Tumescent Lipo- Inner/outer Thighs and Waist, Back, and Hips - Tampa, FL

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Hello everyone. This site has been so encouraging....

Hello everyone. This site has been so encouraging. I want to say thank you to EVERYONE for sharing your stories, and pictures, and giving honest feedback. I've wanted this procedure most of my life. I've tried diet and exercise, including personal trainers. I've never felt confident about my body. Specifically my Thunder Thighs. I've had them, as long as I can remember. I'm not super heavy based on the opinions of my friends. But I don't like my thighs. They are so disproportionate with the rest of my body. My mother has the identical issue. But she loves her thighs. I see girls with thigh gaps, and I wonder wonder that would feel like. My thighs have ALWAYS touched each other. When I walk my thighs are constantly saying, pardon me, excuse me :) I don't wear shorts, they accentuate my legs entirely too much. So I've recently decided to dive in, and move beyond my fear. I know it seems silly, it sounds silly as Im typing this. But there is a large part of me that's frozen. I know that I'm not being my true self, because of my body image issue. On June 2nd I'm having time tumescent lipo on my inner, outer, thighs, and tumescent lipo my back, waist and hips June 3rd. I'm VERY nervous, and VERY excited at the same time. I've saved for this procedure, paying in full. I've never purchased anything so expensive for myself. But I feel like there is no better time than now. I'm 38, no children, 5'2. Dr. Su with ArtisticLipo in Tampa will be performing the procedure. The staff was amazing during my consultation. The Dr. came in and spent almost an hour talking to me about my options and what would give me the best results. He sketched an imagine of what my results might look like. He also said I will have a small thigh gap. I can't even believe that! I'm really excited to see how things will turn out. I'm not excited about waiting 6 months to really see the final results. Not excited about all of the swelling stories I've read, but at least I know that's something to anticipate. Again, thank you for all of your stories. It's really given me the push I needed to get this procedure done!

1 week 1 day prior to inner/outer thigh lipo. 1 week 2 days prior to back, hips, and waist procedure

1 week and 1 day post-op

I'm walking around. But it's not cute. My thighs are still VERY sore, and they are the most swollen since I've had the procedure. My follow-up visit isn't until 6/16, but the nurse seems to think that I have nothing to worry about. Everyone heals differently. It's such a weird thing. I expected pain, just not to this degree. It's weird having your thighs numb and in pain at the same time. My inner thigh is where I'm deriving the majority of the pain from. These pics were taken yesterday. Today my inner thighs are MUCH more swollen than my pics from yesterday. My thighs are actually bigger now, than they were pre-lipo. The one thing that I can clear let see that gone, even with my compression garment off, are my saddle bags are gone. I'm not try to discourage anyone from having this procedure. I just hope my story helps someone, that might be going thru a similar experience. I've read several stories of people who did have a speedy recovery.

2 week follow-up appointment

Met with the LPN yesterday. She stated my sweeling was very severe, but she hopes I'm at the peak point of sweeling. My calves and ankles are also swollen.

I was given a larger compression garment, and was advised to snip the legs of the garment to allow for extra room around my calves, grapeseed oil to massage in my legs to help aid the sweeling, and a product called Dragons blood to apply on my incision sights to help with the redness around each spot.
I'm a mess!
Dr. Thomas Su

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