Mommy Makeover with Dra Baez 2/21

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I'm a 29 year old female with two kids (2 and 10)....

I'm a 29 year old female with two kids (2 and 10). I recently lost 108 pounds over a year and a half but I'm still not at my goal weight of 120. My current weight is 140 and my skin is not tight like I want it so I'm looking to get the mommy makeover. I'm currently looking at Duran, Yily, Disla, and Robles in DR. Any suggestions?

So I think I've narrowed my search down

I heard back from 3 doctors in DR: Robles, Yily, and Disla. Dra Disla quoted me 7500 for the TT, lipo, BA w/implants, and arms and without the arms it would be $6000. Disla says that the recovery house is an additional $1000. Robles has the all inclusive package which includes the stay at the Recovery House for $5300 and this is without the arms and the BL. I requested another quote from her to include the BA w/implants. Yily also got back with me and quoted me $6000 but her quote doesn't include the recovery house. I keep looking at different reviews for these specific doctors and I'm curious to know why the price quotes are different from everyone getting the same things done. I keep calling Duran as well as emailing and facebooking her and I have been unsuccessful. I really wanted to get a quote from her because I really like her work. Right now, I am leaning more toward Robles only because the stay in included in the price and she seems to have great bedside manner.

Dra Robles

Does anyone know if Robles will do a ba/ bl with the mommy makeover package?

Duran's quote

I had to call the office to get my quote but I finally got it. I do love her work but it is way more expensive than what everyone else quoted me. I also can't get my arms done at the same time of everything else which would be an additional $3000. That really isn't a big deal though. So now I'm deciding which doctor to go with. Robles, Yily or Duran?!?! Hmmm...

Anyone cancel with Baez?

If there are any ladies who are scheduled with Baez any time in Feb or March and have to cancel their surgery for any reason, can you please let me know. I think I want to go with Baez now for sure and she doesn't have any openings until mid year 2014.

I change my mind like I change my underwear, lol

Everyday I'm switching my doctor. I last decided on Baez and am scheduled for February 11 but I need to switch to late in Feb or early March and she doesn't have any openings. I'm also scheduled for Yily on March 1st so I think I might end up going with her. I need to start ordering all my supplies as my surgery date is fastly approaching.

Looking for surgery buddies

I've rescheduled with Dra Baez for March 10 and am looking for a surgery buddy. I think I'm going to stay at Yasmin's. If you're interested, pm me.


Anyone know of a good Lasik surgeon to go to in Dominican Republic? I'm trying to get this done while I'm down there for my surgery.

I'm giving up my Feb 11th date with Baez

If anyone wants Feb.11th with Baez, let me know. I know she is booked up until May of this year so if you wanted to get in early, now is your chance.

I made it to DR "safely" ... Decided to go with Baez

I arrived to DR at 4:00 and was supposed to get picked up but no one was there to pick me up. I saw someone from Healing Haven around 4:50-5:00 and asked if they could call someone at Baez office to inform them that I had not been picked up yet. Well she said she would call José and have him come get me. I need to wait at this certain spot and he would pull up in a green can for me. She left and two minutes later this guy pulls up and says he is here to pick me up. So I said "that was quick, are you sure". He then said yes and said his name was José. So I asked him if he worked for Baez cause that's where I was going and he said yes. I got in the car and he started to drive and he asked me if I wanted to stay in a hotel in Santo Domingo or some other place. I told him I'm supposed to go to Baez clinic for testing for my surgery. He asked me for the address... Da fuq??? So I give him the address but at the same time I'm asking him "how does he not know where her office is". Well we drive around for 30-40 minutes "looking" for this office when I get a call from José Brito. He says he is at the airport looking for me so I ask the other guy again if his name was José. I told Brito that some guy had picked me up from the airport who says he worked for Baez and he asked for him to get on the phone. They talked for a while and the guy said that he w's taking me back to the airport so that José Brito could get me. Well I never went back to the airport. This guy found Baez clinic and wanted me to give him money for his services. I'm confused at this point on why he lied and chose to pick me up. Well I told him I was gonna go talk to Baez about this and he followed me in the building. He kept asking for money and said he would not give me by bag (that he watched from me btw) until I gave him some money. Baez husband came outside and tried to find out what was going on and negotiate with the man on the payment. I guess he wanted a lot of money cause he drove all over town looking for this place. He husband got my bag for me and took me inside. I don't know what happened between those two from there.


So I was a little unhappy in my consultation because although everything came back ok, I'm unable to get all that I wanted to get done. They think its not safe to be under for 5 hours and don't want to risk losing any lives. Although I was mad at first, I'm taking that as a sign from God and will do only what they say they can do to me. If I'm unsatisfied with my results, I guess I have to come back for another round. Baez is really sweet though and will do anything to make you happy. I was kind of questioning choosing her over others but I'm kind of glad I did. Hopefully my results come out looking good. Surgery is at 6 am in the morning so definitely send prayers this way. I'll do an updated review when I'm up to it. Oh and I'm staying at Yasmin's too so I'll talk about my experience here as well.

I'm a Baez doll now

I made it to the flat side. I'm now a Baez doll. It's 3 am and I can't sleep so I figure I would write this review. I was supposed to be at the clinic at 6 am for surgery. I got there and immediately went to the emergency room to get admitted. The doctor down there asked about medical history and from there I proceeded to the 3 rd floor where I went tons other room. In here, I waited a couple hours until Dra. Baez came to take my pre-op pics and mark me up. The anesthesiologist also came in and put an iv in me that was nothing but saline solution. Both of them left and I waited another hour or so for a guy to come in with a wheelchair to take me off to surgery. So I get in the operating room and immediately start panicking cause I was never given the blue pill like others say they get. The guy in the or kept telling me to calm down and they'll put something in my iv so I won't feel the pain. After they put whatever they did in my iv, I immediately laid down and began to relax. I was up the whole time during surgery and felt them poking around in my body. It didn't hurt until Dra Baez started to work on my right breast. She had to burn my nipple off to give me the breast lift. I was screaming "pain, pain" and one or the guys in the background repeated what I said and got something else to put in my iv. I didn't feel anything shortly after that. The smell of skin burning was making me nauseous so someone started to hold the blanket over my face and nose. I didn't like that but I let it continue on. I ended up getting a tummy tuck and breast lift. SN: I wanted a tummy tuck, breast lift, and back, arm and thigh lipo but the cardiologist said I couldn't get all that done yesterday. I'm gonna have to come back to get those areas lipo'd. What was funny is all my test came back good and my hemo was 14. I was mad yesterday when he told me that cause I was like "why tell me in order to get all this work done and aggressive lipo, my hemo had to be high". I was seriously questioning switching to a doctor who would do all that I wanted. I been working hard as hell and overdoing so things to get it that high so I was upset about it at first. But I understand, they were looking out for my safety and I thank them for that. Ok, back to my story...I was so surprised I was up all that time cause I didn't sleep well the night before. I kept looking around thinking to myself "hell I'm still up so I guess I didn't die yet". I was done with surgery around 5:15 pm and they kept telling me I was done. I'm all on the table telling them "I'm so proud of you guys", "you did an awesome job", and "give me a high five". Lmao, those people were in there like keep your arms down please or you're gonna hurt yourself. I guess from the pain medicine, I couldn't feel it. They came in and put my faja on and I was telling them they were supposed to put my t-shirt and maxi pads under it and they kept telling me no. It was a lady in the room and I kept asking her if she had any work done before and let me see. lol. This was the medicine making me do all this, I promise. Anyways they took me off the or table and moved me to another transport bed which was very uncomfortable. I got into a recovery room and shortly after Dra Baez came in and said I did a good job and "you're beautiful baby". She brought in a nurse that was gonna stay the night with me and she's been helpful so far. It was hot as hell in this room so I asked one of the staff here to turn the a/c on and he told me I needed to pay 300 pesos in order to have the a/c ruining. I'm like "wth, tell Dra Baez to get back in here". She saw me sweating and told me don't worry about paying the 300 pesos right now cause she would take care of it. I love her so much. She's a very kind and compassionate person. We definitely need more people like her. Santos and another lady from Yasmin's came and visited me and told me they would be back for me in the morning. I've just been in this bed in a lot of pain and itching severely. I was real nauseous earlier and had to throw and when I tell you, it felt like my skin was ripping apart. That ish hurt like frfr, lol. I slept for a little but but been up the majority of the night/morning cause I'm in so much pain. These pain meds are garbage over here and I can't wait to get back to the recovery house so I can pop me a pill. It feels like I was crossing the street and a 18 wheeler hit me, threw me 500 feet in the air and once I hit the ground, two school busses came and ran over me. Lol, I know I have some issues. I don't know how in the world you girls get everything done at once. I'm in a lot of pain with this little but of stuff I got so I can imagine what y'all are experiencing. Anywho, I'm done with this review and I will update another time. Please excuse the typos, I'm on my phone and it keeps autocorrecting my words.... Oh, I forgot to tell y'all be prepared to be hungry AF cause you can't eat or drink ish. I haven't eaten since Thursday night at 7 pm.

Not worth it

I am not satisfied with my results or my communication attempts with Baez. I wish I would've listened to everyone that night I met her when they told me to go to another doctor. I have had several issues before I left DR and Baez was not willing to meet with me. I ended up leaving and coming home and tried to email her and ask questions and she doesn't respond to them. What's funny is I decided to test her and I emailed a request for a price quote for a round 2 and she responded to that. Really??? Anyways, I would recommend that you not go to her of you were considering her. Now I know why she doesn't have too many people put up their experience and pics of her work. I have talked to other who have gone with her who are unsatisfied as well. There is no reason why I should be going back for a round 2.

Some pics (7 days po) and before pics

Here are some pics. I'm 7 days po

I'm so pissed off

Every day I get more and more upset about my decision to have surgery with Dra Baez. I'm having more and more problems and when I try to contact her, I can't get any response. I really didn't think she was this type of doctor when first meeting her but I guess after they get your money, people change. I still haven't found anyone to drain my seroma. I'm spending a good amount of money seeing plastic surgeons in my area and er visits and no one is willing to help me. I can't believe I did this to myself. I'm currently at the er now and just found some more of this blue wire she used to sew me back up. This can't possibly dissolve. Ugh, I'm so frustrated. I look like I haven't had surgery also. My stomach is worst now than it was preop. I think it's because she didn't lipo me at all and also because of the massive seroma.

Review in Yasmin's

Ugh, I typed up a whole review and tried to upload a video and then when I went I save, it didn't. So I will type up later when I feel good.

Infection on my breast

So lately I've been having red and inflamed breast. Where my stitches were, my skin is now covering it and it itches real bad. I decided to contact Baez and confirm if my stitches were in fact dissolvable. She asks me to send her a pic so I did. Well they aren't dissolvable and should've been removed at 5 days Po. Here I am at 18 days Po contact her about my breasts. Why could she have not told me this a while ago? My skin has grown over the stitches and the little bit of stitch that I did she poking out my skin, I cut myself. My skin has green pus leaking from it and its really red and tender. I'm so overly frustrated with this entire situation. This has not been a good experience for me AT ALL. I'm going to contact some more plastic surgeons in my city tomorrow and see how much their visit is and if they will see me. This seems like a bad dream and I just want to wake up from it.

Round 2

So I'm going back to DR for my round to in Feb 9. I've decided to go with Cabral and have him make my body look beautiful. I'm so excited... Less than 60 days away til my sx.

Bittersweet moment

I leave for Dominican republic in three days and I'm excited about it but a little bit sad at that same time. My boyfriend who was supposed to be coming with me passed away on January 25th and I've been in my feelings last week and this week. So much that I thought about canceling my surgery and not going through with this at this time. I know he knew that this is something that I would've wanted and I can see him telling me to continue on with it but I just don't know. My mom has also been putting a lot of BS in my ear about "what if I die" and "what's going to happen when something goes wrong after surgery" so I have a lot going on right now. I still haven't even told her who my doctor was as I don't want her to look it up and I have to hear some more foolishness. So I decided to go with Cabral and I will be staying at the Dollhouse rh. I'm getting a revised tummy tuck, revised breast augmentation and full body lipo. I'm all packed, passport is ready, all my money is ready and I'll leave out Sunday at 6:55 AM from Orlando airport. I'm praying for nothing but great things with my round two.

I made it to DR... Woohoo

I left Tampa this morning at 6:55 and finally made it to DR. I was so ready to get off that flight as I had a lady next to me that smelled like she was sh*tting her pants the whole flight. I was extremely nauseous from the smell. Anyways, once I got my bags I had to wait a little bit for the driver from the RH to come and get me. I'm staying at Dollhouse and it is really nice here. It's very big (3 floors). My only concern is how I'm going to walk up and down the stairs with just having surgery but I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get there. I'm in a room by myself so I'm happy about that. Patrica (the nurse) here says I have to be to Cabrals office at 6:30 tomorrow morning. I haven't been to sleep in a couple of days so I'm going to try and get some rest but I'll update tomorrow morning before surgery or after depending on how I feel. Here are some pics of Dollhouse.

Dollhouse pics

Sorry, I don't know why the pics didn't upload the first time

What should've been my day of surgery

So I couldn't sleep at all on Sunday night and was supposed to be at Cipla at 6:00 am. I didn't get there until at 7 am as my driver seemed like he had an attitude. Got to Cipla and went for my labs and my consult with Dr. Cabral. I explained that I wanted a revised tummy tuck, revised BA, lipo and arm lift. He told me I couldn't get an arm lift or BA on this round but he would lipo my arms. He also told me that I wouldn't be getting a revised tummy tuck and that it would be a fresh tummy tuck as Baez DID NOT repair my muscles or pull my skin down the first round. I knew from the start something wasn't right with that tummy tuck. Anyways he asked me how much he quoted me and I showed him my whatsapp convo. He then said my price would change since he has to do the tummy tuck from the beggining. I paid him and then got taken to rh surgery room where I took my blue pill. I remember getting wheeled in the surgery room and the anesthesiologist giving me an IV. Next thing I know, I'm in my room and the doctors were telling me I would have surgery tomorrow. I'm asking questions and no one would tell me why. Then I get a call on the room phone telling me to go up stairs and get my money back. I get up stairs and Cabral nor Maria were up there so I had to wait a couple hours for them. I talked to Maria and she said she wouldn't give me my money back just yet and go talk to Cabral. He told me they had a minor inconvienence in surgery and to go get some additional tests done that next morning then come back for surgery on Tuesday. That day, they had started the lipo on my back and just stopped so I was in pain from that but I couldn't take pain meds because I had to go back into surgery on Tuesday. I went back to Cabrals office on Tuesday and spoke with him and he says he would try my surgery again. So an hour and half later, I was wheeled into the OR for surgery. I don't remember anything with my surgery like round 1 so I can't if I was up or not. I remember being in my room that night and being in so much pain. I couldn't move at all and I just kept telling for someone to give me pain meds. As you might assume, I didn't sleep well that night. Someone from the nurse came in my room this morning around 7 am to draw my blood. Then Cabral came in and said I would need 5 bags of blood as I was bleeding a lot. I knew I felt dizzy and had a bad headache as well. Some nurses came to put me in my faja and I ended up falling out when I stood up. They finally put me in the faja and the blood came about four or five hours later (after noon). I had to keep calling the nurse station and Cabral office to finally get it though. I didn't feel dizzy or have a headache after the blood transfusion but I have been in so much pain and the meds aren't helping. I'm paying a nurse to be here with me but she has been on her phone all day so she really hasn't been a big help. I have to stay in Cipla another day and hopefully I'll go back to the RH tomorrow. I really want to go home but I know I have to stay here. Cabral told me the reason I'm in so much pain this round is because Baez didn't do what she was supposed to do the first time. I can definitely tell I have a tummy tuck and MR now. The first round, I had no pain like this.

Surgery with Cabral (mini update)

I will do an in depth review later but I ended up just getting a tummy tuck with full MR and arm lipo with Cabral. I do need to speak with him on Monday and see about getting some of my money back as he was supposed to do a mini back lift and remove my bra fat roll and he didn't. He made sure he charged me for it so I need to get my money back since it wasn't done. I'm in a lot of pain and discomfort as I'm also going through some things at my recovery house. I will post a full review once I leave though. Here is a pic of my tummy tuck at 2 days PO. It's def a big difference from the first time I had a tummy tuck with Baez.

Review on Dollhouse Recovery

So here we go with my in depth experience at the Dollhouse Recovery House. Now let me tell you, I should’ve went with my first instinct on this recovery house and not given them a chance to delay my healing process. I was originally looking at another recovery house or staying at Cipla but this one caught my eye because they stressed they were American owned and would provide American service and they were aware of the healing process as the owners had gotten surgery done as well. I had spoken with two people from Dollhouse about a week and a half before leaving for DR and the strangest thing happened after talking prices with them that their FB page disappeared and all the messages were marked as spam or abusive by Facebook. So I noticed they had multiple pages apparently ran by different people within the recovery house and they all were unaware of this. I don’t know how that is possible as business owners but *inmymostsarcasticvoiceever* Ummmm, OK. So I called the recovery house a scam and told the groups on Facebook to be careful as something wasn’t right. They came out and said it wasn’t a scam and Tia begin to contact me to tell me the confusion and how they were converting over to a business page and everything was legit with the company. She told me what all the recovery house included which was the three nutritious meals and 2 snacks, laundry, cleaning staff, a secure gated community, 24/7 nurses, bi-lingual staff, transportation with unlimited visits to the doctor and airport for $75, personal assistant to go to the store, swimming pool and Jacuzzi. Well the majority of the stuff listed that they include is a lie. Upon leaving Florida to come to DR, I reached out to Tia and told her I was on my way and she said she would see me then. She gave the impression the whole time I had spoken with her that the owners who are American resided at the recovery house in DR. That’s a lie. She lives in Atlanta and communicates with whoever is here via Whatsapp. I don’t know what anyone else looks like except for the driver and the “nurses’ that come and go here. There are no American people physically here to run this house. The girls that are here to “care” for post –op girls are also not bilingual. I communicate with them through google translate. While this might not seem like a big problem, it’s a problem when you advertise you’re an American ran company with English speaking owners here.
So my first issue with the recovery house begin with the driver at the airport. My $75 transportation fee was to include being picked up from the airport. Tia had my itinerary and knew what time I would be in and instructed me that the driver would be there to pick me up with a sign and my name on it. That didn’t occur. I ended up waiting at the airport anyways as I was going to wait for some more dolls to get in so I wasn’t as frustrated but it’s the principle. He eventually came to the airport and kept saying “sorry, something was going on with his friend”. That wasn’t my issue but whatever. I eventually got to the house and I can admit at first glance, the house was beautiful. The pictures they showed on the website was exactly how the house looked. The only things, I can say are different is that they say they have a swimming pool and Jacuzzi. While there is a Jacuzzi tub out there, it is very dirty and not kept up, no water in it and I couldn’t imagine sitting out there in that mess. Patricia, the “nurse”, at the house told me that they were having someone come and clean it later that day and it would be up and running by the next day. Well it still looks the same so that turned out to be a lie. The house is gated off as all the other houses are in the neighborhood and they do have someone at the front of the neighborhood that holds a gate up all day but it’s nothing to be excited of by saying it’s in a secured gated community. They don’t ask for id and anyone can drive in or walk in and out as the gate sits up all day. I also noticed a big “For Sale” sign on the garage of the recovery house and kept asking questions about this and no one could give me a solid answer on what that was about. Everyone else says the property is under foreclosure but the owners aren’t admitting to that. I just don’t understand how you’re running a business but there is a big “for sale” sign on the house and no one knows what’s going on with this.

So back to the driver issue, I paid the driver his $75. As you all know from reading my review, I had surgery on Monday which was unsuccessful and had to go back into surgery on Tuesday to start it again. I had to get additional testing done and he tells me that he only includes 3 visits to the clinic and this additional visit would cost me extra. That was not was told to me prior to coming there but I paid him additional anyways. I spoke with Tia about this and she said she would reimburse me for some of transportation costs paid since all this had occurred. Well I still haven’t gotten reimbursed yet but I’m assuming that is because she’s not here and will never be here. I have had the driver come and pick me up from the house for surgery and labs and tell me “he gets there when he gets there” and “he is a taxi cab driver away from the house so he has to make his money” but I paid you for a service and you should be available. The driver has also refused to come pick me up from the clinic the day I got discharged from Cipla and I had to contact Tia via WhatsApp and she gave me some excuse as to why he didn’t come and then he showed up an hour later. Everyone seems to point the fingers at each other. So then the day I leave from my surgery, the driver doesn’t take me right home. He drives out the way to go pick his friend up, stand outside and talk, and then drop his friend off somewhere and bring me to my recovery house then.
Oh, let me talk about my night arriving back to the recovery house. Well when Dr. Cabral released me from Cipla, the nurse that was in the room with me was trying to get in contact with Patricia and Ramon to let them know. Patricia is the one who told the nurse that Ramon was not coming over she contacted him. After getting Tia involved, you would’ve thought that things would be right. Well we get to the house and Patricia is not picking up her phone. We’re sitting outside in the car and Ramon is saying he has to go. So I asked if I was going back to Cipla and he said ‘I don’t know if I can take you all the way back over there right now”. Well Ramon finally gets ahold of someone who tells him where a spare key is and finds it and lets me in. We pulled up at 8:49 pm and I finally got into the house at 9:31 pm. He told me Patricia was on her way and she would be there in 10 minutes. She never showed up until the next morning. That night I had got back to the house, I was trying to go to the bathroom and ended up falling and hitting my stomach on the right side from the fall. I also had blood all over the place. I messaged Tia and told her what happened and she said she would make it right and have someone here to care for me. That I shouldn’t be doing anything on my own. The next day, it was a girl here by the name of Yvette who was not helpful either. The blood that was on the bathroom, I had to clean up while she watched. I also got dizzy again trying to pick my panties up off the floor and she watched and did nothing. I had a tummy tuck and I have had to scream at the top of my lungs to see if someone would come assist me. I told Tia about this a well and she said to WhatsApp them instead. I got their number and would send a message and call for them at the same time. The crazy thing is, I was the only post op patient in the house at the time so there was no need for them to not be available to me. What happened to the 24/7 nursing care they provided…All lies. Anyways, with my new tummy tuck I have to roll out the bed onto the floor by the wall and then push myself up from there to get out the room to the bathroom. While this is painful as hell, I created this cushion area by my bed to try and attempt to absorb some of the impact from my continuous falls. I have told Tia about this and told her that I don’t know how in the world I’m going to be able to heal in this environment. There should be some way to call for a nurse or better yet have one available outside your room to check on you on a regular basis. I have had to administer my own meds, clean myself up, and take off my faja and put it on myself. There has been one girl who showed up name Paula who I have explained to her what is going on and she has been pretty nice. When she is there, she will ask if I need anything and help me to the restroom. She stays there in my room until I fall asleep and she attempts to help while she is there.
This place has a serious ant problem. I’ve had ants crawl all over me sitting in a chair and laying in the bed sleep. I have bites and rashes all over me from the ants. I can’t stop itching from it. I’ve tried to wrap myself up and protect myself a little but it’s not working. They are all over my things and in my clothes now. I’ve had plates of food served and drinks with ants in it. When I mentioned this to Patricia, she just puts her in fingers in the drink or food and takes the ant out and flings it (like it’s not a big deal). I have used the restroom and not realized it was ants all in my pez urinal until I looked in the toilet and noticed they were washing out as I peed. So with that you know I then had ants in between my legs where I had to run the shower and wash them off of me. I got water all over the place and I’m sure I got my incision all wet up. I keep wiping stuff up with Clorox wipes and the ants still end up covering the countertops and my things within minutes. It really is too much to handle. I asked Yvette a couple days ago to take my money and please go get some ant spray as this drives me crazy but she never came back with it or my change.
There is no clean up staff here. My sheets have not been changed except for last night when I was sleeping and I asked for Patricia to come as I was covered in ants. She came and took off the sheets and swept around the bed. She then put on different sheets. I have had to change my chux on the bed twice a day to feel like I was laying on something clean. There was blood on my sheets and other fluid so it was kind of a mind thing to just see the clean chux sheet. My room has blood on the floor from my drain leaking and it still hasn’t been cleaned up. The trash can in the bathroom is always full and has been filled with the same stuff since I got here day one. I emptied it the first day I got here but it hasn’t been touched since. The bathroom has not been clean. There is blood and urine on the toilet seat and floor. The water wasn’t working here for two days so the toilets weren’t being flushed and was backing up into house. My smell was horrible. Another girl had come the next day and Tia told me that they would send someone to fix these issues. In the meantime, they had to walk down the street and get water from somewhere and bring up buckets of dirty water for us to use the restroom with and brush our teeth with.
The food is horrible and nowhere near nutritious. There is no chef here preparing these meals we need to properly heal post op. On days that I was given food I was served scrambled eggs for dinner, fried hot dogs, boiled hotdogs, fried plantains, fried hard fish stick, and some potatoes. You do not get nutritious meals or snacks here. No fruits or smoothies. Nothing. I brought this concern up with everyone and was told I could go to the market and get the items. I shouldn’t have to do that. I see other people post about their experience at the recovery house and they are eating like Queens should eat. I have been getting by with my pineapple juices I bought and water. When I go to Cipla, I buy something from the first floor. I also went out to Hooters with a couple post op dolls to get me something to eat and that was a problem with the recovery house as well. I don’t see why but whatever.
The other issues here include the A/C not working which has been on and off. The driver comes and fixes it temporarily until it goes out again and then has to come back and fix it. Also the issue with the water not working. I’m very tired right now and have been through a lot at the recovery house today so hopefully I remembered everything and it all makes sense.

The funny thing about my recovery house is when speaking with Tia, she told me that no one had ever complained on the recovery house before and she was quite shocked with all the stuff going on. Well the time here, they had not allowed me to talk to the other girl now here but I was able to speak with her and she has been experiencing the same problems too. Smh, I knew there was no way there was someone else here ok with these living conditions. These owners lie so much.

Dollhouse review cont

The door which coincidently started locking on it's own
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I can't figure out how to change the doctor name but I went to Dra Australia Baez in DR. When initially meeting her, I thought she was a very kind and caring person. She always followed up with my whatsapp questions and concerns. Now that I've had surgery, things have changed. She is aware that I am not satisfied with my results and she will not respond to my inquires at all. I think that she is not confident in her abilities to do things. I paid for a certain service and I did not receive it. Nor did I receive any follow up care. I do not recommend her services.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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