27 Year Old Mother of 3; Getting my Sexy Back, by Any Means Necessary!!! - Tampa, FL

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Hello out there my RS sisters, I WANT A TUMMY TUCK...

Hello out there my RS sisters,
I am a 27 year old mother of 3. My kids are 10,8, & 3 y/o. I have always had a negative body image of myself , I always thought i was fat, and struggled with my weight... Now that I think about it, before kids I weighed as much as 128lbs, at 5'3... Now, when I look back on things, there was NEVER anything wrong with me, and I would KILL to be that weight & a perfect size 7 again!!! I had my first child at the age of 17, I gained about 40 pounds and that came off within a year, but i was left with the flabby belly, kangaroo pouch & stretch marks, although I found myself back at 137lbs and a size 7/9. When I got pregnant 2 years later, I gained another 30 pounds and after that pregnancy I never seemed to bounce back. I got into a bad marriage , where i suffered 3 miscarriages and I stayed at about 180-194 range. I would gain weight and loose weight but I never escaped the double digits in clothing.
After my divorce, by God's Amazing Grace, I met the love of my life. I got pregnant I only gained 25 pounds this pregnancy, but I gave birth to a 9lbs baby. I'm not sure how he managed to stay inside me or make it out of me naturally, but he did!
Prior to thisI always seemed to loose some baby weight after my kids, but with this last kid, birth control, I have found myself at my highest weight ever, 220!!! I know that my birth control has alot to do with it, so I am looking into a tubal ligation to eliminate this crazy hormonal weight gain! I dont want to be 128 again but i do want to be proportionate. I have a good overall frame, a natural hourglass shape, But this kangaroo pouch/ muffin top is like my arch enemy, and working out only seems to make it worse! Its like the more I work out, the smaller my ass gets and the more prominent my belly gets, this is so abnormal for me! I must be getting old!

I eat healthy and I have just started on Qsymia, and I am trying to lose about 25lbs, prior to my surgery, which I plan to have near my birthday (3/9) in early March 2014. I am wanting to have a tummy tuck because i want my clothes to fit better and I would like to stop wearing my Body Magic & this crazy corset, that makes me look nice, but bruises me up, like I've been in a Bar fight!!! LOL.
I am a bit of a diva &I also sing in a gospel group and just to go onstage I have to put on layers of underwear just to feel normal and unashamed of my body, this includes:
SPANX, boyshort panties, corset, bra, control top pantyhose and a fitted dress slip with a built in bra!!!
I'm seriously tired of this crap! One day I'm gonna die of heat exhaustion or cut off my circulation wearing all this crap!

I am in Tampa, FL and I'm looking to go to Premiere Center (Dr. Scott Loessin), because they are close and have in house financing, I am also considering Dr. Wendell Perry in Miami, and Dra.Walkiris Robles in Dominican Republic Any suggestions on surgeons, ladies?

Soooo, I need to really find a "Real Selfer's Anonymous" class, cuz I'm addicted to this site...

Soooo, I need to really find a "Real Selfer's Anonymous" class, cuz I'm addicted to this site... I'm on here day and night, its RIDICULOUS! I'm on here drooling over the ladies that are in post op and wishing I was the ladies that are days away from their surgery! Not to mention jacking ppl's "wish Pics" and adding them to my own... LOL... Anyway, here are my wish or maybe, even YOUR wish pics! BOL

Decisions, decisions... Which Doctor to choose...

So I have been in contact with quite few doctors outside of my area... The First Drs to respond to my inquiries was of course the famous Dr. J Curves, the price that Monica Z. the patient coordinator there, quoted me was $6300 (cash) and $6800 (financing) for tummy tuck and I couldn't get an exact quote on the BBL, but i've seen on instagram that its atleast $9800, she hasn't replied to my email, because the office has been closed due to the blizzard in Atlanta this week, we'll see by Mondayhopefully they give discounts on multiple procedures... The next quote I got was from Dr. Yily (in Domincan Republic) Anabel the the patient coordinator there, quoted me $5500 for Tummy Tuck, Lipo, & BBL. This does not include the Recovery house, I'd have to add that to expenses... after that I saw an ad for Dr. Mel Ortega in Miami at Spectrum Aesthetics. Vivian, the coordinator there quoted me the special $3900 for Tummy Tuck & $4999 for BBL, she also stated that they would not be able to do them both together, I would have to do the procedures 6-8 months apart, but she said the doctor suggested the BBL first, because the doctor would be able to get more fat, she said that the BBL includes 10 areas of lipo. versus getting the TT first (it includes 2 areas of lipo) and not have enough fat left for the BBL....I though to myself, GIRL BYE!!!! GTFOH! Not having enough fat is NOT my issue, cuz I am Ms. thunder thighs and its enough fat there to feed all the starving Somalian children and the surounding countries...not to mention my arms... LOL... I'm sure the surgeon could take fat from those areas right? I asked her if I could just get the TT (my most wanted procedure), and lipo to my flanks, bra area, & lower back (to create a shelf, and the apperance of a BBL,cuz i already have a butt, being on RS has just mede me greedy!. LOL)... I havent heard from her yet, but its the weekend IDK, we'll see... they have great prices, but I REALLY do not want to do seperate procedures, I'd just rather have the pain, suffer, and get it all over with...Finally, after 3 days I got a quote from Dra. Walkiris Robles in D.R., Laura, her patient coordinator quoted: $5200 for "Tummy tuck + liposuction on waist, armpits, back + Brazilian Butt Lift", this includes all medical needs, transportation, and a recovery house... what shall I do ladies..... I'm so deathly afraid of traveling oversees alone for surgery... but the price is right and i would be able to get everything done at once... Sheesh....?????

My before pix

Please dont laugh at me y'all these are the pix I sent to the doctors for consultation... its bad i know.... thats why i'm on this damn site!! I was thinking that maybe I should upload some face pix(im not ugly) to make y'all feel better about communicating with me....LOL... I would love to hear from some ladies with similar body shapes that have been through the process or are about to.... Oh yeah I'm down 3 pounds... I'm trying to juggle my addiction to RS and looking for coupons, because going grocery shopping at Wal-Mart tonite for low carb & atkins crap so that I can lose at least 20 pounds... Any suggestions for foods to promote weight loss?

Tell me it's Real....

Hey ladies,
I'm back. I've been super duper busy, and under the weather, along with everything else, but I have good news in regards to my SX. I know on my last post, I was considering going overseas to have my work done,, but I have decided to have my tummy tuck at home, here in the states. My surgeon is William Welsh at Premiere Center in Tampa. Florida. He is an excellent fit for me. I'm very picky and I am a bit spoiled and he picked up on that PRETTY quickly. LOL. I decided to go ahead and do the tummy tuck here instead of in DR, because of him, not to mention that a TT is such an extensive procedure, that I didn't want to recover in a foreign place alone, so far away from my family. I suffer with bouts of depression and I have heard of that affecting some ladies' recovery period. Point is: I need my support system around for this pain! I've got my granny coming over to baby me, I'm so excited about that! She's the best! I plan to have my TT now, and to recover and work on body (legs & arms) and according to my results, go to Dra. Robles in D.R. for some aggressive Lipo & a breast lift in the next few months, I won't be bent over & crippled & I could enjoy the beauty of the country. Possibly mange it a vacation for my boo & I.... Sounds like a great plan to me.
Anyway, now starts the count down...15 days until I'm chopped ,Screwed and I am fine ladies! BRING ON THE PAIN! LOL... please help me prepare with supplies, clothing, foods etc.... I'm so ready

Too late to turn back now... I guess...

I'm 1 week away from the flat side. All my money has been paid & there's no canceling without penalty...

Pre op was today and I must say I'm "nervoscited". As soon as I walked in the door, They had me sign my life away! I was okay, but I started feeling some tour of way even I got to the malpractice & revision sections... funny thing is I was more settled during the signing of the death waivers than reading that I may need a revision... Lol... I know what the risks are, so I'm just leaving in God's hands cuz He has NEVER LET ME DOWN...
After signing my life away, I was taken to the pre op room with a nurse. I was told to strip down and I had to put on the small blue paper thong, and take my before pics in front of the infamous blue wall! Lol
I had my 3 year old son with me, and I must say, he was NOT happy about me stepping down in front of strangers... Lol... he darn near fussed me out in front of the nurse! She thought it was cute, it just reminded me if his, father. Lmao!
Any who, she asked me some health questions and then had to stick me 3 times just to draw Blood for my CBC labs! I hate having tiny veins!
Im so ready guys... please keep me in your prayers...

Oh yeah....

I also got my prescriptions...


Do I have everything I need???

So I spent 2 whole days out looking for comfortable clothing to wear during recovery. Only to find out that I wont really be weraing anything... LOL... I'm always spending oney on crap I don't need, but have CONVINCED myself I do... I'm trying to decide if I should go get my $80 back from Walmart.... Can you say, "El-Cheapo!"?????
I got a lot of good info from @Cutiejenn86. She's so sweet and encouraging... I was worried about what to bring to wear home from surgery, and she informed me that i would be sent home in a robe! I was so relieved because out of sll the stores I've been to I only found 1, short sleeved, button down top, and that was in a pajama set, ugh!!!!
Anywho, I picked up all of my Rx's from CVS yesterday... It REALLY hit me then that this S**t is REAL!!! This time next week, I'll be all bandaged up, walking hunched over, peeing thru a funnel, taking baths with baby wipes, eating mostly soft food and liquids, and emptying drains 3 times a day!!! This is all i can think about... I can barely sleep... all nite, I tossed and turned thinking about next week, the most scary thing for me is being put to sleep, and knowing that I will have a tube down my throat!!!... UGH!!!!
I ordered 2 wedge pillows from Amazon earlier this week. One for my head/back and one for my legs. I figured this would be cheaper and better than leasing a recliner for down stairs.. Cuz I really prefer to be in recovery, in my room, in my bed... where I'm comfortable.

I feel like I'm pretty prepared, I grocery shopped for my house so that my granny will not have to do any running around for the kids and she can cook daily if need be... I just have a few small things to purchase. Fresh bread for the house,( I'll buy Monday.) I still need a funnel for urinating, Ricolas for for my throat, a new plastic folding chair for showering, and vitamins for healing...
I'm so ready to get this over with.... Lawd help me!!!

Updated Before Pix

So I decided to post some more Before pix. I decided that these new ones were a little more flattering abd that maybe my body isn't THAT BAD.... HA HA. YEAH RIGHT... any who, I can't wait to add my after pix... Oh and please excuse my dirty bathroom mirror... I was cleaning guys

12 hours from the Flat side

Happy birthday to me... Well, technically it was 2 days ago, but you get the gist... add off Right now, @ 12:36a, I'm sitting in my bed naked (TMI), "admiring" the tummy that I've had a Love -hate relationship with for the last 11 years. In last that 12 hours I will have no apron & no love handles and less stretch marks....
a my stomach will no Longer be my fiance's toy. And I will be able to wear normal tee shirts and not just peplums or things that camouflage my shape...
I so hope that Dr.Welsh gives me back that hour glass shape that I had one before. I'm taking my wish pics into surgery with me as a reminder. I will be blogging & vlogging my feelings all day tomorrow until it's over. .. so stay tuned ladies.... -ROX

Let's do this!

I'm on my way to surgery. I'm so ready to get this over with. I recorded 2 videos for you all to see.... I'll upload as soon as I find out how.... Lol.

I'm alive!

Hey guys. I just wanted to let you guys know that I made it safely thru surgery. The pain is much better that I thought. Feel like I have doing thousands of sit-ups for a week straight. I'm getting sleepy & dosing off now, so I will up date more tomorrow. Until then...

what the took from me

The nurse safe the Took a lil over 3 pounds of skin from each side. And then they took 600CC's of Lipo. Oil never b them take pictures. Look at


Omg! I hate writing from my phone! It makes me Look like a complete ILLITERATE IDIOT. I'm a stickler for good grammar. I'm gonna find out how to edit these posts, if it's The last thing I do! ...The last post was supposed to say, "What THEY took from Me" Here's at photocopy of the skin they cut off.

2 days post op

Hi guys. Ive been out of it for the last 2 days. Lol. Drifting in and out of sleep. I'm sure it's from the Oxy. Lol. As far as the pain goes... I think that I expected MUCH WORSE. I have experienced muscle spasms in my belly area and it feels as though I've been doing ab exercises for years. I'm walking around every 2 to 3 hours to prevent blood clots. Im pretty bent over so I can't see my full results yet, but I do knew that it's a definite improvement from before! I have been having trouble urinating, it takes a bit of concentration because I'm relearning my muscles. Lol. Thats the, most frustrating par of this journey. I also find that I don't have much of an appetite today. I woke up feeling a little nauseated so I attempted to eat a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats, I had about 3 stood and I was finished. I decided to eat an orange instead. I took 2 800mg ibuprofen, in hopes to start weening myself if the OXY. I have my first post op appt tomorrow at 3:30p so I'm excited to see what i look like....I'm getting sleepy again. Lol so I'll ttyl. Love & Peace

Sweeeeeet Baby Jesus!

I coughed today..... and oh my Lord. I SAW THE LIGHT!..... the pain....THAT SHIT IS HORRIBLE! Why didn't u guys tell me about this?! That should've been first on the list of things to know about tummy tucks...You Biotches! LOL....

3 day post op Appt

Today I had my left drain taken out... it felt really weird like something was slithering out of my body and it stung slightly at the end. The nurse changed my dressings and cleaned my tummy. My belly button is cute & healing well. I have a small blister on my right side from the latex tape. I found out that I was allergic to latex today and so she removed all of the latex tape and replaced with paper tape... I'm not really concerned with the blister, its small and nothing to write home about. It looks like the kind of blister you get from burning yourself on the iron. It'll go away on its own. My big concern is that I'm not sure how I feel admit my results. I know that I no longer have an apron but my tummy is not as flat as I would like it to be... I hope it's just swelling.... I still feel that I would need to wear a girdle or Spanx after healing. Which is not ideal for me, because the whole entire reason behind having the TT was to stop wearing shaker to hide my belly! I don't know if I'm tripping or west

coming along...

So on my last post, I was very emotional and frankly, I was just being unrealistic.
I hadn't even seen my results in a mirror or standing up yet. Later on that evening. I decided to take off My clothes and look at myself and I must say, that I am pleased with my results and with Dr. WELSH work. Being swollen and all. I am satisfied. I may not have a six pack or abs, but I have a flat stomach even when I'm sitting down, I have no hanging skin and apron and no fat rolls. There is definitely a distinction between my breast, my waist, my hips and my butt. I feel like I have came a long way Hell, I am SUPER swollen, and I can see my vagina while sitting down! That's the, most exciting thing EVER, and it may sound stupid, but imagine having to lift your belly in order to shave your private for 11 years! Hell, since in being honest, Imight as well be totally transparent and tell you that I had been using deodorant underneath my stomach to keep from sweating and, getting smelly under there. I wonder, how much money I'm gonna save now on Dove.
Anyway, yesterday I had a mental health breakdown, frustrated with not being able to shower or completely reach my own backside, I asked my fiance to give me a sponge bath! And let me tell y'all, it was the best thing ever! I'm a REALLY clean person, and my hygiene is inexplicably the most important thing to me in the world! I tell you, You never know how much a person loves you, until the opportunity presents itself for them to have to wash the, crack of your dirty ass! Lol. I think I fell in love with him all over again, because he bathed me down completely and thoroughly, and didn't complain or act disgusted one time! In fact, he had to put me in my place and tell me not to try and control the situation and not to help him, to just relax and let him do it. LOL. He basically got me together and because I'm pretty much handicapped right now, I couldn't do anything but shut up and comply...
I had my granny wash my CG, I hoped it would shrink, but it's still to big.
I felt like a new person, I took a nap after that, it was so exhausting! Why does everything seen like a chore after this procedure?
Anyway I woke up today, and I really felt the swelling in my left side from having my drain removed on Friday. I felt like I was gonna pop. I decided that I needed to walk. I am walking somewhat upright but I'm not 100% and I end up hunching back over in about 5 minutes. I went to Ross and pushed the cart for about an hour with my fiance. When we left there I was pooped and so we headed home, but made a stop at Publix for a few groceries. I didn't walk in there though, I used the, electric cart... like I said, I'd hadit by then... all in all, I think I'm coming along and healing pretty quickly. My pain is at a minimum, I'm taking ibuprofen in the day a Percocet at night before bed.... here are some new after photos for u guys to see. Let me know what

More Pix

Here are more after pix, I took some bandages off for you guys to get a better view.

9 weeks, and I'm not I'm impressed

they say it takes at least 6 weeks to see your final results or what's close to it.
Well it's 3 weeks later than that & I'm positive that I'm in need of a revision.

I know have a lop sided stomach. My right side is flat and my left dude has a small pooch. It's so obvious when I'm naked, it's sometimes unbearable to look at... I become so depressed...
I'm glad my big pooch is gone, but I still need spanx or other garments, I just wanted a flat stomach and I've only achieved half of it. On top of my crooked belly, I have a small dog ear on my left side, I didn't get enough lipo on my flanks & none on my back. I also have spider web like scars on my belly button, that's not a huge deal to me, but I wanna be as honest a possible with you all.
I have pondered for over a week now on whether or not I would update my review and I finally broke down and did it because I would want somebody to do the same for me.
I have decided to do what I should find in the first place, and that's go to the Dominican Republic for surgery. My options areDr. Walkiris Robles or Fatima Almonte. Dr. Robles sent me a quote for $4900, with recovery house for ,a week. That includes scar revision, lipo on abdomen, flanks, back, bra roll, & arms; and a,BBL.
I wish to Gawd, I woulda save my damn money from the start... now I've gotta recuperate about $6k outta thin air...

New Pix

9 weeks Post

I'm having problems getting my pictures to upload....

This site is the devil! Lol

New pix

This site FINALLY let me upload my pix of my lop sided stomach.... lmao
Dr. William Welsh, MD

The first surgeon that has made me feel comfortable. And the only one who had listened to my wants and needs. He made me feel beautiful right off. Not to mention he's pretty confident in his work & he has worked on a lot of Full sized women. I'm confident in my surgeon.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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