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First i want to thank ScubaRN who has left a...

First i want to thank ScubaRN who has left a detailed review here on realself about her experience with Dr. Thomas Su. Her detailed review and continued correspondence with everyone that asks a question of her has led me right to his office, as well as returning the favor to the realself readers. I hope to do as well in my review as she has done in hers. So ScubaRN thank you.

I was scheduled for a consultation on October 21, 2016. I changed it and had it (oct 6) because i couldn't wait. I was too excited.
The office is beautiful. I took a few pics that i will include, and I'll try to get more on my next visit.

I was warmly met by the receptionist who gave me paper work to fill out asking about my areas of interest. Those areas included:

Stomach, flanks, outer and inner thighs, knees, arms and chin.

I was called to the back by Ashley who began the consultation. She answered questions took pictures and showed me pics of Dr Su's work (several albums are available for your viewing pleasures). The real treat was when she showed me before and after pics of her self (very nice). Once she was done she left the room and returned with Dr Su. I must say, due to the amount of research i had done on him, i felt like i knew him and thus liked him instantly. He came in introduced him self and got right to work, standing me infront of the floor length mirror showing me what he could do. Grabbing fat pads on my body, pushing them in, holding them back, i was quite entertained. Dr Su is honest and he helps you to be realistic with your expectations. For instance, in my research i found 2 pictures of former patients who's body types i thought were similar to mine and i hoped my results (especially the inner thighs) would look equivalent to theirs. Dr Su flat out said; You're not going to look like that. He then explained that even though we were structurally similar, My thighs weren't as fatty and had a larger muscle structure. In otherwords as regards my inner thigh, i only had 3/4 inch of fat to remove. He said removing it would hardly be noticiable and he didn't think that would be the best use of my money. Thigh gap dreams for me went up in smoke:( As disappointed as i was, i appreciated his honesty and his concern for the best use of my $$.

So what we decided on was: Entire mid drift which he calls a full wrap (stomach, flanks and back), outter thighs, anterior thigh (the top of your thigh that is more visibly seen doing a profile stand) celebrity arms and knees.

The pictures that are taken of you are given to Dr Su who draw's your new silhouette over the pictures and gives them to you as a mouth watering treat for you to take home.

I'll post before pics the day before my surgery.

I have a second consultation scheduled for the 18th so our action plan can be dicussed with my husband. I will be leaving a deposit on the 18th. My plan is to have my 1st surgery by Nov 1.

Stay tunned!

2nd Consult complete!

Second consult was today. Dr. Su spent 45min explaining to my hubby everything that was discussed with me during my 1st consultation. I said this in my initial review but its worth saying again, the mans before and after photos are simply amazing and Just when I didn't think it was possible to like him anymore than I did, I left today feeling more endeared to him. Surgery is Scheduled for Nov 1, 2016 @ 7am. Stay tuned!

4 day count down!

1Pm Monday afternoon. Here i come!

As promised

Here is my 1st pre-op photo. More to come.

Today is the Day!

Its midnight. Surgery is today @1pm. I should be sleep but im excited and anxious.

Pre-op photo

Im on the way.

Im 2min away from the office. Im a little nervous. Scared of impending pain. Putting my body in someone else's hands to do life altering things to it. Trying not to bug out.

Surgery Day

POD #3

Today is my First mobile day. I was completely paralyzed the night of the surgery. I couldn't use the bathroom, I couldn't turn in the bed on my own, I couldn't sit up on my own. Tuesday was only slightly better. Today, although in pain i have some mobility back. Im hoping for a speedy recovery because im going in for a 2nd round in 2wks.

POD #4

I guess today can be called a "good day" comparative to the last 3 days. I actually got up and washed my hair today, I feel really fresh for the first time this week. I still feel really sore.. I can't take off or put on my compression garment on my own yet, but i can use the bathroom, get out of bed and do a few chores. I've noticed that my back hurts a little bit more than usual, maybe because I'm compensating for the sore abs. I tried on a dress today. Gosh my stomach looks fabulous and it. That was encouraging.
My appetite has not returned full force although im not complaining. I'm really on guard regarding my salt intake, I do not want to promote any extra swelling.
Im so glad i dont work. I commend all of you who went back to work within 3 to 5 days.

1 week post op

I had my surgery 1 week ago today. I wish I could say that everything is fantastic, I'm loving my results and I'm happy beyond measure but the truth is I'm not. The swelling is intense! I can walk around maybe 2hrs hours a day without blowing up like the Goodyear blimp. I am still wearing a stomach board and styrofoam pads in my back, which make me look terrible in clothes; worse than before surgery. It's so difficult trying to disguise the stomach board and the styrofoam padding.
I can't bend down to shave my legs so I look like a Chia Pet. I'm still having difficulty sleeping on my side so my Sleep Quality has been compromised for the last week. I'm a nude sleeper so sleeping in this compression garment is discouraging. I feel imprisoned. No longer being able to see my results due to the swelling is also discouraging although I expected that to be the case. I'm glad I took pictures immediately after my surgery, before the swelling set in because I often look at them for hope.
I'm wondering how long this extreme swelling will last. I've read that it could last a couple months but my emotional state of frame won't allow me to believe that.
Sorry for being a Debbie Downer today but I have my second surgery next Monday and I've just come to realize that I will look much worse for a few months before I look much better. This is going to be a long haul.

More of the same

I had lipo surgery of the upper and lower abs/flanks/back 1week ago yesterday. I return for liposuction on the outter thigh, frontal thigh, and knees on Monday, Nov 14th. I must admit, I'm very nervous because I'm still very sore and very swollen from the stomach liposuction. I Envision my entire body being incapacitated and those Visions are causing me great stress. Especially since I'll be living in this compromise state for potentially 3 to 4 months . Although I know my body already looks better because I saw the results immediately after surgery, I'm so swollen currently, i can no longer see any results and that has fighting discouragement. However, im better mentally than yesterday Thanks to some encouraging words from fairwaymom.
I really want to post more pics, but there's nothing but a swollen waist line to post. I'll just wait till Monday after my thighs are done and ill post pics of everything then. Im so greatful for this community. I can't imagine how desperate I'd be without it.

9Days PO Things are looking up

Okay! Since day 4 I've felt like my recovery had stalled. Infact, i called my doctor yesterday to complain i was in swell HELL! A few of my bra's dont fit! The swelling went all the way into my back! That all changed this morning. I got up to shower, i took my own garment, stomach board and back Styrofoam off without help (yay for me). I instantly noticed my stomach was notably decreased in size and my skin looked "attached", specifically down by my vaginal line. My incesion sites are fully scabbed over and they all itch! The sway in my back is returning and i feel pretty good about it all. Im still sore, more so in my flank area and i still feel like my skin is contracting, but at least i feel like im healing again. I just may add a picture tomorrow. Stay tunned.

I waxed Today!

Whew! Today was exhausting. I did a little female maintenance for the 1st time in 2 plus weeks. Went to my esthetician and got waxed, Avoiding all puncture wounds and got a facial. I took a pillow from home to make sure i was comfortable on that bed. Boy i put her to work today. Lol.
My appetite is back in full effect. I got to watch that. My sides/flanks took the biggest beating during my 1st surgery. They are still very bruised and very swollen.
However, Things are looking up, but guess what?
Im back in surgery monday.
Outter thighs, anterior thighs and knees.
Here we go.

2wk PO stomach lipo visit.

Well here we are. This is my stomach 2wks after stomach lipo. Im still very swollen and very bruised, but one look @ the before and after and I'd say it was definitely worth it. I had thigh lipo yesterday, I'll write a review on that today. It was quite the experience. Stay tuned.

Thigh lipo completed 11/14/16

I had outer thigh, anterior thigh, and inner knees done on November 14th. The jury is out on what I think of my results and here's why:
I have a large amount of visible cellulite that lives in my saddlebags. As Dr. Su continued to Contour the saddlebag area of my outter thighs he and I noticed that when he removed the fat, the skin hung like skin that needed a tummy tuck or in this case a thigh lift. It was gross and ofcoarse i was instantly concerned. He continued to work saying there was a lot of fibrous connective tissues that were beyond his control. He stoped when he felt like doing more would cause permanent hollows in the area. It was majorly improved, but i saw a new band of connective tissue that i wish i hadn't seen. Due to this outstanding predicament and the fact that my legs were sollowen almost instantly, i really couldn't tell anything had been done except for the fact i could see holes everywhere. I really hope there is a noteworthy diffrence as my thighs have been a point of contention most of my adult life.
The pain is bad, especially in my saddlebag area where he was working hard! Although the pain is bad, its much better than the pain from my stomach lipo. It's now Wednesday 2days PO. My mobility is limited but i can go to the bathroom alone. As for my compression garment is concerned, ill take a picture and put it up today so you can see what i look like.

Compression garment(s)

Black and Blue

I Had outter thigh, anterior thigh, and inner knee liposuction 1week ago tomorrow. I took a picture that i will upload before i turned really ugly. I am completely black and blue now. I seemingly look worse with each passing day. 1Week later, im still in pretty significant pain. I have my 3rd surgery in 1week so i really need things to simmer down this week. I know my bruises will be here for a while, thats fine, but please pain, pain go AWAY!!
In other news my stomach is rock hard and still swells daily. I look like a monster. But my spirits are up! Each day is a new day.

2 wks PO - Legs feeling better. Bracing for arms on Wednesday.

Well. Today makes 2wks PO for outter thighs and inner knees. I feel a lot better but it hasn't been easy arriving at where i am today. I just started feeling better 2-3days ago. The bruising is fading but it has a long way to go. It has gotten to the point where light pressure on my legs feels delightful. Touching the bruises feels so good. Id like to pay someone to touch them. The hubby isn't doing it as much as I'd like. Swelling is also slowly going away. My knees are still the most affected by the swelling.
My doctor doesn't recommend them but about 5 days ago when i felt healing was slow and i was aggravated by the pain, i had a lymphatic drainage massage. I was completely unimpressed and won't be doing that again. Because the swelling is dissipating, I can now see areas of major improvement. I look forward to the coming months when the finished product starts settling in.
In other news, my lipo'd stomach (1month PO today) is only still tender in the flank area. Bruising still remains there. Some of the hardness is lifting and i see some areas that look strange but i am still getting swelling there, especially in the evenings. I'll be talking to my doctor on Wednesday about my concerns.
Up next, my arms.

Was anybody insanely hungry in the weeks post surgery?

When i got my stomach lipo'd i couldn't eat much of anything the 1st 3 days. After that i was back to eating and as quiet as i kept it, i felt my hunger was heightend. Needless to say, i expected the same thing to happen after my thigh lipo. I expected to not be hungry for 3days or so. That didn't happen. What has happend is an appetite so insatiable im afraid. I did not pay all this $$$ just to eat my results away. As of yesterday, I've put the lid on this bottomless hole that is my stomach and im trying to reign things in. Im curious if anyone else had this experience?

My arms are Perfect!

I got circumferential lipo on my arms Wednsday 11/30/16- and im in love with the results. Dr Su is amazing. One of the best decisions Ive made.

Update on all areas, 6wks PO, 4wks PO and 2wks PO

6wks since stomach/flank/hip and back lipo - some days i look good other days i look terrible. Swelling is still a very real issue for me. I still have hard spots on my stomach, i believe i have scar tissue forming below my navel right above my c-section scar. It looks deformed. Im still numb on flank area and lower back and still feel minor bruising.

Thighs/inner knees - although they look huge, im hoping its because of the water retention, i can tell a diffrence in my saddle bag area. A big diffrence actually. My legs are healing the fastest. Bruising is diminishing daily. They feel good, but are now looking flabby. I haven't worked out in 6wks. Im ready to put in work.
My knees are tender. Just starting to see a diffrence there, although, it comes and goes due to swelling.

Arms - when i went in to get my arms done, i had lost 5.5lbs in the 2wks since my thigh lipo. Post my arm lipo I've gained 6lbs. I really hope this is All swelling. I feel gross and fat. Nothing worse than spending a butt load of $$$ and seemingly not seeing the fruits of my empty pockets. Anyway, back to the arms. The easiest surgery by far, also lighter post op pain than thighs or stomach. However, i felt better at the 2wk mark with my stomach and thighs than i do with my arms. Im 2wks 1 day PO arms and im still in a great deal of discomfort. I week PO you could see no definition in my arms at all. In fact, my arms looked 5 times better prior to surgery. My surgery nurse said she'd never seen any ones arms swell as much as mine had. Its pretty discouraging to be an enigma. However, today i made forward progress. I see definition again. I'll get a pic up soon.

Just wanted to give you guys an update. I hope everyone is healing, happy and thriving out there.

Arms of my dreams

5months PO and loving it.

Revisions 09/18/12017

My back and buttox area was revised on
September 19, 2017. It looks great. Im very happy with the results. Ill post a pic from the begining of my journey versus what i look like today.
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