Would Do It Again! 9 Days PO and Feeling Really Great! - Tampa, FL

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Hi all! I am 38 mother of two kids (3 and 7) I'm...

Hi all! I am 38 mother of two kids (3 and 7) I'm 6ft tall 150lbs and slender build but after my c-sections my stomach just did not bounce back. I had diastasis recti and a small umbilical hernia. No matter how much I exercised the bulge was going nowhere. I felt so self conscious and was spending my life trying to suck it in. How exhausting! I finally went for a consult and booked the surgery. A full TT with lipo. I was so nervous going into it.... being the worry wart that I am I was thinking of all the what if's and driving myself crazy but finally the day of surgery arrived (august 30th, 2012) and there was no turning back.

Everything went well and the Dr. said he repaired a 2inch gap in my muscle which makes me feel even better that I did it. I had no idea the diastasis was so bad. The first few days were rough... i'm not going to lie. Anyone considering this should have help at hand because the first few days I could barely move and walking around hurt so I spent most of the time in bed. My husband was really supportive and I really could not have done it without his emotional and physical support. I slept a lot and rested. I was taking 1 percocet every 4 hours for the first 3 days then less at around day 3. and by day 4 I was only taking tylenol as needed and by day 5 completely off the pain meds. The Dr. also had me take antibiotics starting the day before surgery and I am still taking those.

My first drain was removed at about day 5 and the second on day 8 PO. Yesterday was my 8 day PO visit and I feel great. I'm almost completely straight again except when I get tired I start to hunch a bit more. Sleeping is still a bit difficult because i'm still sleeping on my back propped up on some pillows. I'm really shocked at how good I feel. I was out and about a good potion of the day yesterday and today as well. I still try to take it easy when I am home. Despite the fact that I am able to get out of the house... I am still being very careful that I don't overdo it. No lifting or cleaning the house. We are pretty health conscious people and I think diet plays a big role in how quickly you recover. I have had green smoothies with kale and spinach everyday since my surgery which also helps for the horrible constipation of the first few days. I also took a herbal supplement that reduces
inflammation in your body and I am so sure this has greatly helped my recovery as well.

As far as how everything looks... despite the gruesome looking belly button and incision and black and yellow bruises from the lipo... I can already tell I am going to be very happy. I've never been this flat in my life even before kids.

The first few days were rough and I wondered if I had made a mistake but it did not take long for me to feel better. Everyday I am seeing big improvements.

Pics coming soon.

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