37, 2 Kids, Drastic Weight Loss Ready for Lipo - Tampa, FL

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But really worried about the pre-surgery cocktail...

But really worried about the pre-surgery cocktail of drugs. I am hyper sensitive to medication and I am scared about the Vicodin/Xanax cocktail the half hour before the procedure. I am going to have front and back bra rolls, hips and outer thighs. Is there anything I should know? Please share your experience with me!

Pre-op appointment today

A bit disappointed that the doctor told me the bra rolls could result in loose skin. I told him I just wanted a reduction in appearance but I was really hoping to get rid of them completely. Anyway, we shall see the final result.

The visit was nice. Doctor and nurse were great and answered all my questions. The doc told me to stop Phentermine 3 days prior to the procedure because he is using epinephrine in the anesthesia and this will raise my BP. Regarding the cocktail of drugs, he told me it is safe and they use it to level the heart rate and BP against the epinephrine. So he wants me to take them. I explained my apprehension against drugs but he assured me I would be safe.

He explained the whole procedure without sugar coating anything. I got all the prescriptions and paperwork and I am ready to go! I am just hoping these two weeks pass fast!!

Sono Bello Tampa

I forgot to mention I am having my procedure at Sono Bello in Tampa with Dr Mendoza. I've read plenty of reviews to feel good about him. He has also appeared in the news with segments talking about lipo. I am just 5 days away from my surgery. I just want to get this over with :)

Sonobello and Dr Mendoza are awesome

Sonobello Tampa, Betty and Dr Mendoza are fantastic. I was apprehensive to take the pre op drugs but they made me feel very comfortable. The numbing solution stung here and there but I had no pain and the procedure was completely painless. I am now recovering at home and my body is staring to wake up so I will most likely take Tylenol and carry on watching TV. I already see a difference in my shape and I am thrilled!! I will post pics tomorrow.

2 days post op

And I am already climbing a ladder to clean my chandeliers. Haha. I feel really good. The day of surgery I made it home and laid down all day. I peed a lot, I guess due to the fluid they pumped on me. They took 3/4 of a gallon of fat , mainly from my hips. I got up and walked around and my pain was about a 2. At one point my inductions did burn a bit so I took a Vicodin and watched TV. Yesterday I spent most of the day laying around the house being bored but I was sore. Sore like I exercised a lot after I took a beating with a stick but even so, I wasn't in much pain.

The most annoying and uncomfortable thing for me is the stupid garment. Ugh! I hate the damn thing and I am dreading going back to work with it on. It digs everywhere!

I loosen it a lot so I can sleep and a few times during the day. I already took a shower yesterday and redressed my inductions with breathable gauze. My incisions look good. I am taking arnica and my antibiotics as instructed.

I feel so good tomorrow i may go to the gym just to walk. I want to get my body used to the movement because you can't be a wuss. I am already walking and lovins as normal despite the soreness but the soreness today is about 50% better than yesterday!

Just more photos

2days post op

Day 4 post op-a few random thoughts

My procedure was on Friday 6/24 and dorsal is Tuesday. Day 2 and 3 I was itchy!!! Every time I took my garment off. No pain. Just soreness like I overdid a workout. My hips and outer thigh are numb and swollen. My back is too but not much since not much fat was taken out of there. Yesterday I went outside for a two mile walk and the first 15 minutes my bra rolls were really sore but as I kept warming up the soreness went away. Today my bra rolls feel a lot less sore so hooray for exercise. Today I will go to the gym to walk and do recumbent bike. The bruising is going down a lot. I'm no expert but I credit it to the walk. Had to exchange my garment to spanx to sleep. The damn garment is terrible to sleep with. My post op is on 7/7. I hope my swelling is down enough to gauge if I need a revision. I hope is just normal swelling but I think my right hip is still big. All my incisions are closed and the worst incisions were in my shoulders. The damn things are big and burn!! The last ones to close were on my outer thigh. I was on phentermine before the surgery so I was told to stop it 2 days before and j could resume it two day after and I did. No adverse effects.
Dr Mendoza

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