27yo, No Kids, A/B Cup Want a C Cup, and Looking at 375cc Mentor Silicon Implants - Tampa, FL

I've always had small boobs, and as someone who...

I've always had small boobs, and as someone who enjoys Pole Fitness, the beach, and cosplay, it always sucked having such small ones. I've been debating the procedure for a number of years, but honestly while my fiance loves big boobs, he really doesn't like fake boobs, so that has always held me back. But, at this point in my life, I know that he still fully supports me, and its not about pleasing him or anyone else. I want larger breasts for me.

Had my first consultation with Dr. Tremmen and absolutely loved her. Super kind and soft-spoken, I really didn't feel pressured at all. She was also thorough and informative. At this point I am still not 100% sure of the exact size I want, but I do know that I want her to perform the augmentation. Right now I'm considering 375cc Mentor Silicone round implants. I want a full C cup, but I also want my breast to fall and feel soft after a year or so, and am concerned that may be too large....

Pre-op photos to come! I will try to keep this updated throughout the process as reading the reviews on here have been invaluable to me.
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