Need a Thigh Lift...

Obese child, they used to call me thunder thighs.....

Obese child, they used to call me thunder thighs...

Finding the right doc for my arm lift took longer than expected and he's closed his practice. I'm starting early in my search for the next doc.

I had a consult today and the procedure recommended was for a groin incision only. I liked the doc, and the price but I think I need a vertical incision. I'm not concerned with scars and I want the best result possible.

I'm going to schedule another consult and have also posted in the ask a doctor section to see what kind of responses I get.

Second consult

The answers I received in the ask a doctor section were that a vertical incision would produce a better result. I had a second consult today and this doctor had the same opinion. It wouldn't extend all the way to the knee, maybe five to six inches. I liked him, he was very thorough. He said I should plan on 4 weeks off from work and will have to spend one night in the hospital. The hospital stay makes me nervous and I'm worried about asking for that much time off. I guess it's time to start planning and figuring out how to present this to the boss :).

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