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My first step was to join a support group with...

My first step was to join a support group with others who have been through or getting ready to have the sleeve done.. I can say it hasn't been easy.. Those close to me haven't been supportive like I hope they would have been.. My doctor had their on personal opinion on why I shouldn't do this.. So whatever lololol.. This is to better Me! I've never been skin.. Always between a size 12 and 14 but after 3kids..the weight came and never left.. I've done the diet pills. . Gym. Walking.. Liquid diets.. They work.. But they don't last.. I'm at my heaviest now 5'5, last diet I tried with pills I dropped down to soon as I stopped the weight came back, and then some.. So I've decided on the sleeve, and I'm so excited! Even with my current weight I'm healthy with no medical issues.. But my family has a history or heart problems.. High blood pressure.. Diabetes, and if I can do the sleeve now, and if I can avoid these problems in the future, then I truly believe this is the right choice for me.. I'm on month 2now, month 3in November Yes! My prayer is to have my sleeve done in Feb or Mar of 2015 I'll let post and update as I go.. Forgive me if I leave words out.. My brain is faster than my fingers lol


Well I haven't been on here in awhile.. I almost gave up hope.. My doctor was being such an ass.. She doesn't want me to have the sleeve done.. But I had to put my for down, and let her know.. It's not up to her.. I had to go over her head... She thinks that I should just try a different diet Smhhh... I'm 5 '5..and at 276... I'm so done with trying a new diet.. She's maybe a size 3..and has no ideal what it feels like to be obese.. My weight went up after my 3rd child.. The weight I put on with him never came off.. He's 12 now lololol.. 12 years is long enough.. I've done my 6 months of dieting that the insurance company needed me to do..All I have left to do now is to attend some group meetings at the hospital, and wait for the insurance to give me the go! Hopefully by April I'll be getting ready to start part 2 of my life!


I went to pay my deposit last week!..I go for my Wellness appt on may 14.. .they tell me it's four hours.. cool...this just takes me even closer to getting my sleeve.. .I've finished my 6months of dieting that Medicaid wanted me to do.. so hopefully some time in July.. early August I'll be getting my sleeve! Even tho my primary are still giving me a hard time.. the team from the hospital told me I could dump them and just transfer to a doctor that will help me like I need..wonderful!.. my mind is so set on this.. I won't even purchase new clothes.. my weight now is 276..@5'5.. I'm in a size 18, 20 in clothes.. this surgery is going to help me be a better me..too my kids to Orlando. I almost couldn't fit in the seat for the rides.. so embarrassing.. I never want to experience that. again. . So I'm doing this.. to better my quality of life..not just for me..but for my entire family.. talk to you all soon.. blessings, and love!


Long over due pictures

it's about To go Down!

Well I go see my primary to tell them, either help me..or ill find somebody else..hopefully they see the light, and do their part. Be blessed everyone!

decision day

Well tomorrow is my appointment to see if my doctors will write my approval letter...I'm praying that they do..I really would hate to start all over with a new team...but if they refuse...I'll do what I have to do... I wake up each day so excited...thinking its coming down to the wire...nothing is going to.stop me now lolololol... yes I'm goofy

a little bit more......

Well I did my 4 hour wellness appointment today....basically...what to eat, and not eat...protein...protein...protein... and water...lots of water.... I guess they want to make sure you really understand what you're getting yourself into... now a sleep study test ugh... but it is what it is... my goal date is still July or August..that's what I'm praying for.. my heart is so set on this...I can't give up now.. to everyone who is on this same journey as I am... don't give blessed

sleeve meeting soon on JUNE 1st

Well I have a sleeve meeting on june first that I must attend, plus my husband before I meet with the's to hear stories of people who've already had the sleeve done, and what I should, including my husband..expect... I'm just so ready... with my 6 month of dieting already done...that I just found out I didn't even have to do... now 8 months behind me..I just ready to be at the hospital having this done already lololol.. my prayer is to have this done before my 17th year anniversary comes around in December...I already have in my head the dress I want to wear ;-) I'm so ready to workout, and actually see weight come off, instead of just water weight from all the sweating I do on the treadmill!!! ... omg I so hope I can reclaim my original shoe size 8 1/2, and bra size of 36 D :'(... basically all of my pre-life before kids sizes lol... I love my kids dearly...but omg they did a number on my poor body... gosh to not suck in my stomach to zip up my jeans.. to bend over and fasten my shoes without feeling I just was under water holding my breath... I'm soooooo ready lol..can't you tell :-)

:-) :-) :-) :-)

This is just a thank you to all the wonderful people I've gotten to meet on here through your post about your journey with having the sleeve done.. its been so helpful, and so exciting, and so uplifting to read all of them, I wish you all a blessed weekend, and continue weight loss as you enjoy this second chance on life... :-) much love...Anitra

Thank You Jesus

I got my approval letter from my primary!!!!!! I'm sitting in my car , like I just walked out the doctors office!!!! Omg LIKE I give all the praise to Jesus .. and I want to say thank you to all who have left me comments of encouragement.. it means so much to me...this has not been easy, and plenty of times I wanted to just say forget this, but you guy's helped me stay hopefully... so one last step, insurance approval, and that's it. Xoxoxoxo :-)!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)!

:-)All most at the finish line!!

Well I had my chest xray today.. I have to do new blood work..and thebsleep study is being shipped to me this week ughhhhh lol...but its cool...i get all of this done this week...then the sleeve team will package all of my documents real nice, and pretty, and ship it off to the insurance company for approval!! I've decided I'm not going to worry, and give it over to Jesus... After my first ignorant primary, and what i went through with them... I felt like given up.. But being overweight ...especially in a state like Florida sucks Lol... I'm only 38, but i was starting to feel rundown.. Less than.. Sluggish.. Depression started to creep in..and that's not me..and i knew it was because of my weight... I feel like this sleeve will get me to the best Me! If that makes any sense :-) ... So now I'll just sit back, and have faith my surgery will be approved ;-)

Crazy I tell Ya lol

So I got my home sleep study yesterday....but for the life of me I couldn't sleep.. so I'm going to try again tonight.. hopefully this time they can get a better reading... it's not as bad as I thought it was going to be...but I just couldn't one point I actually woke up laughing, because it was ridiculous that I couldn't stay sleep!!! They need at least 6 hours of data to determine if I have sleep apnea, or God's speed I'll be able to catch some zzzzzzzzz tonight :-)

Mild sleep apnea

So my primary says I have mild sleep apnea...and I would need to do 4 weeks on the stupid machine before I can be cleared for surgery... at this point I'm seriously considering Mexico.... but I digress...lolol... I'm so numb to the bullish by this point... everyone has they level of crap, and set backs they can take..I've been at this for a year now come I've decided if by then I haven't been sleeved here in the states...I'm going to Mexico... I won't waste anymore of my time doing anymore test...appointments.. meetings.. this chick in over it... its funny, because at my last nutritionist meeting I put on 4pounds... and her response was you sure you don't want to do one more appointment with me... my response...HELL NO!!!.... one..I was on my period...two the McDonald's under the hospital has frapé's on sale... 3...I'm sick of paying for parking... 4 if this isn't done before thanksgiving, and Christmas... lord know what I'll do... I'm frustrated at this point...but I'm not going to give up...

Nothing But LOve

For the past couple of weeks, I felt like I wanted to give up on having this sleeve done, but i got on here, and saw all of the support you guys have for me. All I could do was cry. I'm so thankful form all the wonderful comments left telling me don't give up! people praying for me.. It gave me so much joy to read them.. I have my last follow up appt this friday. hopefully this is it! I'll update asap, again thank you all so much.. so much love for you all xoxo


I got Approved!!!!!! They set the date for Sept 21st.. but unfortunately that won't work..but they told me that's not a problem..other than that..I had a GI test Tuesday, and discovered I have they'll fix that, and do my surgery all at the same time.. God is soon good..I'm in I can't believe it... One whole year later... I'm so happy I didn't give up...and I'm sooty happy I found this site.. You guys rock!!!.. I'm so excited I can't sit still.. it's unreal..this is really happening!!!!!

Hurry up, and wait

So my biopsy results are in.. and the scheduling chick has not called me!!! I so wanna drive down there, and do it myself.. they think I'm being overly excited...they have not a clue how long I've waited for this day to come... I think my skin is starting to vibrate lol..

My reasons for doing this

My Family... More than anything..I'm doing this for them....


Gosh I hope these pics uploaded OK lol

Pure Joy

September 28!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just wanted to say thanks to you all for all the support.. I'm truly blessed to have people praying for me...wishing me well.. my heart is so full with all the love I get from the Realself family.. I couldn't have gotten this far without it.

Sleeved At Last

My surgery was this pas Monday..supposedly at10:30am.. nope..I didn't get it done til 2pm that day.. it took about 5 hours in all..because I had the hernia...liver biopsy..something else I can't remember at the moment.. so coming out of recovery was pure hell..I had 6 incision sites.. day 2 pure hell. They want you to walk. Like what?I'm trying to hell with walking. Can you teach me to breath without feeling like my body might crumble on me? I felt out of sorts.. I couldn't keep my eyes open.. my little green medicine button was my best friend lol.. my pressure was high, because my pain level was always at a level10. I did pass the sallow test. Gross.. Day 3 was better. Although my insides sounds like 3 pit bulls fighting over the last piece of meat on earth. The gas Wow!! Still to move around a little bit more.. but that gas!! They filled me with extra air to be able to see better.. now it just needs to leave my body asap! Food is nowhere near my thoughts. Just water..I'm still in, and out of I will bbl:-)

Day 4

Day four has been much better... Taking my much as I can. Protein, and liquid intake I really need to work on..I need to get in at least 60 to 70 grams a day of protein a day, I'm only at 20 so far ..I'm so use to gulping my drinks..SWEET BABY JESUS NO! I had to lay down after I did that.. sip..sip..sip.. lol.. here is some of the supplements I'm taking. The taste isn't so bad. This gas is a real bitch tho..I hate her with a passion!!! The pain is getting more long as I watch how I get out of bed..or up from a chair. This morning I forgot.. I'm still napping like crazy. Something I never used to do..but I guess that's my body healing. On a very strange side note...I went down a shoe size??!!!??!!! Too funny

One Week of Being Sleeved....

I'm slowing down on needing pain meds.. but I have no desire to eat.. like none..I know I need to..but it's hard..right about now I hate whey protein ugh. Maybe I need to try a different flavor..hopefully that will work. I'm able to move around so much better... My breathing is still kind of off..but I'm not having panic attacks like I was. I haven't weighed myself yet... I know my weight the day of surgery was 285. I finally ordered a scale lol... My biggest hurdle was everything liquid..OH My Freaking Gosh.. I wanted something with texture soooooo bad.. yeah so I went stupid for just a a slice of whole grain thinking its whole grain..that's OK right? HELL TO THE NO!!! you would have thought a cow was in my home giving birth with the pain noises I was felt like a brick trying to go down wrapped up in glass... Lesson learned

7 Pounds..7 Days Yeah Baby Yeah! LoL

I feel soooooo much better..OMG...still sore...but it's manageable.. able to get up, and down without feeling my stomach was going to split in half.. that gassy b#tch is gone...see ya!!! Now with no more gas...I can drink without it being painful.. but I'm still nowhere near 60 grams of protein..slowly but surely..but....wait for 7 Pounds!!!Gone!!! Listen I would have been happy with 3 gone.. but 7! Mannnnnnn shoot... So now I can officially say it was worth it.. I went walking.. actually cooked half a meal..then I got I guess my family cooked the rest lol..didn't feel dizzy...down to one dose of pain meds..and that only at night when I need to sleep..other than that..I walk the pain, and gas pains off... So walking does help..and naps..take naps if you can.. and I'm gonna take one righhhttt now lol.

2 Weeks...

Well so far I've only had 2 set backs...the slice of bread...and I bit a burger..but I didn't swallow..just to taste it, then spit it out..yuck.. now my appetite has left me..the food cravings I was having are gone.. but I'm not hungry at all.. down 14 pounds... I go walking in the grocery stores.. I still need to work on my protein intake..I get so full so quick.. I take I never took naps..once I was up..that was by 2pm I'm Zzzzzzz LoL..but that's cool. So far I'm getting a grove to this new sleeve life.. I can really see the changes in my face.. my hubby did a double take lol..that made my day. 14 pounds gone..I'm feeling pretty good

Food that won't kill my stomach LoL

I sip on these..they have different brands, and flavors...good for on the go...although this small little pouch takes me an hour to taste buds don't object to it.


I thought I would be excited about the soft food stage... I had fish...hated it.. when I usually love fish:-(... Every soft food I use to love. I don't like at all...eggs..ugh. I could eat eggs no matter what time of day it was. . Now...nope..had some crab.. nope.. as of now I don't want food at all.. I have no desire for it..2 weeks ago I was going crazy because I couldn't eat this.. too damn funny lol.. coming from church.. everyone had food but me..I even tried a buttermilk biscuit just to see..and I love...I say I love me some buttermilk biscuits...nope :-(.. only thing agreeing with me is stage 2 baby food fruit. Who knows maybe it will change...maybe it won't.. I thought I would be upset. .but surprisingly I'm not.. I loved food so much...eating became a social event for me. Now that I can look in the mirror, and see what changes are taking place. This lifestyle change isn't so hard after all :-)

One Pound A Day

Well I'm losing about one pound a day..not to bad if I say so myself. Especially when I do is sleep.. like I take two naps a day. Still working on fluids.. 60 grams of protein a day Mannnnn.. I'm lucky if I get to 30..and I'm so full..I don't want anything else to eat. I miss being able to burp :-( . I'm in my car drinking water..and I wanted to goodness that crap wouldn't come out for nothing...people next to me probably thought I was having a heart attack or something.. I had to hit myself in the chest... Gosh that was crazy.. someone needs to event a protein sticker just sick on my arm for the day, and I'll get my full 60grams that I need...please somebody!!!! Lol. No hair loss yet.. although my skin has lightened from its milk chocolate complexion. Whatever the hell that about.. but my breast aren't doing so bad..I keep checking on them to make sure that haven't gone to far of now I'm scale crazy. I need to hide it. Help!

Well....part 2

Well I had my follow up appointment Monday...then with my primary today..I've lost 20 pounds..but I can't really see a difference.. they told me I'm losing slow..instead of 7 pounds a should be more...Huh?.. now I need to eat more to lose more, because my body will save calories out of fear..what the as of still hurts going down...even soft scrambled feels like rocks.. my protein intake.. still not up to 60 grams a has anybody done 60 a day yet?.. I'm doing better on fluids tho.. and I've started walking.. it feels awesome. Like I feel lighter.. my legs didn't cramp back that's a blessing..I guess I wish I could see the difference when I look in the mirror...they said 6 months I would be where I wanted to be. I'll be patient ughhhh lol..

Crazy Week

Since September 28, 2015.. the day of my surgery.. I was I'm 258. Things were going good up until last week. .. I got the flu shot, and everything went to hell...I couldn't keep anything down. Not even water.. the doctors don't know if I was the flu shot, or maybe my body was getting tired of all the protein I've been taking in. So I'm back on the liquid diet...and that of right now I'm scared of food lol.. hopefully by next week I can graduate to soft foods...I'm feeling pain... and the tiredness is gone!!!!
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