27yo, No Kids, A/B Cup to a D Cup, Silicone 425cc Mod+

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I've always had small boobs, and as someone who...

I've always had small boobs, and as someone who enjoys Pole Fitness, the beach, and cosplay, it always sucked having such small ones. I've been debating the procedure for a number of years, but honestly while my fiance loves big boobs, he really doesn't like fake boobs, so that has always held me back. But, at this point in my life, I know that he still fully supports me, and its not about pleasing him or anyone else. I want larger breasts for me.

Had my first consultation with Dr. Tremmen and absolutely loved her. Super kind and soft-spoken, I really didn't feel pressured at all. She was also thorough and informative. At this point I am still not 100% sure of the exact size I want, but I do know that I want her to perform the augmentation. Right now I'm considering 375cc Mentor Silicone round implants. I want a full C cup, but I also want my breast to fall and feel soft after a year or so, and am concerned that may be too large....

Pre-op photos to come! I will try to keep this updated throughout the process as reading the reviews on here have been invaluable to me.

Date Set

I called the office today and am scheduled for surgery on Nov. 21. It feels odd because I'm excited, but its also my fiances birthday so I feel a bit torn about that. But, unfortunately its the best date, so for now that's what I'll go with!! So excited and anxious, will pick the final size when I meet with my doctor for the pre-op in a few weeks

The Countdown!

So my procedure is officially set for Nov 21, 2016!!! Less than two weeks away! Its fully paid for and I am both incredibly excited and anxious!

During my pre-op I showed my PS my new wish photos, and based off of that, we decided on a new range, 400-450ccs Mentor Mod+ silicone. So I may end up with a D cup! :D I and a bit concerned with drop and fluff..... My breasts are fairly small and perky (which isn't a bad thing) but I worry about how slow the process may be. But! I am still incredibly excited and counting down the days!

One week down....

Sooo not too much to really say. The first 2 days post surgery SUCKED. thankfully a friend stayed with me the first 3 days after. Couldn't drive or even get myself out of my recliner at first. Day 7 was a good turning point tho, was able to bath without help, stop taking prescription pain meds, and felt like I got my energy back.

Implants are still riding high, but I'm in love with the size! Now for the long wait for my frakenboobs to drop and fluff!

Also, for anyone who hasn't heard of it, Jenny Eden's "Boobie Recovery Kit" is a lifesaver!!!! Worth every penny!!


Forgot to add this in the last post:

425cc mentor round silicone mod+

Original size a/b usually wore Victoria Secret size 34B. Right now I'm wearing super soft bralettes and its too early to tell final size but hoping toward 34D. ????

2 Weeks Down!

No real updates at this point. Started going braless whenever possible, lotioning and massasing to help them drop and hopefully minimize stretch marks.

For the first month taking weekly photos, will probably do every other week during month 2.

Some feels on Drop and Fluff

I always see posts with girls loving their new boobs really early in, sometimes I think I'm weird. While I do love the overall size of them, no regrets there, I can't say I love them yet. I probably wont love them until they drop more and start to look more natural. I decided on Mod+ over HP cause I don't like unnatural upper pole fullness.... so until they settle more, I can't really love them. I actually don't even want to be intimate with my fiance without a camisole or something over them. All about patience I guess lol. Going bra-less as often as possible so hopefully that will help with the process. :)

3 Weeks!

So far so good! No complications and boobs are SLOWLY starting to look normal. I'm actually getting better at this patience thing too. Still making sure to be diligent with massaging and lotioning them.

One of my scars is being a bit finicky, but its getting there. At this point, going braless, and just chillin while they do their thing lol.

For my sanity...

Put some front photos together to really see the D&F process. The changes aren't huge but I see them and they make me happy. :)


Finally made it to 4 weeks. Not gonna lie, cried for the first time about them yesterday. :( I took my weekly progress photos and saw what seems like very little change. My boobs were so small and perky before I'm afraid they'll never look like normal none cone like boobs. T_____T my mom and fiance made me feel a bit better. Still tho, this probably won't be the last time. Boobs = emotional roller coaster. O well. Today was a better today and they will eventually look better. :/

36 DPO/5.5 WPO

Hello everyone! A little late on this update but figure better late than never! Just had a post op with my PS and am officially cleared to get back at the gym!!! So excited to get off my fluffy butt and lose some holiday weight! :)

Aside from that, been keeping up on my massages and wearing the compression band on occasion, and the girls seem to be slowly dropping! Can't wait for them to really look normal. But, I'm really happy with the progress and will keep doing my best to enjoy the process and focus on getting the rest of my body to look as good as my new boobs lol :)

OMG The Drop is REAL

Check out the lack of upper boob curve! Lol little bits of progress every week. :)
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Temmen is incredibly personable and genuinely kind. Her calm demeanor helped me feel at ease and I never felt like I was bothering her with my questions or being pushed toward a specific size or look. Every time I've gone to the office I have spoken with her specifically. Dr. Temmen really listened to what I wanted. I can say she definitely delivered in regard to the size and placement of my implants. Loving my new boobs more and more everyday! Also, the staff at the office is amazing. All the girls are really sweet, I always get courtesy appointment reminder calls, and my appointments have always been right on time, I've never sat in the waiting room for more than 10 min. :)

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