47 Year Old Female, 5'8", 180 Lbs (Includes 40 Lbs That Was Gained over the Past 2 Years) - Tampa, FL

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Following a series of events that affected my...

Following a series of events that affected my physical and emotional health over a 4 year period, I went from a fun, active, love of life, laughing and silly woman to a sad, depressed, unhealthy, inactive and physically and emotionally sick. In 2012, at the young age of 63, my mother was DX’s with Lewy Body Dementia Alzheimer’s (LBDA). My mom was my ‘identical twin’, that is the best way to explain the emotions and love we shared. We were twins, felt each other’s physical and emotional pain, knew the deep feelings that connected us and the personality traits we shared. It was unique and began from the day I was born and still is here today after she has passed. During her disease she got really bad with the tormenting being done by her own brain and the hallucinations and fears. About 6 mos. after her DX I had a radical hysterectomy, removed everything for which was emergency surgery so I went right into menopause. This was not anything I struggled with at first, not until almost 2 years old when my mom passed away of LBAD, in her sleep while I was with her. It was great to have been there with her, difficult but a release after knowing she would never be tormented by the ugly, horrible disease of Alzheimer's. I then began to notice my menopause sx's, the weight gain and skin laxity, sagging, my body was changing. This was depressive and another issue I had to deal with sooner than later, to change my mood and my unhealthy habits I've picked up while morning the death of my mom.

But I had to focus on one more thing, getting my son off to college 3 months after my mom passed. I knew this would be emotional but with good emotions that I looked forwarded to. It had been my son and I for our whole lives, I was a single mother to m son, my only child since he was 4 years old. This is a drastic change but looked forwarded and was excited to the road trip with he and I to NC, he and I to north Carolina , away and out of our small home town to a beautiful campus in North Carolina. He earned his college education and I was proud of see him off.
The next year I didn't enjoy laughing and living life, it took too much energy to be happy, this wasn't coming naturally. It was easiest to stay in, being sad was my default, and depressed and miserable were common feelings. I stayed home more and more, longer and longer and sunk deeper into my depression. Going 2-3 days without a nutritious meal became typical, my usual meals included cereal, crackers, toast and peanut butter. I stayed home while watching TV, during dinner all wk and wknds too. I began to drink wine for dinner, not enjoying it like I used to but instead of dinner, I would drink wine everyday and many times make drinks with energy drink sodas and alcohol instead of wine, this habit was the worse habit, I gained so much weight and got so lazy. I decided it was time to do something soon to get motivated, not a 100% but something to get me motivated to get back to the gym that I always loved to do, to get back to me. I booked my surgery and I have no regret, I am only 3 days post op, no results yet,as I am still swollen but I have so much desire to get back to healthy me and eating nutritious meals once again! I will post pics soon. and continue to keep posted on my status and hopefully great results over th next few weeks. Fingers crossed.

Almost 6 days post op vaser lipo

I took a nice long shower today and feeling less swollen but the burning pain on any touch is painful and looking forward to that going away. I will post pics soon, I have before and will do a week post op, I have been exhausted but not just from the surgery, it was the whole deal, flying into Tampa for the PS from Boston, staying at a hotel for the wknd, post op visit on Monday and flying home that eve, finally home and feeling like myself and not so lost. I am so grateful for this site, all the tips, feelings, experience and fears that others are sharing is the best post op care. Little direction provided from the office other than the package I signed, I was expecting to be given tips based on the experience that the PS has. I would recommend a second garment to anyone who is having vaser lipo, one is not enough, I've kept my on the entire time except to shower and had to put it on damp from washing it, was full of blood stains. The original garment the nurse put me in was XL which was useless, didn't give me any support and the hooks and zippers were nothing to come undone, I am so glad I spoke up and told the PS, he agreed I needed a size smaller, I got a large it was better softer material. He took the other one back to send back, which I felt horrible about as it was on my body for the first 2 days of surgery and stained in blood, I don't think he meant he was going to send it back, it's used. Was not use to me. I thought I had read you are given a back up garment but realized that was another site I read about on this website, who had rave reviews and offered the second garment as a courtesy, these are the little things you would not even think of being a first time patient. I should have purchased another one, because it is so important in post op care, even if it means spending the $90 for it. I am reading a lot about lymphatic massage, this was not anything my PS mentioned or recommend, but I am considering it with the amt of fluid and swelling this would be helpful. I will see what others who have experience with this have to share. I love this site for the help and honesty shared. I will check in tomorrow and share pics soon. Good night :)
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