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First i want to thank ScubaRN who has left a...

First i want to thank ScubaRN who has left a detailed review here on realself about her experience with Dr. Thomas Su. Her detailed review and continued correspondence with everyone that asks a question of her has led me right to his office, as well as returning the favor to the realself readers. I hope to do as well in my review as she has done in hers. So ScubaRN thank you.

I was scheduled for a consultation on October 21, 2016. I changed it and had it (oct 6) because i couldn't wait. I was too excited.
The office is beautiful. I took a few pics that i will include, and I'll try to get more on my next visit.

I was warmly met by the receptionist who gave me paper work to fill out asking about my areas of interest. Those areas included:

Stomach, flanks, outer and inner thighs, knees, arms and chin.

I was called to the back by Ashley who began the consultation. She answered questions took pictures and showed me pics of Dr Su's work (several albums are available for your viewing pleasures). The real treat was when she showed me before and after pics of her self (very nice). Once she was done she left the room and returned with Dr Su. I must say, due to the amount of research i had done on him, i felt like i knew him and thus liked him instantly. He came in introduced him self and got right to work, standing me infront of the floor length mirror showing me what he could do. Grabbing fat pads on my body, pushing them in, holding them back, i was quite entertained. Dr Su is honest and he helps you to be realistic with your expectations. For instance, in my research i found 2 pictures of former patients who's body types i thought were similar to mine and i hoped my results (especially the inner thighs) would look equivalent to theirs. Dr Su flat out said; You're not going to look like that. He then explained that even though we were structurally similar, My thighs weren't as fatty and had a larger muscle structure. In otherwords as regards my inner thigh, i only had 3/4 inch of fat to remove. He said removing it would hardly be noticiable and he didn't think that would be the best use of my money. Thigh gap dreams for me went up in smoke:( As disappointed as i was, i appreciated his honesty and his concern for the best use of my $$.

So what we decided on was: Entire mid drift which he calls a full wrap (stomach, flanks and back), outter thighs, anterior thigh (the top of your thigh that is more visibly seen doing a profile stand) celebrity arms and knees.

The pictures that are taken of you are given to Dr Su who draw's your new silhouette over the pictures and gives them to you as a mouth watering treat for you to take home.

I'll post before pics the day before my surgery.

I have a second consultation scheduled for the 18th so our action plan can be dicussed with my husband. I will be leaving a deposit on the 18th. My plan is to have my 1st surgery by Nov 1.

Stay tunned!

2nd Consult complete!

Second consult was today. Dr. Su spent 45min explaining to my hubby everything that was discussed with me during my 1st consultation. I said this in my initial review but its worth saying again, the mans before and after photos are simply amazing and Just when I didn't think it was possible to like him anymore than I did, I left today feeling more endeared to him. Surgery is Scheduled for Nov 1, 2016 @ 7am. Stay tuned!
Dr. Thomas Su

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