My Coolsculpting Experience - Tampa, FL

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Hello, well after reading everyone's reviews on...

Hello, well after reading everyone's reviews on cool sculpting, that I'm so grateful for all yawls info, of course I wanted to post mine, to hopefully help others! Im 41 and have 3 adult daughters now, I've had my mommy pouch forever, so when I learned about this and it being non-invasive I thought this is great, and of course they say the ideal candidate should be within 15 lbs of their ideal weight. Im 136 and want to be around 120 but mostly my concern a flatter stomach.
So on June 20th 2015 I had 6 treatments done at once!! yes 6 treatments ouchie!!
I had one on each side/lovehandle/flanks, and 4 on the stomach to create what they called a diamond shape. The nurse was so great! , she did one flank and one lower ab at the same time which was for one hour, then the next flank and the other lower ab that was the second hour, then one upper ab for the third hour, then the second upper ab for the last fourth hour, I was there from 9am to about 4pm. The pull of the skin into the device was kinda painful, it took about 5 minutes before it got numb for me to tolerate better, the cold I didn't feel so much as I did the pull that hurt me, when the cold was started after a few minutes id get a strong tingling and slight burning then after those few minutes past I was at a point I could tolerate to wait the hour, not much choice at that point, the massaging after the device is removed hurts pretty dam bad, I was holding onto rail, squirming and singing and talking with the nurse to get me thru it, then after the 2 minutes of massaging, as the skin comes to room temperature there's a weird tingling kinda painful feeling, not nearly as bad as the pulling into the device n the massage, but it passes in a few minutes n you feel normal again, to then have to start again. I would not suggest more then two at a time to anyone honestly, 6 was trying and painful. My weight is 136 as of day of procedures which I know this does not cause weight loss, I'm just sharing my measurements n weight to help, my waist when I used a tape measure was 36" around, above bellybutton 35" around, and way below belly button 33" around. Im going to post pictures and share as much as I can, I feel compelled to do this to help others like you all have helped me prior to doing this. feel free to ask me questions. they sold me on a package of 8 treatments I held off on the last two, they suggested inner thighs, but I figured id save those two in case I want to do a second treatment on the abs. Today is the after the procedure and its been since I left and all night and today hard to sit up and the pain is a feeling like u don't wanna let your stomach go, but I found breathing out n NOT holding in is what made it tolerable for me to move around, leaning forward hurts bad, almost like the pull fwd is separating n hurts, I wanted to just stay in bed, but I forced myself to slide out of bed and stand reach hands up n stand on balls of feet and go up n down with alternating feet helped a lot, the nurse showed me this move. But good Lord sitting not a do-able thing at the moment, im worried about work Monday morning...tomorrow!! yikes I plan to sit on the edge of my chair at my desk, I honestly think if your job is NOT sitting your better off!!! My stomach and flanks very very sore to touch, like tapping it or anything touching it is bad!! Im definitely hugely swollen and look very bloated, which is understandable after my stomach being pulled in so many directions all in one day with such force. so having to find something loose to wear to work is going to be a huge challenge but a must!.

Day 3 at work

Well it wasn't easy at work, I wore a cincher I bought from soma for 41. To mildly hold stuff in with my black store boats n a loose black vneck shirt, so daily clothes choices r ruff I'm having to wear these pants probably all week, but anyhow pain wise I was walking a little slow n sitting carefully cannot bend forward, but I made it thru the day, couldn't wait to get home to get the cincher off n relax

Day 4

Last nite and today sharp pains got worse, this is not pleasant trying to sit at a desk at work like this, the pain sucks and I wish this would hurry and pass!!!

Day 6

Pain lots of muscle spasms in my stomach and nerves going crazy, having a hard time dealing with the pain, and getting no relief, I did get a prescription that's gonna take a few days to calm the nerve spasms but no muscle relaxers as I hoped, they cannot give those. Stomach has tightened m stretch marks less noticeable and a lot if swelling went down, still waiting for more swelling to go down and the day I see results

Day 7

stomach feels like its on fire! burning pain bad! 3rd day of being on medicine; Gabapentin.

Day 13

Day 13 im just at relief from the muscle spasms and nerve pain in my stomach that was unbearable.
here is a picture from today, ive measure and above my belly button I measured at 34" so 2 inches down there, and around belly button area 35.5 so only 1/3 inch there so far but again im only 13 days out and still swollen and ending menstrual cycle, so well see, I expect to see improvements in later weeks or so, I have noti9ced some tightening which hides my mommy stretch marks a lot more.

day 15

itching now, but after measuring im only seen im down one inch, I was 36" around now im 35" I certainly hope I get more improvement then this after all this suffering.
leslie @ Ideal Image

Leslie was great!!! experienced nurse

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