Young Girl Just Had Cellulaze and Velashape - Tampa, FL

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So.. I had cellulaze about 5 weeks ago. At first....

So.. I had cellulaze about 5 weeks ago.
At first.. I loved it. Don't get me wrong, it's pretty painful for about 3 weeks. But after the first week I totally thought it was worth it. I'm only 26 and my cellulite has never been that bad. The only thing that annoyed me the most was that I had a little bit of fat beneath my buttocks, sometimes referred to as a "banana roll." This discouraged me from wearing swim suits during the day or shorts that were too short.
As far as my cellulite, I would say it was about a 3 out of a 10. In addition, I also work out a lot, eat healthy and tried to do everything I could for a long time to reduce the cellulite I had and get rid of the annoying fat I had underneath my butt. I finally decided to get cellulaze.

Week 1: I felt that I already saw results. Unfortunately, I think this was just because when the cellulaze procedure is performed, the Dr. injects numbing gel. This causes your skin to smooth out and I couldn't see the "banana roll". I was very happy with this and thought I was cured.

However, I would say I have barley noticed any results now and it's been almost 5 weeks.
The banana roll area is a little smaller and that's the main thing I'm looking at.

I read online that a lot of doctors said their patients will start a massage treatment called "SmoothShapes" about three weeks post op of cellulaze and that this helps with the results. I called my doctor today to ask if he offered that and his assistant told me they did not perform that in their office.

So, today I brought a groupon for VelaShape, 9 treatments for $150. The girl told me she's being performing VelaShape for 8 years, so I felt comfortable. I think she performed it pretty well. It lasted for about 20 minutes, 10 minutes on each side. It was VERY painful though because I had just had cellulaze performed 5 weeks ago. However, I knew that was to be expected.

Right now I just got done with my session and I have bruising and swelling and I'm a little lumpy on one side. (I was already starting to get a little lumpy when I flexed my leg really hard while working out- which is why I seeked VelaShape right away- worried that the typical "at home massage" just isn't enough. I should also mention that I worked about for about 2 hours this morning. Lots of running, squats, core work, leg lifts, etc. I also took Arnica right after the cellulaze procedure which helped with the bruising.

In addition, I am taking Bromelain- which is supposed to help with any possible lumps and helps with cellulite.

Currently though I am worried about the bruising and swelling I have from the VelaShape. I put Kinesio Tape on the areas. - Which is also strongly recommended btw if you are going to get Cellulaze. It helps really well with the bruising.

So. So far I'm not sure. I would say maybe I have 10% improvement, but it's hard to tell. I'm optimistic and I'll keep this updated.

Week 6

Sooo, I don't see an improvement yet. I would say my "banana roll area" is much smaller though and for a while I didn't see any cellulite on my legs at all. I can see a little bit, but nothing that makes me uncomfortable. I am focusing my cellulite improvement now on anything I can do to loose weight/ fat. I work out at least 3 times a week, and I work out hard when I work out but I don't see any change. I'm going to get B-12 shots, they help you loose weight. In addition, I'm going to buy a foam roller today and see if that helps. I'm eating as healthy as I can, and getting in to a very good routine.

I should mention also that I'm 5'4 and weigh 130 lbs. I'd like to weight more like 120. But the number isn't important to me, its the look. Soooo now that all of my energy is going in to loosing fat and working out, as well as deep foam roller massage, i'm hoping this will make a difference.

In addition, I still use arnica cream/ gel because i have a little bruising.
I also have managed to only wear shorts/ bathing suits inside bc I don't want the sun to hit my legs yet. I have read a lot of people can get strange discoloration and I don't want to expose my legs to the sun yet.

Hmmm.. I'm also about to try something called "SlimPro" that's a machine that massages you with heat and ultra sonic frequency waves on my waist. It's too early to try something like this on my legs so we'll see if this gives my body a jump start. I'm also starting the B12 shots next week.

I'll let you know how it goes! ^ Btw I got a great deal on that stuff with groupon.

ALSO. do NOT get Vellashape at 5 weeks. I got a cheap deal with groupon. I seemed like it made my cellulite worse, caused extreme brusing and was reeeeally painful. do NOT get vellashape or smoothshapes after cellullaze. Wait until you doctor says its okay, which i'm guessing is prob like 3 months later.

I'll also add photos and update this as I go.

Week 6

I have my 6 week follow up this week so I'll take pictures and get my before pictures from my doctor
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My doctor was very nice. I hope that I see more results soon so I can post a positive review for him. Overall, the staff is extremely friendly and made me feel very comfortable. I'm looking forward to seeing results.

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