5! The pain from the incision is nothing compared to the pain from the swelling that results in compression restriction that I imagine could rival waterboarding.

Finally took a shower yesterday and had to put on a Spanx under the compression garment. So now, my sausage casing is made of: compression tights, Spanx, main compression garment, super tight compression athletic bra (Under Armour zip front - highly recommend).

When my swelling was down a bit last night, I looked much smaller. In the photo I just updated, you can see I'm so, so swollen on the left side. I have some kind of a vascular headache, too...I'm convinced it's from the compression, because the pain meds don't touch it. I took the pic right before my shower. Hopefully the next one will show some improvement.

VERY happy with my boobs and so glad I didn't go for even the smallest implant. Dr. Perez said he was able to preserve the tissue, and I should be happy even without the swelling :) Right now, they feel like I'm ready to start breastfeeding.

I'm very thankful for my strong legs because it has made getting up/down so easy. Other than getting so tired SO fast, I'd say I'm feeling well. I'm going to start weening off the pain meds today as I think that will result in a clearer head and less sleepiness. Followup appointment today at 2:45. Maybe will have drain removed. My collections have been

60ml - 24 hrs ending Sat.

45ml - 24 hrs ending Sun.

I have to get a reading right before the dr. and we'll see what he says!

Okay, the swelling is really stressing and...

Okay, the swelling is really stressing and bothering me. The dr. told me he removed right at 10 lbs. and I presently weigh 6 lbs. more than when I went in. Trust me, I feel every bit of the 16 lbs. of SWELL. All I can say is that if this gets WORSE (as I've heard swelling peaks at week 3?) then I will just die.

As luck would have it, a friend of mine is the FL rep on a therapy machine called Hivamat. He brought it over today and did a treatment on my belly and it made a huge, huge difference. It's a machine that is commonly used on older people with edema or lymphatic issues I understand, but he sells them to plastic surgeons for use in post operative care for swelling. If you're having swelling issues, ask your surgeon if he offers these treatments in the office or a take home unit to rent. OMG... what a difference!! I could feel within 10 mins that some of the "water bed" sensation of my tummy was gone. After 30 minutes, I peed like crazy, and it was office the machine worked to get the fluids moving along through the lymph system.

Pics are of Day 4 and Day 5 post op. The day 5 post op is after the Hivamat treatment, and I'm on my way to do another to myself with the home model!!

Day 7 Post Op - When everyone here said "It gets...

Day 7 Post Op - When everyone here said "It gets better every day" I remember thinking "How much better can it really get in a day?" LOTS. I'm still swelling like a sea cow...but it's getting better. And today in the mirror, I could see it for the first time. If he takes that ^%$# drain out tomorrow, I'm sure I'll feel like a million bucks! I was down to 30 mls at my 24hr reading yesterday evening, and I'm on track for about 25 mls tonight. With just one drain, surely that will qualify for removal?!?

I've been out and about quite a bit, shopping mostly. I'm sure the activity is contributing to the swelling, but I seriously can't sit in the house all day. Dying to get back to work, but that will have to wait until Monday... though I've been working online and answering emails and calls all week from home.

I'm planning to put on my swimsuits again on Sunday and see what the difference is at 10 days Post Op. Can't wait!!

Day 10 Post Op - Drain out, YAY! But still...

Day 10 Post Op - Drain out, YAY! But still swelling like crazy. At least 10 lbs. of water surrounding my body. It feels miserable, and it's discouraging to still see the scale a couple pounds over pre-surgery weight when it should be down quite a bit. On the bright side, I can fit into my clothes!! That will make going to work tomorrow easier. I feel awesome. Seriously, nearly 100%. The only thing slowing me down is all of these compression garments!

As a pick-me-up, I did bikini before/after this morning. Heck, even if this water NEVER went away, it's an improvement!

Day 15 Post Op - Wow! If only I could relax and...

Day 15 Post Op - Wow! If only I could relax and listen to people! 2 weeks really is the magic turning point. This morning I was 4.5 lbs. less than pre-surgery weight. I felt so much better when I woke up today! I'm still swollen in my legs, abdomen and breasts, but it's significantly better. It is so exciting to think about what the next major mileston... 6 weeks PO... is going to look/feel like :)

I do have a lot of wrinkling around my nipples and in a couple of places along my scar, but Dr. Perez says this is normal and will go away. I hope so!

Day 29 Post Op - I'm still happy with my results,...

Day 29 Post Op - I'm still happy with my results, but I really thought I would look better at 4 weeks! I'm only a few lbs. under my pre-surgery weight, and I should be 10 under based on what was removed.

I feel like I looked better at my 10 day post op pics than I did at 4 weeks when I took them last night! haha, that's why they're not posted :)

I feel just as wide but surely the swelling isn't all of it? I don't think I've gained "real" weight as I've been good with food/eating.

The swelling is down in my breasts, so now they're a little smaller, which doesn't thrill me. But then, I didn't get the implant and I can always go back, right? I also have a little spot on the bottom of my nipple where the aereola incision meets the other one that isn't completely closed up. The dr. says that it's fine... but it won't close. I bought some wound covering Tegaderm sheets last night to cover it, hopefully that will help. I think the problem is that everytime it gets a little healing scab going, it sticks to my bra and gets opened back up when I take it off.

Argh. Please, please I hope everything is improved at the 6 week mark!

11 Weeks PO today! I have been meaning to update...

11 Weeks PO today! I have been meaning to update my profile/pics for weeks and every time I plan to do it... there's a reason why I don't. Usually because of swelling that day. Today I made an appointment with the camera and kept it! Even though... yes, I was so swollen at the end of the day!

Regarding the last issue I had with the unhealing spot on my breast: there was a stitch left behind. Once that was removed, all healed up and on the mend. 'm happy with my breasts without the implant, mostly because 36D just fits in clothes better than the 40DD I was. I'm still feeling like I have the breasts of Frankenstein's bride, but I'm hopeful that will improve over time!

But below you'll see pics, and my results I'm happy with. I asked my surgeon about my scar and it's lack of symmetry (matches the rest of my crooked ass body!) and he said that was just the path that worked to get the smallest scar in the best "hidden" place and still remove all stretch marks and give me the "cookie box lift". Ha... Dr. Perez gave me a mons reduction and lift to that area. I didn't realize how much that region had "fallen" until he pulled her back up where she was in college! Wow!

I've gone back to all my favorite activities... golf, yoga, kettle bells, stand up paddle boarding, running. Running is tough for me because my abdomen feels strange to bounce up and down and little while numb. I guess I should be wearing compression, but after so many years of Spanx to work every day, I've been LOVING the freedom of smooth clothes without Spanx!

Overall, I don't feel like I look any better than I did at 10 days post op! Not in the pics anyway... but I can see the difference in person/in my clothes. Still swelling, but not nearly as bad. I would do this again in a heartbeat, that's for sure!! Best thing I could have ever done for myself.

I am so glad I chose Dr. Perez. He has fantastic bedside manner and I like the way he's honest, but comforting all at the same time. I can't say for sure with all this swelling, but so far I'd say he has done good work. I feel good about the location of the tummy tuck line, he did a minor monsplasty for good measure (I appreciated that he recognized the need in advance, as a flat tummy then exposes a fatty mons), lots of lipo and what I believe is a fantastic breast lift. He gives the impression that he is very passionate about his work and wants your body to look good. He has spent tons of time with me at the pre and post op visits and he has made me feel like he really cares about the results. I have also been very impressed with the others on the team. He has another plastic surgeon in the office, I think she's a relatively new graduate working with/under him a bit, Dr. Temmen. She is awesome also and assisted with my surgery. The anesthetist, Josh was great... they all just made me feel super comfortable through the entire process. His main office assistant, Victoria, has been there through the consultation, pre/post op and she's been incredibly helpful as well and very responsive to calls/emails.

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