56 Yrs Old, 5'11", 159 lbs - Wants MMO After Weight Loss - Brandon, FL

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So glad to have found this website and have been...

So glad to have found this website and have been obsessed with following all of your stories. Losing 20+ pounds over the last 2 months and the effects of nursing a child over 28 years ago have caused my boobs to shrink and sag. I also have stretch marks, a cesarean scar, hysterectomy scar and sagging/loose skin in my lower abdomen. I initially wanted just a breast augmentation but after looking at my stomach, I am now considering the advantages of doing both procedures at the same time (mommy makeover). I'm having my first consultation this Tuesday (Jan 5th) with Dr. Shienbaum in Tampa, FL. I have scheduled 2 other consults on the 15th (Dr Castellano) and 26th (Dr. Greenwald) but I am most impressed with the before & after photos of the PS that I will see this Tuesday. My husband is very supportive of my decision to do this. He will attend my consults and take care of me post op. Not sure of the CC's or type of implants (silicone/saline, round/anatomical) but am pretty sure that I want the implants to be placed under the muscle and for the incision to be under the breast. I would like a more natural look, but I don't want a lift. I hope to have a better idea of what I'm going to do after my consultation in two days. I am posting some photos of myself and some wish pics.

Consultation Completed...Surgery Scheduled for 1/15/16!

Ladies, I took the plunge. Dr. Shienbaum was the first and only plastic surgeon I had a consultation with. I know this is a big no-no and that you're supposed to go to at least 3 before deciding and I did have 2 more scheduled. However, I felt comfortable with him, and his before & after photos, and was able to talk to a former patient and actually see his work firsthand.

We settled on 375 CC Allergan High Profile Silicone inserts. Wanted to go larger but was told that the width of my chest would not handle larger without them going into my armpits. I'm ok with 375...anything beats these "pancakes" I now have. The implants will be submuscular periareolar.

The Tummy Tuck will include liposuction and muscle repair.

So excited...and nervous.

Semi-Liquid Diet Starts Tomorrow

Well, I either have all of my supplies or they are on the way from Amazon (gotta love that place). Tomorrow I start my semi-liquid diet which consists of soups (all types), tea, coffee, gelatin, ginger ale, gatorade, water, apple, cranapple, grape or cranberry juice, commercial high protein and high-calorie supplement drinks. Will be hard since I have been low-carbing it since late October. But it is something that needs to be done to make sure that my stomach has as little volume as possible to allow for tighter TT results.

Flat Side in 2 Days

Continuing with the semi-liquid diet. Started using the antibacterial soap. All of my supplies have arrived, except for my pain medication. Major screw up at pharmacy. I turned the prescription in last Wednesday (Jan 6) and was told it would be in Friday or Monday at the latest. I went back Monday and they told me that it would be in today. I called today and they said that since it is a controlled substance, they only get those on Thursdays. Soooo, it is supposed to be in tomorrow. If not, I'll have to go to other pharmacies to see if they have it or have my PS work some magic.

I didn't think that doubt would rear it's ugly head as I have read in so many reviews but I had a moment this morning when I was asking my husband if I was doing the right thing and couldn't we be spending the money on other things. He said an emphatic NO and that was that. So, onward to the FLAT SIDE!

8.5 Hours PO

RS Sisters, made it through surgery. Pain finally under control...tolerable. Overnight stay in hospital, which I am grateful for. More details later.

4 days PO

RS Sisters, the night in the hospital was welcome. Even though I was on the OB/GYN floor and a couple of ladies were in strong labor. My blood pressure was extremely low after surgery requiring me to stay until 12:30 in the afternoon. The ride home was bad. I could feel every bump. Should have had a pillow to cushion some of it. Slept most of day 2 trying to manage the pain. Day three was better. I went to my first PO appointment. I was hoping to get my drains out but will have to wait at least 3 more days. PS said that every thing looked great and that I could take a shower. Never knew how good those 3 words could sound. However, the trip to the appointment took a lot out of me and decided to wait until this morning (4 am). Got 6 hours of sleep and that was the longest yet. The shower was HEAVEN! Now for a nap.

1 Week PO

Went to see my PS for followup on Monday the 18. He was not pleased that the drains still showed blood and not other fluids. Most of his patients can get the drains out at 3 day PO mark. Unfortunately not me. I was supposed to return yesterday for a recheck. But in the meantime, any time I went to the bathroom, blood would trickle down my legs from both drain ports. Concern caused me to call the PS answering service on Tuesday. PS made an appointment with me Wednesday morning. At the appointment he tried to find the bleeder by injecting a medication into the drain. After waiting a couple of hours in his office and the blood not stopping, he decided that the blood was coming from below the incision. To find the culprit, I had to go back in to the hospital and be reopened in the pubic area. Back home Wednesday night. Lots of drainage that night but in the morning there was not much. Went back to the office yesterday to be rechecked and it was decided to pull the drains. (Oh Happy Day).

Today I was able to walk (almost upright) around the house for an hour. I can use the toilet without my husband's help. Have started weaning myself off the major pain meds. The only "issue" I have is SWELLING. Especially in my thighs. I have been wearing brief type compression garments but my husband is out picking me up a thigh slimmer, high waist garment.

I realize that I haven't talked about my BA. The "girls" are beautiful and have caused me no problems.

Speaking of my husband. He's the best! I truly feel like a queen. He has been there through EVERYTHING.

Dr Shienbaum and his staff are the best. I felt like he treats me as he would his family. My next checkup is Monday.

Will post pictures shortly.

11 Days PO - The More Active the Better

Hello RS Sisters. I had another follow-up visit yesterday with my PS. He told me to "get active". He wants me to start walking the neighborhood and getting on the elliptical/treadmill for at least an hour throughout the day.
He said I can bend, reach and stretch because the "girls" are fine. He will remove the tape from them next week. Can't wait to go bra shopping.
The TT incision is healing just fine as is the belly button. The stitches will dissolve. I am about 90% upright as skin on tummy is finally softening. Changed to a "medium" Maidenform Flexees shapeware from a "large" compression garment.
Have stopped all pain meds except for ibuprofen or tylenol at night. The swelling is a little better as is the bruising which is attributed to fluids and activity. I walked 30 minutes in the neighborhood and was on the elliptical for 15 minutes. Not bad for my first day out. I'll hit that hour goal tomorrow!
Planning to return to work next week with a goal of 100% upright. To all of you going through, happy healing!

Day 12 PO Pictures

As promised...

Back to Work - 15 Days PO

Well Ladies, I went to work today.  I was determined to make it a full 9 hours.  It is nice that I can stand/sit intermittently which I did every 45 minutes to an hour.  I also walked for about 30 minutes at 10am and again at 2pm. Wasn’t horrible but by 4pm I was starting to swell and was ready to lay down but still had to drive 45 minutes home. Quite different to be upright for 12 hours without the chance to lie down. Every day is better than the one before. Here's to healing!

Happy 3 Weeks Post Op!!!

Ladies, I had a follow up appointment with my PS yesterday. It was a good time. Was told that I can go on my Valentine’s weekend cruise next week which was really exciting news. He even had me try on lingerie in the office and told me that it was my gift to take on the cruise! He then had the ladies shoot some photos of me in the lingerie. It was a lot of fun and helped me psychologically with my new body image. It has only been 3 weeks and I was thinking that my progress should have been much further along. But seeing the pictures and how great I already look gave me a big lift mentally. Can’t wait to see the final results! I love Dr. Shienbaum and the ladies, Patty, Kristen, Ginny, Laura and Chelsea! They are the best!

The tapes were removed from my breast and I can wear “normal” bras for short periods of time. So of course my husband couldn’t wait another day to take me bra shopping, so we went to the outlets and came home with a FEW inexpensive ones. Had to convince him that the girls aren’t in their final position yet so he had to calm down on the purchases. I was measured at Soma at 34C but the Cs didn’t cover enough for me so I bought 36C and 34D in a couple different brands. By the way, I was a 34/36 A/B prior to surgery. My main issue prior to surgery was not size but flatness. I still wear a sports bra at night and during most of my day for comfort and added support. I still have some discomfort (“zingers”) in both breast, especially in the left which had more work done on it and appears to be bigger (could be from swelling). My boobs slightly hang over into my armpits which seem to be little caves now, making shaving more difficult. PS says that will change once they settle. I have been told to start massaging them more aggressively a few times a day.

My TT incision is healing well (scabs are coming off nicely), swelling is minimal. He doesn’t want me to put anything on it except for Vaseline until the scabs completely come off. He doesn’t feel like I’ll need lymphatic massages. He told me to use one of those little hand held massagers for the “hard” areas. He wants me to continue to wear the shapeware (Spanx). He said that I can go without it for short periods of time on the cruise but I would have to put it back on when I start to swell. I do still have a burning sensation in my belly (especially at night) but it’s now below the belly button instead of all over the belly. Was told that this is nerve regeneration.

All of my stitches are dissolvable. The BB stitches are taking a little longer to dissolve but he says that it is healing nicely too. My BB doesn’t look like the “inny” that it was before surgery but he said it’s too early to tell.

I still can’t do any exercise other than the elliptical and walking for 3 more weeks. I am so anxious to get back in the gym but am glad that I can get on the elliptical. It is a pretty good workout. Besides, I don’t want to chance messing up anything that has been done. Guess my trainer and my bowling league will have to wait.

Don’t know how many of you have appetite/weight loss issues but I can’t seem to eat very much and have lost at least 6 pounds since the surgery. And that’s after gaining 6 pounds with swelling between days 2 and 4.

I just completed my first week back at work. Just want to say that this thing called GRAVITY ain’t no joke. If you’re used to getting horizontal during the day and then you’re pretty much vertical all day, it can be hard. But, like everything else on this journey, everyday gets better. On Monday I was so exhausted that I came home and took a 2 hour nap. Tuesday the nap was one hour. Wednesday, I didn’t need a nap. Yesterday, Thursday, I went shopping. Today is date night.

When I go for my next follow up in 3 weeks, I’ll take some VS lingerie with me for additional photos. Can’t wait!

Will post pictures as soon as I can.

Pictures!!! 22 Days PO

I've NEVER worn a bikini! So excited to be able to now.

Sex after BA & TT with Lipo of Flanks (Mommy Makeover)

Ladies, How long did you wait or are you waiting to have sex post op? I forgot to ask my PS on Thursday and have sent him a text (waiting for a reply). I feel like I am ready but I don't want to mess anything up.

4 Weeks Post Op & Post Cruise

Ladies, just returned from a wonderful Valentine's Day cruise with my hubby. I think he may have needed it as much if not more than I did for the downtime. Didn't get to wear my new bikini outside the cabin because it was too windy and chilly outside. So I took some pictures tonight after returning (attached).

On the sex subject, my PS had told me to "go for it, just don't put pressure on the abs". Too difficult to figure out at the 3 week mark but maybe it was giving it one more week or maybe the cruise atmosphere helped but we made it work! One more step closer to NORMAL.

Before going on the cruise I noticed some redness around my BB and just to be sure I went to see my PS. He thought that it was an allergic reaction to the sutures and a topical antibiotic to apply. All seems to be better now. The BB is still closed but was told that things will change once the swelling goes away. Yes, I still have some swelling, especially at night. I eat very little at dinner because my stomach gets so tight that the rest of my night is miserable. Speaking of night, I don't sleep through the night at least not a straight 6-8 hours. I sleep 3-4 hours, wake for 1-2 hours and then get another 3-4 hours . This is for two reasons, one, because of the pain and discomfort of swelling (both belly and breasts) and two, because my left breast gets shooting/stabbing pain. Pain meds don't help, I still wake up so I just deal with it.

Even with all of the swelling and sleepless nights, every day does gets better. I look back to 4 weeks ago and see how far I've come and I am amazed. Hoping to get back to the gym in a couple of weeks but for right now, I'll continue to walk and use the elliptical.

Happy continued healing to ALL!

6 Weeks PO! Back to the Gym!

6 weeks, yay! That magical mark in my recovery. I went to see my PS yesterday and he has cleared me for all exercise. Now I can do more than walk and elliptical. I can go back to the gym. He didn't set limits, just said to "go slow, if it causes sharp pain...stop doing it". I have a personal trainer who was once a physical therapist and so both he and I feel that I will be in good hands. As you can see in the I need to get to squatting...what happened to my BUTT?

My breasts still have zingers occasionally and he said that was nerves still reconnecting. My belly button area (and below) is still numb and has some swelling. My TT scar has finally lost all of its scabs so I started scar therapy last night. Looking forward to it lightening. Although as you can see in the pictures, my outfits cover it quite nicely.

Today was the first day that I've gone without any kind of compression garment/shaper and it feels a little weird. I am swelling a little more, so I'll put it back on before bed.

Next appointment in 2 months. Continued happy healing everyone.

1st Day Back in Gym

In a word...AWESOME! I have been anxious to return to the gym and regain some of the muscle that I've lost over the last 6+ weeks. My trainer started me where I left off weight-wise. She only adjusted down on a couple of exercises. I felt a lot of stretching but no pain. I was able to complete the hour workout without much stopping. We focused mainly on arms, legs and butt which are the areas that really need tightening. Of course the core was engaged on some of the exercises but only for stability. Can't wait to do it all again on Wednesday. One step closer to "normal"!

Celebrating #57 in my birthday (swim) suit!

11 Weeks PO tomorrow. Just wanted to share my birthday pics.
Brandon Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Shienbaum was the first and only plastic surgeon I had a consultation with. I know this is a big no-no and that you're "supposed" to go to at least 3 before deciding and I did have 2 more scheduled. However, I felt so comfortable with him, and his before & after photos. I was able to talk to a former patient and actually see his work firsthand. I feel as though I am in the hands of a true artist and that he has "sculpted" my body into a "masterpiece". Dr. Shienbaum is passionate about his work and also very compassionate with his patients. He and his staff have treated me like family. I love Dr. Shienbaum and the ladies, Patty, Kristen, Ginny, Laura and Chelsea! They are the best!

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