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Hello everyone, I just started my invisalign...

Hello everyone,
I just started my invisalign journey this morning. I have been wearing my aligners for about 8h now and I am feeling a lot of pressure. I decided early on in the day to take some painkillers in hopes of being proactive and avoiding the described pain I read about in so many reviews. I am supposed to have 41 aligners during my journey and I am still very excited that I have started invisalign. My bottom teeth are pretty much straight. My upper teeth are the problem; not only are they crowded but also rotated. It is quite the freak show if I may say so myself :)

I ate soup for dinner because my teeth felt very sore and I did not dare to eat a "chewy" meal on my first day. My only complaint so far is that I wish my mouth would stop generating saliva but my ortho told me that this is normal and that it will get better within the next couple of days. Afterall my mouth has a foreign object in it and is trying to "flush" it out I guess. In about a month I will be getting my attachments mainly on my upper teeth but I will be talking more about that then. Today, I was send home with 2 sets of aligners and I have been told to switch into my next set in 2 weeks. I can't wait to see progress and watch my teeth form the beautiful smile I have always dreamed of. Wish me luck :)


Hey there,
So today is DAY 3 and I barely feel any of the pain that haunted me on Day 2 (yesterday); I only feel some slight pressure which is normal. It still feels weird to be wearing my aligners but I am a lot happier than I was yesterday :) Today I noticed for the first time that the inside of my lower lip is feeling irritated from the aligners. The edges are sharp and it feels like I will be getting a sore. I am still debating if I should go ahead and buy some wax or use petroleum jelly to help ease the irritation or just stick it out and let it form a callus. It's my understanding that this will be happening a lot with the different trays. I found a nail file in my goody bag from my ortho and I will probably make use of that one tonight when I clean my aligners. My mouth stopped producing so much saliva so that's a plus and I think I will be able to have a "real" meal tonight since I was only able to eat soup yesterday and in the evening of day 1 due to the pressure/pain I was feeling. YAY :) I'm trying to form a good oral hygiene habit and I have been brushing and flossing my teeth religiously every time I take the aligners out. However, I'm still trying to find the best way to clean my aligners. If you guys have any tips please feel free to share them with me. I would definitely be very grateful since the last thing I want are smelly aligners. So far I have been using liquid antibacterial soap and it's been working pretty well. I will be trying the baking soda/ vinegar and peroxide cleaning methods as well sometime this week and share what works best for me during my next review! I don't want to try the denture cleaning method yet. My ortho advised me against it because it will cloud the aligners. Well I was told once a week would be ok but not more than that. I forgot to post a picture in my last review so I will be posting one now. I took it on DAY 1 wearing my aligners :) It's not the best picture but I will be taking a lot more during my journey. Hopefully with noticeable change :)

Aligner #3 and attachments

Hello everyone,
Today was an important day in my Invisalign journey my Ortho put my attachments on. My teeth feel bumpy without the aligners in and I guess I will just have to get used to it. I don't like how my teeth look like right now. The attachments stand out like a sore thumb but they are important in aiding my teeth to move. I don't have any pain just the tight feeling that you get at the beginning of a new set. I also can't take my aligners out the same way I used to. They don't 'pop out' as easily. I have to 'pop off' one side and then kind of peel them off to the other side of my mouth. I am a little worried that I might loose one of my attachments or 'rip one out'. According to my Ortho that is not as easy as I imagine it to be but there is still a possibility of it happening.
I don't see any movement at all yet and I know it is still way to early in my journey but I am looking forward to the day that I see changes :) Positive thinking is a must on Invisalign :)
My only complaint so far was something that happened to me last week when I was rushing to take my aligner out, and due to the overcrowding of my front teeth they got stuck, so I came up with the genius idea ( :) sarcasm) to pull really hard. Needless to say it hurt really bad but not only that I caused a tear in the front of my aligner. Thankfully that tear didn't get worse so I was able to wear that aligner for the last few days before I saw my Ortho again.

Last time I mentioned that I would review some of the cleaning methods and I have to say I found a favorite and least favorite method.
I really like the baking soda/ vinegar cleaning method it left my aligners looking clean and shiny. The one I disliked was the denture cleaning method. It left my aligners looking cloudy and did not really seem to clean them. I also did not appreciate the aftertaste in my mouth even after thoroughly rinsing them with warm water.

I won't see my Ortho for 3 months unless something happens like some of my attachments breaking off and hopefully by then I will see a tiny bit of movement. Wish me luck :)
I will attach a picture of my #3 aligners with the attachments to this post. I hope you are all having a wonderful day and are following your dreams of a beautiful smile :)
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