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Having tmj, a slighy overbite and crowding on my...

Having tmj, a slighy overbite and crowding on my lower teeth I decided to give clear aligners a shot. I did my research on invisilign and saw multiple ortho's, I did not want to spend $5500 for the trays so I decided to give smile care club a chance. I submitted my pictures a few weeks ago then received the impression kit which I sent back via fed-ex Less than a week later I received my starter kit. The aligners fit good however the plastic tray was a hard material it felt as if I had a plastic party cup wrapped around my teeth. The only plus side was the teeth whitening gel that comes with the kit so far my teeth are a few shades lighter from only 3 uses. I've already paid the deposit, in about 21 days I should receive my aligners. I called wanting to know if the material for the aligners was going to be softer and I was told they are made of a softer plastic. I look forward in sharing my journey with you all. I'll make sure to post as much info as I can seeing that there's not much out there.

Before pictures

Starter trays

My starter aligners are pretty uncomfortable but they fit perfect. Has kept me from grinding at night so that's a plus.

Aligners are in.

Today I received my aligners. 2 sets. I'm assuming they will send another set in 6 weeks (each set is worn for 3 weeks) they are really thin. The material is not as soft as I was told they would be. So I'm sure I'll have to get use to this and might experience some irritation. I also received a case to put them in, a file, chewies that help with the bite and a tool to pop the aligners out.

5 month update

So far I have been very pleased with smile direct. I only had one issue with a double payment but it was resolved fairly quickly.

I'm starting to see a noticeable change to my lower teeth, They have shifted and look slightly straighter then when I first started. The first few months I didnt notice much movement. But hang in there it will happen.

Some tips that have made things easier along the way:

Equate denture tablets (white colored ones) read the back of box to see what color the foam is. It disinfects and helps keep them fresh.

A soft tooth brush. I know smile direct club doesn't recommend using it but it's the best way to remove the film that tends to form the 2nd week of starting a new tray.

When starting a new tray. Put them in at night right before bed. this way by the time you wake up your already accustomed to the new trays.

Don't cheat. Leave the trays in for the full 22 hours. Yes, it can be annoying and frustrating especially in the beginning but after few months you'll get used to it. Think about the end result.

My last tray is at the end of September, by October I should have my bottom teeth Completely straight.
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