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I am 5'4" approximately 150lbs 32yrs old with...

I am 5'4" approximately 150lbs 32yrs old with deflated c/d boobs depending on maker of my bra and want a full projection high profile round large but not insanely large breast. PS suggest mentor silicone 450-500cc smooth round hp implants. Excited and can't wait to see what my new figure will look like. Since kids I have been so unhappy with what I look like. Not only will I get boobs but there is nothing better than more self esteem and confidence I'm longing to get as well.

2 weeks away from SURGERY

Surgery is December 21st, Pre-op is December 18th, Blood work is December 16th, everything else is done. I have paid all fees and purchased many items for after surgery. I have prepped up as much as I can to this point. Time is dragging..... My mind is wondering..... I just can't wait for it to be done! I am ready for the girls to say hello to me in the mirror!

Stress ugh!!!!!

Has anyone else ended up with so much stress just before surgery that you drop weight like crazy? I have been so stressed with the whole surgery process that I went from 153 lbs in the beginning of last month down to 142 lbs as of today. I want the stress from worrying about the size and how the pain will effect my ability to be a mommy to my baby (my other kids are older so they will understand) to be over! I know I have an awesome plastic surgeon! I know I will look great! It's just I'm a worry type of person. I hate pain meds and not feeling myself. I just can't wait to be on the other side already lol! I like the weight loss but afraid if I keep losing what will be my cc size now?! I was told 450-500 hp but my breast have got much more smaller since then from the loss of weight. How did you calm your nerves if you were obsessing over the whole process?

Deflated B(•)(•)Bs almost gone

I have surgery at 7 am to get my boobs and super excited! Last picture of deflated boobs! They are showing upside down on my phone hope they don't post that way.

I'm on the other side

Well I had surgery on December 21st but I have been so sleepy I have not been on here much. I had 475cc hp smooth round mentor under muscle. I'm extremely bruised and square booked. I was told bruising is from the liposuction on both breast. The square boob should go away as I drop and fluff. Don't freak with how odd I look lol.

Riding tight and high with bruises

Well today is post op day 2. I'm riding high but the right side is extremely high feeling and very tight. I have bruises still from the liposuction and I believe that's what the wrinkles are from as well near my nipples. I know when they drop and fluff and bruises are gone I will have made the perfect choice by trusting my doctor decision on cc. He used 475cc instead of 500cc that I wanted. I'm trying not to use pain pills again today yesterday I had to after trying not to. I been using ice packs faithfully! Man they relieve so much pain and pressure or maybe it's in my head but ice packs are my friend for sure. I started arnica and still taking antibiotics. Can't wait to see them in a few weeks to a few months I have a strong feeling they will look great!

Post op Day 3

I'm wanting to look back and remember my whole experience. So I'm kind of using this as a diary. Today I mark the day 3 post op and I feel so much better than day 1 and 2! The morning boob I still have but not as bad. My right boob has let up on some of the pain and pressure from riding so high. I still have bruising and square boobs but in time that to shall pass. My nipples is where the liposuction was performed and the implant placed inframammery under breast so there has been relatively no pain from my incisions. I stopped pain meds on the evening of day 1 post op and taking nothing but arnica and antibiotics now and anti nausea if needed the antibiotics make me sick at times. I'm able to lift and pull and push but I'm trying not to do more than instructed as I don't want to hurt myself. I can't believe the recovery is going so well and so quick. Now waiting for my boobs to look like boobs not the odd flat but big square shape. I can't wait to look sexy this summer. I lost so much weight from the beginning of my process from stress to the day of surgery I officially weighed in the night before surgery an weighed 139.5 lbs hoping the weight drops more but not over stress anymore now. Happy healthy healing ladies!

Post Op Day 4!

Well today I still have bruising however the color is changing though. The left breast has dropped some in my opinion. The right is under my armpit riding high but not as high as day 1. I have been getting sharp shooting pains here and there very few are severely painful. My breast have started to itch. I'm not itching though. I took a shower today not a sponge bath. I was successful at shaving and washing my own hair. My right breast seems to get morning boob often through out the day while my left is usually in the mornings or after naps. No pain meds at all in a few days. Time to flush them soon as I doubt I will need them. My biggest fear is the swooshing sound I hear once in a while hoping its normal. I can feel the implant move if I flex or lift something to heavy. Of course the flex is not intentional only while opening lids and such. My nipples are very sensitive. The wound under my right breast is starting to hurt at times but that's my problem child anyways. I'm not disappointed in my boobs but not liking the square shape or extra high flat look. I can't wait till they drop! I want to try sexy bras and tops but can't until I like what I see. I look at them and still wonder how big they will actually be in a bra. My head has been hurting a ton today maybe because of family though lol. (It's Christmas!) my next appointment is Monday and hoping the doctor says they look great still!

One Blessed Week Post Op!

Well ladies it's been a week today! Had my check up and they said I'm healing wonderfully! Changed out my tape under boobs over stitches. No tape on my nipples where lipo was done now. Boobs are looking good and I'm starting to like them more and more! No pain only itchy boobs! However they are hard as a rock and high still! Continuing to ice them babies!

Today makes 8 days post op

Today I'm feeling great! The bruising makes my breast look worse in pics than real life. Wow bruises are still bold in the pictures but very light in person. Well most of it anyways lol. The right is still higher and harder than my left. The left is incrediblely soft already for only 8 days very mild hardening in it. I'm still itchy at the wounds. Overall I feel good and I'm starting to like them more and more as I progress!

Post Op Day 11!

I will be posting pictures from the past few days to current. I delayed my updates as you ladies know for a reason. So this will catch us up to today. I have burning pain in my wounds under my breast that started since last night. My breast are still itchy as well. I feel like they are dropping more and more but I still have a way to go. There is still morning boob here and there. My tape fell off so I put on silicone scar strips for now. Stitches come out Tuesday or Wednesday!

12 days post op!!!!

Today I still have burning in my incisions I think my boobs are saying take my stitches out lol! The highness and hardness are present although not near as bad as it was days ago I'm becoming softer and softer already. Roundness is taking shape more in left but slowly in right side. I can't wait to see end results!

16 Days Post Op

Well I have virtually no pain. Today my stitches were removed and I'm down to only steri-strips. My nipples are super sensitive especially when they get hard. My incision under my breast looks good for 16 days out. Today my doctor man handled (lol) my boobs doing his routine check up that kind of hurt but the burning from removing the stitches was more painful. I was given two massages exercises whatever they are called to do to my breast now. The squeeze from the bottom with my hand in a V, and the same type at bottom squeeze as the first exercise added with my other hand going across the nipple side to side and also squeeze in a V and pull down. These are to help the implant go slide down. My right is still really high to me. The right is also hard as a rock in many areas while the left has not near as much that is hard. I can sleep on my side I try not to though because my doctor hasn't told me I can yet. I just roll over without realizing I have. I had to test Victoria's Secret out today after all the horrible experiences I have read recently. Well the girl was really young measured me a C I laughed and said you can't be serious so I tried it on my two boobs almost became four. She then noticed it was way too small. I tried on a 38 D it fit nicely but the band was too loose. The 36 D seemed to snug. So when they drop I'm sure I will be DD to Victoria's Secret lol. My doctors office said at week 1 post op I needed a larger surgical bra as mine was too small at a 36D so I got a DD and it fit. So I personally think I'm already a DD and may be larger when they drop but who knows they could be D in Victoria's Secret brand. Although that was my size before surgery although they did not look near as good as now in that size bra. So glad I can try on my own sizes and size myself. Over all the fitting was rough but the girl was trying and was sweet. I just don't think she had enough knowledge to size appropriately. I will check out bras in a few weeks when given the go ahead though. Here is my updated boobs! Crazy they look better in person to me lol. The left as you see is dropping nice no round boob at the top front view on the righ is still like that. The bruising is almost gone. The stretch marks from getting size E when pregnant is very visible in the pictures but not in person.

19 Days Post Op

I have sharp pains ever so often any one else? My nipples are still very very very sensitive. My scars I haven't seen but they feel poofy. My boobs itch. Overall healing well.

30 Days Out

Well I am sorry I have been so busy it's hard to keep updates going. So the sharp pains I still have but mostly in my right boob only. Nipples are back to normal but I can definitely tell weather (cold temperatures) seem to bring out the hardness more in them now than before. They have dropped very well so far. The left is amazing. The right is still ever so slightly high. The incisions well they are healing still dark in color though. Over all I can sleep and move with them as if they been with me forever now. The stretch marks are from pregnancies not surgery. I went to size E boobs when pregnant. I was hoping they would fade away I bought stretch mark cream but I can't remember to apply it two times a day as it suggest.

35 Days

I am loving the look more and more. No pain really besides it feels like a pulled muscle on the right sometimes not always though. More dropping needs to happen. Overall loving them. I hate my scars though.

Post Op 3 months 3 weeks 3 days

So I'm 3 months 3 weeks 3 days since my surgery. My boobs are very soft, very squishy, and round. They look great for the natural look but that was not what I wanted. I wanted the high round look. They are not high at all. I'm now considering a lift even though I'm not sure if it will help me with the look I really wanted. I could kick myself because I may never have that kind of money to redo surgery to go "bigger"! I knew the look I wanted, expressed it very well, and yet allowed the Dr to talk me into what he thought would be best. It's not the look I wanted though. I had really liked them about 2 months after but they seem to settle more and more and to me look saggy. The look I wanted to do away with. Now I'm full and saggy. Maybe they won't settle any more. I did end up a DDD from a D so they are bigger but really if you saw them in person you'd never know they were fake. They look natural. I will still always have to wear a bra for that push up cleavage effect. ????

Before vs. After

Here is before and after together for comparison

Almost 9 months post op

Right after surgery I loved my boobs and couldn't wait for them to drop. Now they have dropped I feel like they are the same as before surgery. I feel like the only difference is bigger saggy boobs now. I wanted a lift only if necessary the Dr said I did not need it so I went with his advice. I wanted big fake looking perky boobs. I got natural saggy boobs. I'm happy they are full and not deflated any longer but that is all. I wanted to redo it. Nope not in my finances. I don't come on here often because I'm that unhappy. I miss following the updates so many women look so great afterwards. I wish I could afford to go back but not right now. However healing went great. They are soft as real boobs. The look natural.
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Dr Diaco is amazing. I had so many fears and he wants his patients to trust he is in his field with his expertise for a reason. I did trust him I wanted 500cc he said he thought more of 450-475cc range well he did the surgery gave me 475cc and I love how I'm gonna look when I completely heal. I can already tell they are gonna be perfect sizes! He was very professional and I had the best care from him and his staff!

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