35 Years Old, 4 Kids (One Set of Twins), Let's Do This! Tampa, FL

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I am a mommy of 4 wonderful kids that wrecked my...

I am a mommy of 4 wonderful kids that wrecked my tummy. Each pregnancy I gained and lost over 100 pounds. I'm so nervous for this surgery but ready to regain my outer body self Confidence. My schedules surgery date is on July 9th, just one week away exactly! I'm def most worried about the pain and swelling. I have had two c-sections so I am praying it is not worse pain than those!

Pictures before

So in searching for a doctor and advice on my mommy makeover ... None of my friends helped me. Friends I know have had work done denied it... Not sure why it is soooo taboo to discuss. I plan to document this A. To have support on this sure from real women who understand B. Hopefully my post will help someone down the road C. So I can look back when I doubt myself at the before pics and know how far I have hopefully come along

So many last minute questions!

Well it's my last Friday before this surgery and I'm trying to get all the jumping, fun and bouncing in possible with my 4 kids! I'm gonna miss jumping on the bed with them and throwing the baby in the air and tickling them all so much. The bigger kids keep begging me not to do this and one even pulled on a heart string when she said, "mommy I love your mushy belly, I made it that way". So I go thru extreme moments of being excited and moments of holy crap maybe I should cancel. But I know if I cancel I will always regret it and look back in a month and think how the vast majority of it could be over by now! So forward I march with my plan!

I forgot to post pre breast pics so I'll do that today. Keep in mind when I thought we were having our last I had a reduction after, in 2009. The surgeon botched me and I had to have a complete revision surgery!

They were great but when we had number 4 baby, 5 years later (August 2013) they "grew" back! Ekkkk. So I went from my D cup to a K cup! Yes friends, there is a K cup out there possible! Lol

So here are my breast pictures so I don't forget after the surgery just how gigantic they are again.... I'm a runner and a fitness instructor so I'm looking forward to having them high and right again and not bouncing up in my face ;)

My HUGE LAST MINUTE QUESTION/DOUBTS are on how my dr uses no drains , which I'm ok with! But he also doesn't believe in any type if binding or compression garments POST surgery. He said it slows down healing and restricts the blood vessels from healing fast, but everyone else seems to be in binders.... So I'm all worried about that today?! :). Any insight anyone?!

Oh and with all these boobie and tummy pics on here! I'll just crawl into a cave if an ex boyfriend ever finds my thread ! Hehe

Too worried to sleep

I haven't slept much the past few nights... Can't stop worrying, not about myself but about who will care for the kids as good as mommy and who will clean the house and get everything finished! You would think I was having another baby the way I am nesting! Lol.... I cleaned out the entire house the past few days... Going through all the kids closets for clothing too small and I have bags and bags for charity. I guess it's my way of keeping busy and trying to maintain control before I can hardly lift anything in just 3 days! Terrified still but Excited.... I am reading all your posts and in the pictures you ALL look amazing. So I will just continue to clean and make sure my 4 babies are all set for when I'm out of commission for a while! Praying for you all and your recoveries..... Stay strong!

My sweet one giving one last old tummy hug

Thanks for the advice on taking a pic with my daughter hugging my tummy! For those that missed it on a previous review she had said to me, "mommy I love your mushy tummy, it's what made me"... It def took me aback. I tell my kids all the time to love themselves in the perfect way God created them.... But then I want to change me. So I deal with a little guilt, and then I out my other hat on and say, "girl you earned this... Time you did something to make yourself feel good". ;). Anyhow back to my daughter.... She was content with me taking a picture.... Cropped it to protect her little identity to share on my thread here.

I just rocked the baby to sleep and oh man am I gonna miss that for a few days. Every time I get scared I just keep telling myself I survived 6 broken ankles w pins, 2 broken wrists, a broken jaw, a broken back and 2 c sections and 2 reductions already..... I think I can get through this! ;) ohhhh and a Savage Race! Lol

But seriously.... You girls are so inspiring and seem to be healing so well. I am praying for you, for us all. ;)

Ketchup Popsicle in a White Dress

Ok you girls talked me into it! I just bought one of those blue waist band things and I'll wash tonight. My last purchase before the big day tomorrow. Can't believe it's only hours away! Terrified and excited all at once. I also bought the arnica Montana, oral and gel even though my dr said not to take it bc it thisn blood.... I'll keep it all bedside . Figured it's better to have it all and not use than to need it and not be able to get it easily. As my husband said last night , "I could sell you a ketchup Popsicle in a white dress right now!" Lol. Also a baby bird was born on my door step this morning, he can't even fly yet... I'm gonna take it as a good sign and a sign of rebirth and new beginnings. Wish me luck and please pray for me. See you in the flat side.

Done and the flat side!

Done and home!
All I really say to sum it up at this point is recap my convo with my best friend...
Anna: "how are you"
Me: "dying pain"
Anna: "good! Then your alive !"

Amen to that! Please pray for me.... More than I expected for sure BUT I'm still glad I did it! Eye on the prize!!!!

I made it to 24 hours

It's been exactly 24 hours since my surgery ended. There was definitely a point last night when I thought I might die.... Throwing up was horrid and then I passed out. Thank God my mom and husband had both taken me to the bathroom and were there to catch me. It was a complete out of body experience. I felt no pain while I was passed out, it was the craziest thing that's ever happened to me . As the anesthesia began to work it's way out of me I did my usual face and body itching, but wasn't shocked bc it is what happened after all my c sections. My hubby went to sleep upstairs with kids so my little 95 pound mamma had a hard time helping me to the bathroom and was scared is pass out again so we got the baby's diaper and I stood up and my amazing mamma held it under me. Thank you very much Huggies Baby Dry!
If you were to not have told me I got my breast reduction I would never know.... The tummy tuck is totally overriding any breast pain so at least that's one plus.
Unsalted saltine crackers and cold watermelon tasted so good and have been my staple to take with pain medicine.

Things bedside that I wish I had... A long stick back scratcher to reach my toe itches. The headrest airplane neck thing has helped a lot as well.

The pain for me changed and comes in waves and is different every hour, it feels like burning sometimes, other times tight and pulling and other times it feels like labor contractions. There is that perfect moment when the pain killers got the system and it's such a relief.

I def feel like I am lagging behind in not feeling "better than expected" like reading on other posts. So that is a little hard mentally... But I know we all heal differently, so just gonna have to work through this.

Praying for all those who go in this week. It does feel better to have the anxiety / anticipation of waiting for it all over with. After the doctor marked me yesterday and they put the IV in, I don't even remeber walking to the OR at 7am and then it was 4pm and they were waking me up. Not literally felt like a second. So for those of you nervous about the actual surgery please don't be... It was a piece of cake that part!

Here is the only photo I can muster up right now in this recliner. I'm too weak to stand. Praying for day 2 and 3 to pass quickly, as I hope it's uphill from there.

Cracker theif

A little visitor wondered in here and is stealing my water and saltines! I think he grew in just one day. ;)

Holy moly bruising

That is all...

I see the light!!!

I see the light at the end of the tunnel! Sorry I didn't update yesterday, I thought I would die from the pain and didn't want to update until I had something positive to say. And I do!... I'm still alive and it is getting a little easier every hour. The pain level I am at currently on day 3 is where I honestly thought it would start at... So i def wasn't prepared mentally. Today, day 3 feels for me, like the first day of a c section pain wise. But the two are still not comparable. With that bring said, once day 2 ended so did the intense "I can't take it pain " and I feel like I'm finally on the road to actively healing instead of thinking "what the heck did I just do?"

My post op appt went well and my doctor was really sweet. Some reviews online highly questioned his arrogant bedside manner, but in the end I have nothing but love for him and his work .

I showered today too and survived that. I thought the pounding water would hurt and I was so terrified, but it didn't hurt at all and I felt like a real person again afterwards.

Def still so hard to get up but I can and am doing it all alone without any help at all. I couldn't have personally survived this without my automatic recliner (not a lever one).

I really miss holding the baby and today I missed the kids end of the week camp performance.... But I have wonderful friends that are covering every single inch of my life and doing everything for me. I will admit I get some a satisfaction out of the fact that it is taking an entire village to do what I do alone on an everyday basis! Lol

Things that are annoying: still feeling like in have to per AFTER I just pee.... Assuming it's from the catheter? Also the itching in the bruises are annoying.

I def can't stand up, although my doctor said to try. When henna da tummy tuck and I see him do it then I'll try with him ! :)

Something I did on mine own, and didn't read anywhere was I took the MOM the day before my surgery. So my surgery was Wednesday morning and in Tuesday morning I drank 30ml of MOM. My intentions were to clear myself out do I wouldn't have this dreaded constipation I read so much about. So far I have not had the urge to have a bowel movement at all, and I have been taking my two stool softners per day . I'm really dreading when the time comes to poop.... Let's just not think of that time yet and I'll continue to ignore it.

Well .... Here are some updates pictures. I'm obviously super super swollen, but dr says I'm right where I should be.

Oh and a shout out to my son who has taken the most incredible card of me. You would never think a 7 Ur old could run a house w 3 younger siblings but he is rocking it !!!! ;) so blessed!!!

Promises of day 4/5

Ok.... Many of you on this site promised that day 4/5 the pain gets better and more tolerable! I'm hold'in you to that promise! Lol. I need to wake up tomorrow and feel some relieve!!!

Please keep praying for me. I'm not healing as well as had pictured in my mind. I'm just trying to take it hour by hour and keep focused.

My belly is very swollen, red and hot to touch. And my back pain is unbearable now. Like a baseball bat beat me. My doctor said nothing about ice but I may need to ice it.... It's so swollen i feel like I could pop!

Did anyone else ICE THEIR TUMMY?
My dr never mentioned it and I don't want to bother him on the weekend.

Any advice.... I'll take it! ;)

You want what at 3am

I just had my poor hubby make me Tunafish at 3 am. Haha. Tk god though that this time it's not bc I am Prego!

I haven't had a solid food since the night before my surgery. My dr told me to stay and a liquid diet as long as possible. So I lasted 5 days on just water a few watermelon pieces but I guess my body wants some tuna protein tonight!

Maybe this will bring on my first BM... Which I am def not excited to experience! Lol! Wish me luck!

Hope everyone is healing well. Praying when I wake up that day 5 is magical! A girl can dream! ;)

An infection starting?

I know red and hot occur when swelling occurs.... So does anyone have insight on wether this is just normal dwell it the start of an infection? Tks girls! I circled in red where I am talking about in the picture. :)

Oh day 6.... Day 6.... What happened to you?

Well.... Day 6 has been tough. I worried all day about a super swollen, red, hot to the touch tummy.... And finally decided to call the doctor. He asked me to send in a picture to his email , which I did. He determined that it is hyperemia and he asked that I come to his office tomorrow to see him, reevaluate the situation, and he will need to drain it. Now I'm terrified of it being drained.... But if it will take away this pain and fluid buildup I just need to bite the big one and put my big girl panties on.
My husband is going to come with me and insist on more pain medicines..... It will be the 1st time hubby has gotten involved... My mom has been my go to for this experience, but hubby is now upset enough seeing me in pain that he is stepping in.

I have high hopes that once it's drained maybe then I'll start to have more hope and less regret. I see so many of you doing so well so soon, and I am truly happy for you! I just keep dreaming of walking into Victorias Secret for the first time ever and trying on a bathing suit or a lacy pretty feminine bra that doesn't include the words "underwire, minimizer, bulge hider or back support"! ;)

I knew the emotional roller coaster of regret would hit me eventually and today was the day. I cried, had my pity party, and then my friend came over and showered me. She told me to pull it together and stay focused, so that's what I am trying to do.

I miss kids holding my 4 kids and the real baby (11 months) keeps crying and screaming for me from outside the door and it's heart breaking. But I just have to get through this and keep putting one foot infront of the other.

Isee ya'all trying in your cute little undies and you all look amazing! Congrats. I can't wait to be pain free enough to at least slip one of those on just for fun here in my room.

I'll keep you all updated on how the hyperemia draining goes tomorrow. I'm terrified of needles, guess I should have thought this through before I started on this journey! Haha. But it is what it is and I when I was crying I kept telling my husband sorry for being so ungrateful for this great (expensive) gift.... I know in the end it will be worth it.... I just can't wait to get there!

I know one month from now this will all be over and a distant memory and I just need to keep reminding myself of that!

As you can see from the picture today, I am soooo ridiculously swollen that I don't even have a waist or butt. I look bigger than before the surgery.... But I know it's only temporary so forward I match.

On a good note, actually a GREAT NOTE, I weigh 11 pounds LESS than when I went in for the surgery. I am just 4 pounds away from my baby weight . Holding on to that glimmer of joy tightly.

Hugs to you all!

Day 5 ... Why did I think yesterday was day 6?!

Lol! As you can see time is a vacuum to me right now! My blog post yesterday said day 6, but today is only day 5... I had my surgery last Wednesday and today is Monday! :)

*I'm sleeping better at night
*I know the exact position laying that makes me comfortable
*the pain has gone from "I'm gonna die" to "I may survive" to "completely manageable but holy ouch"
*I can stand long enough to shower
*I was able to blow dry my hair on my own
*Lost 12 pds since surgery and back to pre baby weight
*My reduction doesn't hurt at all

Now for a recap of my 2nd Post Op Appointment! Enjoy. :)

I just got home from my second pre op appt. : yesterday I had emailed a pic to my doctor of what I thought was the beginning of cellulitis ..... as far as what we thought was an infection..... It turned out not to have to get drained. He thinks it's just really red and hot bc the blood vessels are working and overcompensating for what was cut and had to kinda find a new route. So that was great news! No infection and He said all looked well.

Another thing he was worried about was dead nipple, where blood flow doesn't reach the nipple, but my new tiny nipples passed the A OK test as well. Yay!

All he said at my post op is I look amazing and then he lectured me.... And said I'm really behind the 8 ball as far as how fast the majority of his patients recover. Keep in mind I hobbled in like a 90 year old women, and am so pale from the toll this has taken on me physically . He said by day 5 most of his patient are doing their everyday normal routine, and back to normal, just slower. NORMAL?! Say what?!

I personally think he was smoking something when he said that to me. I told him I can't even get up and get on the toilet alone!... and he said I definitely should be fine and not in pain.

So of course I felt like an idiot and started crying. I told him how much it hurt and I begged for pain pills but , as he has said all along, Tylenol is plenty!

So no one is allowed to comment below that they have endless morphine, pain pouches, Vicodin, Oxy, or anything more than Tylenol.... Bc I'll be so jealous and can't handle the frustration! :) LOL
Just be grateful your doctor believes in heavy meds. I know in the long run the no meds will be good, but i do wish I had saved some of my endless C section meds supply from the last baby a few months ago. :)

Then he said all looks great (which it really does) and I'll see you next month!

I almost passed out on the way out the door bc of the pain and I was sweating, so his wife brought me 3 crackers and an ice water and said I'd be fine if I would just start walking more and stretch out and stand up straight. At that point I wanted to just wanted to lay on the floor and die.

I vomited on the way home on the side of 275 ... Shout out to the construction workers who stopped and watched!.... and have never been so happy to see my bedroom and recliner again. He told me I should be easily walking a mile by now.... So I am gonna take a long nap and dream about walking a mile or two and let that count! :)

I got the super high waisted control top panties to help with pain as suggested by many of you .... And I refuse to take them off. I feel like they are the glue holding everything together right now. He said they are great to wear for swelling, but then he told me I could put a bikini on and lay out in the shade.... Again I thought , "you totally must be high dude!" LOL. I literally look like a truck ran over me from the bruising on my armpit to crotch. My brother-in-law said it's almost better than a Picasso painting! Well... It costed as much, so he is not too far off.

But my doctor really is a sweetheart of a doctor : if you can see past the pain med issue: and I can tell he really does care about me and wants the best for me .... So he is pushing me like a dad would.... But I'm just still not ready to buck up and take this horse by the saddle.

I think I'll just hide under my covers for a few more days until I can stand without seeing stars, passing out or puking!

As far as my breast reduction goes... "Easy breezy and beautiful".... Now if I could just get my swelling to go down I'll have the "cover girl" part to end that sentence. :).

I would describe my tummy swelling as looking like the blueberry girl from willywonka movie . Im just round in the middle with no hips, back
or butt. I'd get up to take a picture but I am literally just too exhausted!

I promise to post one soon , and if I can muster up the courage I'll even try on the bikini I took a pic in pre op! So I can do a side by side!

I hope everyone else is healing well today and for those going into surgery this week... please know you are in my thoughts and prayers! Just remember if you can get through the first 24 hours you can make it all the way!

Just keep picturing walking into Victorias Secret and wearing a sexy 2 piece to the local pool!


Venting... Don't read if you wanted positive

Ok.... I'm about to seriously vent. So if you have not had your surgery yet and want to stay positive then I really suggest you stop reading now.

Keep in mind if you are still reading that I am a mom of 4 kids. 1 natural birth, and the rest c sections. With one c section I got cellulitis that spread rapidly and was so painful.... I carried a set of twins that landed me in a tilted back upside down hospital bed for over 3 months to prevent premature birth. I have horrible pregnancies that gave me morning sickness and I committed 10 times a day to the point I had a port put in so I could be given Zofram continuesly.
I have had pins placed in over 6 broken ankles; broken every wrist, arm, finger and toe bone as a black belt in karate; broken my jaw rollerblading; and broken my back in 3 places from an ice slipping accident. I also do all those insane endurance mud races like Savage and Tough mudder and I am a fitness instructor, which means I work out puking with the flu, jump around and teach on torn ligaments and sprains and put a smile on my face while doing it.

Needless to say : I think I am a pretty tough mother %#>*%!!!!!

This tummy tuck has brought me to my knees figuratively and literally.

I have no idea how people are returning to work, cooking meals and going on family outings on day 4-5-6?!!!!!! I am happy for them but if I'm being honest maybe a little jealous but more than jealousy I am thinking , "what the hell..... Is my pain tolerance that low?!" And I'm disappointed in myself for not being tougher.

This is my blog so I don't want to sugar coat it bc I want to be able to look back in this experience and know how far I have come.... With that bring said this is the most miserable pain I have ever endured. I wouldn't wish it on my worst emnemy and I wouldn't do it again for million or trillion dollars. The pain for me is unbearable personally.

I know this is very different than many of the other posts on here... You all are doing amazing and hope everyone else doing this surgery has the same experience as YOU guys and not an experience like mine.

Wishing today I had never done this and hoping in a few months from now I can look back on this post and think it is overly dramatic and write I'm so happy I did this.... But today is not that day.

Just peeked at my new belly

And there is one....lol... So I'm just grateful he didn't forget:)

Updated pics

My RealSelf July girls pulled through for me!

Hi July girls! First of all I want to thank you all for standing up for me today when I wouldn't stand up for myself! (Maggie check your personal inbox..... I want you to adopt me !) lol

Ok so update: Doctors office called me in Vicodin and wants to see me first thing in the morning to test my hemoglobins ( not sure what that means/entails).


*i soaked in an Epsom salt tub (getting out of it is another story :)

* I took Arnica orally and had it rubbed all over me topically

*i flipped out on my nurse until I got pain pills

* I ate!!! I had to force it down but I did it. Hubby made me pasta and meatballs

*and I called in extra hands to help me with the troops

*i made a smoothie and put fiber in it .

Did I miss anyone's advice short of going to the hospital? :)

THANK YOU ALL for talking me through today. It was tough but that means tomorrow can only get better. I hope you all have a wonderful nights rest and I send my whole hearted love and thanks for your support today!!! Xo

Ps. My sweet dog hasn't left my side all week. So blessed

Over the hump? Maybe??? Could this be true!!!

Good morning Day 7!
After a good night's sleep... My first full nights sleep and stretch that actually lasted longer than 1.5 hours, I woke up feeling great! Well great meaning: if days 1-6 the house was flooded waist high, today only the carpet are wet and squishy! :)

I opened my eyes to Sunlight and immediately made sure I hadn't peed in my hubby's poor leather recliner. Whewwww dodged that one! Did I really sleep through the whole night?! I was excited and then the fear of moving, even a single muscle, terrified me. I looked at my legs and they were in the same exact position as I remembered my husband placing them for me at 11pm the night before. Oh my god.... I haven't moved in 8 hours and this is going to hurt.... I braced myself for the excruciating pain and turned my mouth so it was covered by my pillow, so as not to wake my kids upon my scream, and NOTHING!

My feet hit the floor and I was sitting! And I was alive! This is the first day I can honestly say to myself, "you are gonna get through this, it will have an end!"

It might sound super dramatic, and it is.... But I swear to you, there were a few days .... Like days 1-5 (partially 6) that I thought I was going to die from pain, or at least wanted to die from pain.

But not today! It's like God heard my prayer last night when I said, "I miss fun me, I miss my kids and I miss feeling alive".

Credit the Vicodin, credit it to the one week mark, credit it to God or maybe the Arnica.... Whoever or whatever helped me THANK YOU universe and thank you God.

Don't get me wrong... I still feel like a Mack truck hit me and a fish out of water.... But I've got my head in the water at least , and I can finally breathe!

The swelling is still there, but I got to the bathroom alone... We are celebrating small miracle people!... No hubby bearing my weight and no kids with my hands on their top heads like a walker... Take that SPARTAN challengers!... and that is enough for me today.... I'll take it.

A step forward and not a step backward. Feeling renewed and hopeful.

Had my doctors appt and no infection. The nurse gave me pain meds to get me through the next few days. Hemoglobin was at 9.3, not great but she didn't seem concerned and I think a lot of this had to do with me not eating properly post surgery.

So this is my advice to future tummy tuckers.... Even if you are not hungry , you MUST EAT anyways. Food is fuel. I know better, or at least should have! I'm a fitness instructor and have dedicated years to nutrition. What was I thinking? But after a surgery like this you are nottttt thinking.... So please keep someone close to you that will help you do this.

Ok I think that's enough for today. I haven't read a book In years and I may never ever have the chance again after this ordeal... So I am going to take advantage of this quiet time and read CARRY ON, WARRIOR! - the Power of embracing your messy, beautiful life.



All the way to the kitchen!

Brace yourself friends ... I ate my dinner at the kitchen table and not laying down in my recliner tonight! The kids looked at me when I hobbled into the kitchen like I was a bear coming out of hibernation! Lol

I haven't left my room in 9 days. I have only gotten as far as the toilet and the shower. But good news is I showered all on my own today and even shaved my armpits! Then I looked down at my legs and they never seemed so far from my arms in my life! Lmao! .... And so hairy! Guess the Italian in me is shining through, and I thought to myself... Well Fall is approaching anyhow, let's keep the insulation! It will take a miracle for me to be able to reach down that low to shave again at this point. Maybe in a few weeks.

The highlight of my night was def at 3 am when my 65 pound German Shepard got spooked from the thunder and leaped into the recliner onto my entire front side while I was sleeping. I thought , for like the billionth time this week, I'd die right there on the spot! My poor husband must have thought someone was attacking me. Not sure if our poor baby girl was more scared of the storm or us yelling at that point.

I did find the energy after my shower today to squeeze into a bikini that has been sitting in the back of a drawer for about a decade. I slipped it on prior to the surgery , and attached is the pre and post op pic. Still super swollen but gives me an idea. I will say my scar line across my tummy sits veryyyy high. I really had to hike these bottoms up and they sat right on it. I actually could care less who sees my scar.... If anyone ever asked I would wear this scar proudly like any of the other ones on my body ... and since my c section scar is now gone (removed in the tightening process bc he pulled up from the bottom as well as the top) it is all my struggles personified into one scar now. So I will wear a low cut bikini anyhow and wear it proudly.

Def superrrrrr sick of sitting in this chair and dying to be active again and return to life! I've watched more movies this week than prob I have in my entire life. Today's hits included River Wild, Devil's Advocate, 50 first dates and Love Actually. The news was hard to watch with the plane crash and I am praying for peace to those families and families all over the world that are truly suffering.

Have a restful night friends, and happy healing to all those who joined the FS this past week! You did it!

Oh and as far as pain goes... I think I'm going to divide this experience into sections.

Days 1-3 unbearable pain, inhumane
Days 4-6 I think I won't die
Days 6-7 I definitely won't die
Days 8-9 your totally gonna get through this... Just be patient

Day 9 and it's on!

I'm feeling better and better every morning when I wake up! I'm off pain pills and down to over the counter just 3x a day, when I wake 6am, lunch 12p, and bedtime.

Today I got up and easily got to the bathroom. Felt so good I thought I would venture into the main house and the kids were just waking up I made them smoothies and they were so happy to have real food instead of Cereal!

I showered on my own with no problem after that. The morning was enough to remind me that my back is still killing me from being about only 85% straight up. I'm still super hunched over and the over the counter meds are mostly for my back at this point.

My tummy still fills sooo tight in the middle right above my belly button. A lot of u have asked what it feels like.... do you remember when you were a teen with braces and they would adjust your braces tighter and put those tiny rubber bands on them?... You could open your mouth a little but your jaw was so sore. That's what my stomach and back feel like. Like a million too tiny and too tight rubber bands pulling everything into one central middle point.

The swelling is slowly going down. But I'm still super swollen. Looking forward to figuring out how to stand up while I figure out how to get the seedling down :)

Took a pic this morning.... Still a lot of swelling and bruising is still horrendous, but it's getting better slowly!

Hope those that did surgery this past week are feeling better!


Drivin, kissin and standin!

Wow , what a difference a week can make! It will be two weeks tomorrow and I have really come far.
On day 10 I took a walk down the street with the kids. I had to go outside... I hadn't gotten out of the recliner i. 10 days. It was a slow walk, a painful walk but I knew at that point the only thing that was gonna help me stretch the stitches and stand again was forcing myself to move. I survived.

Then on day 11 I got really brave and took my girls to get a pedicure and me a manicure. I drove for the first time. It was really hard to sit in the nail salon hair and by the time we were finished I wanted to throw up for pain, we rushed home and I rushed to the recliner and felt like I had just ran a marathon. Def ease back Into
things slowly!

Day 12 my reinforcements came! My husband flew in our 3 nieces to visit us in Tampa from Mississippi. They are 16,18, and 20. My twin 6 year olds and 7 year old adore them and they are all swooning over my 11 month old! So much needed help and relieve has arrived and they are helping me so much.

If you are a MOMMY.... Here is the one thing I can tell you. If you have not done this surgery yet... You will need a minimum of 3 -4 weeks full time help if you have a baby that needs attending too! I can't even pick up a gallon of milk let alone my 28 pound 11 month old.

avoid sneezing and coughing at all costs.

I also had my first bowel movement today, day 13!!! Thanks to the pain pills and despite the fact that I took stool softeners. I wasn't too worried though bc the first week I lived on watermelon and cucumbers.... Not exactly solid foods. Lol

Ohhhh and this is my most exciting news on day 13.... I took a nap in my bed and am
Sleeping in my bed tonight for the first time! Goodbye recliner, I won't miss you although I couldn't have survived the first weeks without you!

Im happy to be driving again, able to at least bend over enough to kiss my baby and stand up straight to alleviate the back pain. I still have about 5% of the straightening angle to go... I'm a little hunched over still but fully expect to conquer that in week 3 this week!

It is definitely a long recovery road but I know it's worth it in the end!

I lived through it!

Tomorrow will be 3 weeks! I can't believe it. I started a new chapter and it was a long journey but I am so happy! My 4 kids were more of a blessing than words can describe but the toll my pregnancies took on my body were awful. It literally train wrecked my awesome ore baby body and my self confidence was shot! My negative self image was really holding me back, even effecting my relationship with my husband bc all I did was comment negatively in myself and had a hard time being intimate with him bc I was so self conscious. No clothing for correctly and I worked out everyday but nothing was gonna change all that sagging loose skin form my 118 pound weight loose after my last pregnancy this past year. Anyhow I am so happy I finally just faced my fears and went through with this huge life changing surgery! It was a tough 3 weeks of recovery, and I'm still in a little pain but the joy every time I look in the mirror or skip on a new outfit makes it so worth it. The morning are awesome, flat tummy no redness. By afternoon I'm tired and the pain creeps in slowly and by 8:30pm I look like a dr Seuss character and my tummy lets me know I have done too much. Y getting nice and red and puffy and hot and painful to the touch.
I know this stage will not last forever and everyday gets a little easier.
My scar is higher than id like on my TT but I could care less who sees it!!!! It's part of my journey and is proudly tell anyone HELL YEAH I HAD A TUMMU TUCK AND I LOVE IT! Dr. Marcadis is a magician when it comes to breasts... I love my new smaller size and the scars are hardly visible after just 3 weeks.
If you are wondering should I do this surgery or not, I say DO IT! Every man and women in this world deserves to feel wonderful about themselves Inside and out! As women/mothers we sacrifice out bodies to give our husbands beautiful babies.... You earned this, you won't regret it!;)

Living life

I am 6 weeks today oist op and I couldn't be happier! There was a time there I thought I wouldn't live through this experience! But I'm here to tell you that you WILL!!!!
I am back at the gym doin pretty much everything normal and I'm so happy and confident. This has changed my whole life, physically and mentally, for the better . I also thought if never sleep on my side again or walk without pain ... But as soon as week 5 ended I noticed a huge improvement. Even the swelling has really minimized itself. I hardly notice it anymore. Here are some updated pics! If you are wondering if you should do this or not.... I say DO IT! 6 weeks for a life time of comfortable in my own skin was worth it!!!! ;)
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

I lovvvvve my results with Dr. Marcadis. I went in for a breast reduction and lift , and a full tummy tuck with lipo to flanks and arms (where that fat hangs out of your tank too). I was worried based on other reviews that said he was arrogant but I find him to be absolutely nothing but caring, concerned, knowledgeable and sweet. There is a fine line between cocky and confident. He is just very confident and knows his stuff. He will tell you the truth, even if you don't like it. When I called him post surgery bc I was scared of an issue he returned my weekend called promptly, followed up a second time via email on a Sunday and then saw me without delay the next day. He does expect a lot from his patient as far as bucking up and getting back on the saddle... Which I think everyone heals different. But he does it in a caring dad way.... Too bad I don't listen to my dad! Haha. My tummy is beautiful now , I think! It's better than it was even before babies! And what he did to minimize my K cup breasts into beautiful DD cup breasts is amazing. I love my new size and shape. I highly recommend him. He is not big on pain meds and doesn't seem big on holistic either... He says the body needs none of these and will heal itself. So if pain meds are a top priority for you, i would look else where. But if you want a beautiful shape and talent, caring doctor , Dr. Marcadis is wonderful in my opinion. I interviewed 6 doctors total and felt best with him.

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