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I am getting a Mini tuck and silicone breast...

I am getting a Mini tuck and silicone breast implants. I am the mother of three amazing kids ( 15, 13, and 12). I breast fed all of them. Recently divorced I am claiming back my life. I know this is not a guarantee for happiness but it will make me feel better about my self image.
I had three consultations before deciding on Dr. Peter Fakhre from the New Tampa Plastic Surgery in Tampa, Florida. He suggested a mini tuck since much of my sagging skin is below belly button. I am also getting silicone implants. Dr. Fakhre ordered 350, 375 and 400 cc implants. I liked the 350 but I realized that the implants once inside will most likely be different. I agreed to let him determine what will look best.
I am not expecting to look like a Victoria Secret model but a better version of my self now. I am very anxious about the upcoming surgery. Reading the many stories here has giving some comfort.


I am 46 years old. My height is 5'3. My weight is 125. For the past 3 years I have been working out on a consistent bases. I was 10 pounds heavier and pretty flabby.

The big day

One hour before my surgery. My surgery is at 6:30 am. I pray to God that all goes well. I feel numb. I question why am I doing this? I am scare of thee outcome.


Surgery went well. I am alive! Lol. My chest feels like an elephant sat on it. 375 cc was what my surgeon thought it would look good. Had also mini tuck. I have no idea yet how it looks.

4th day after surgery

One week

Today is a week already of my mommy makeover. My breast have been killing me. Very sore, it reminded me when when I gave birth and the day after the milk came down. That's how my breast feel. I also thought at my breast will look great right away. Is was not like that, they look like torpedoes. My belly is been okay. Dr. Frahkre did not tighten the muscles. He said my problem was the loose skin under belly. I am still swollen but less than last week.


Had a set back. Had the brilliant idea to shave bikini area with y boyfriends used razor and enveloped an infection. My PS was great prescribed antibiotics and thank God I am better. I also been very emotional about my boobs and wondering if I should off had a full tummy tuck. Dr. Frahke told me to give it some time. I knew from the get go that a mini tuck would not address everything. My main problem was the extra skin below my belly button My PS was very clear about what my belly button would look like. He told me that because I was thin, I did not have enough skin to pull with a full tummy tuck unless he made another incision below belly button. He said" is up to you if you want those scars " but he said that he thought I was a good candidate for a mini tuck. He made my scar as low as possible and did a real good job with the stitching.
My breast augmentation has been another challenge. I guess I thought you get and they are perfect right away. Lol. They are still high but they look less than torpedoes.

3 weeks

I am so unhappy with my mini tuck results. I can't stop thinking about that I had the opportunity to do a full tummy tuck. I am very depressed. I promised my self I would not look in the mirror for the rest of this week. Here are some pictures of my mini tuck 3 weeks post op. also picture of my breast augmentation.


So unhappy with results. My left breast has an indentation like is bottom it out. My mini tummy tuck looks horrible. I have decided for a full one.

4 months


My feelings

Emotionally I have been a mess. You pay so much money and things don't look right. I started 2 months ago working out just to get my sanity back. Every time I went to see the plastic surgeon I will break down and cry. He is willing to charge the difference for tummy tuck and I have also to pay for facility fees. For the breast he will fix. I will wait until I'm emotionally fit to undergo this again. He did tell me I needed to get some counseling before he does any surgery on me. I lost my mother last December and got divorce last October. My house is on foreclosure and I feel lost. I knew plastic surgery would not fix these issues but might help me feel better about my self and it back fired.

5 months

My breast were fixed last week. I'm very happy with the results. My plastic surgeon Was really nice and understanding to my situation. He fixed both breast at no additional cost. I'm very pleased with results.
On another subject my mini tuck I'm not happy still. I do not recommend a minituck to no one it has very limited results. My plastic surgeon doesn't not feel I need a full tummy tuck becausep the scar will be higher and he will also have to do a vertical incision. I have days that I want to let this issue rest and others that I'm really bother. Any how here are my recent pictures. I'm really bloated today plus I have gained good 7 pounds.
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