Love My Voluptuous Shape, Just Want My Waist Back! SNATCH Me! Dr. Thomas Su Tampa: Abdomen and Flanks - Tampa, FL

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I just turned 40 in March. My kids are grown and...

I just turned 40 in March. My kids are grown and almost grown, so this is my first gift to myself.

I am voluptuous, with large breasts, hips and a booty. I just want my stomach bulk reduced. I do have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, and Pernicious Anemia, so energy for working can be a struggle . I was SUPER dedicated end of last year, and even paid a trainer. I worked twice a day for 3 months closely with him, eating right, and only lost 9 pounds. Pretty disappointing. So all in all I only really care about my mid section. I do have a true coke bottle. I always have, and It's time for the REBOOT..

March 2016

So, went to Dr.Su's office.. VERY CHIC... The colors and the decor to me think of mansion type breezy sea side kind of feel, with the shag rug included. Clean and just so voguish.. magazine worthy.

The receptionist was also very attractive, smiling, and dressed very nicely in black top and skirt, super friendly and fast to attend to me.

We didn't wait that long, then were called back to speak to Nicole his practice manager. We strolled into her office.. Very nice... There were about 30 before and after lipo pictures on two walls. What I loved about it, is that there were pictures of small, medium AND large people. It was refreshing to me that this Dr. doesn't discriminate by size before speaking to you and gauging your reasons.

*Side Note:

I've see a couple of reviews and comments with people bashing him for not being a Plastic Surgeon it really makes me chuckle.. He's certified in many aesthetics and a member of the American Academy of Plastic Surgery. I ALSO found out that he gives lectures TO plastic surgeons about lipo and his innovative procedures.
The thing about it is, I see Physicians Assistants running WHOLE businesses doing Smart Lipo.

I think that whoever is on here bashing him, has personal vendetta's and need to find a seat and get in one.

I found this about Dr. Thomas Su Tampa:
*Certification in Advanced Liposuction and Body Contouring Training 11/2007
*Cynosure Smart Lipo and Laser Comprehensive Hands On 12/2007
*Advanced Aesthetic Procedures and Laser Techniques Training 11/2005
*National Procedures Institute Advanced Aesthetics Track A 12/2005
*National Procedures Institute Advanced Aesthetics Track B 12/2005
*National Procedures Institute Laser Aesthetics 12/2005
*Restylane Cosmetic Filler Concepts and Techniques 02/2006
*National Procedures Institute Sclerotherapy Training 12/2005

Hospital Committees He's On At The Time Of That Publication, Perhaps More Now:

Head of the Disciplinary Committee for Practice Guide Lines
Ethics Review Board
Specialty Physician Review Board
Grand Rounds
Peer Group Journal Reviews
Marketing for Primary Care Group

*Volunteer Experience
Good Samaritan Free Clinic
Community Partners with Youth
Big Brother/Big Sister

Back to Nicole, she is very cool, open minded and listened to me. She was easy to speak to. We laughed and had some girl talk. We spoke about what my expectations were. I told her what I wanted, and she was agreeable. She then instructed me to dress down to my skivvies and put on a plush robe. She left the room.

She knocked and got my ok before entering,asked me if I was ready to take pics, I said yes, and grabbed the camera. I took off the robe and we took the standard side and back view pictures. Awesome..

After that was done, she told me the Dr. would be in shortly. Dr. Su came in, introduced himself with a nice calm demeanor...he asked me what I wanted him to do... then he asked me to take my robe off. He sat down in the stool examined my skin, had me turn around to look at the back, and while I'm watching him. I could tell that he was calculating what he could do. I love that!

He gave me realistic expectations for my case. I told him I wasn't looking for perfection, but I do want a reduction and my waist back. I believe he is the best for it. Especially without using a laser and his love for art and sculpture. I have total faith in him. I saw the pictures of the bigger people and I believe that this man can work! I swear!!

Dr. Su and I talked at length, they showed me even MORE and MORE pictures of the bigger patients that he has served and the results are just amazing. I think that for my sanity and comfort, the money is worth it. He didn't rush me, he was very direct. Didn't come across arrogant or dismissive at all. It was really like talking to a friend.

After the conversation was finished, he told Nicole how much he was going to charge in front of me, we had an accord. He shook my hand again, and went back to work. Nicole printed me out the paperwork about pricing, pharmacy info, and expectations including comments of what he said we could expect. She didn't even ask me for a payment. lol! I asked HER when I could pay my deposit.

Everything was in a fancy shcmancy black Artistic Lipo folder with some reading material on the subject and we were off.

Here we are 5 days before my lipo, and I've paid my balance and bought all of my supplies.

Arnica gel
Ocean Potion Burn Gel for itching
Dark Sheets
Compression Socks
Pinapples for healing
Antibacterial Wipes
Extra Compression Garments from DIVA'S CURVES. These garments are WELL CONSTRUCTED. Very nice.. we'll see how they do.
Etc, etc, etc.. I'm ready.

I'll post the before and after...

See you soon!

Dr. Thomas Su Artistic Lipo Is A GEM.. Top Notch..

I did it. :)

Dr. Su is an awesome and caring man. He really delivered. I'm sore (not too bad tonight,) and It's already better. I don't think I'll sleep good tonight.

His awesome nurse Lynnette got me all prepped, washed me down after I put on all of my surgical thong and "bra". She laid me down and put on my socks.

He started at about 8:15 AM putting the numbing in...(weirdest feeling ever) He's very caring and immediately moved if it pinched on the edges of my lidocane shots. Since he is an innovator, and gives lectures to plastic surgeons about his new technique, I knew he'd be the best. Never doubted him.

He is very thorough, and precise. I couldn't have asked for a better Dr.

Crunches..not bad, and I haven't worked out in months, tensing up if you are tired as an option. He let me get up twice and check our progress and for bathroom breaks.... it got flatter and FLATTER... Its gone ya'll...(giddy as all hell) He also let my adult daughter sit in with me the whole time.

His nurse Lynnette is so cool. We all had great conversations about new medical procedures and studies ( I geek over this stuff and I watch surgeries as a hobby LOVE IT..)

We laughed and joked all while he was putting in work. It was fun!

The pain meds have he hemed up right now, and I'm dosing off trying to write

My stomach is SO FLAT that I can't complain. Flatter than it's ever been even BEFORE I had my 3 children.. AND my skin was ALREADY snapped back.. I'll post more pics tomorrow after my 24 hr follow up.

I'm happy with the results already. No tummy tuck for me! Some of the Dr's on here said I needed a tummy tuck..They were WRONG..With Dr. Thomas Su...I FINALLY have my hour glass back versus that 40 ounce! lololol!

Speak to you guys tomorrow when I can post side and probably skin pictures..

Pic Of My Miracle Worker!

Here is a side view. mind you I have an abdominal board, pads, and a chuck padded in SUPER FLAT..

2 Days Later

I feel really good. The only thing that I would describe as "pain" is the lightweight soreness over the cuts he made. Today, I wouldn't call it pain.. very minor annoyance when touched.

My skin is still numb for the most part... and starting to itch a little.. not severe. I'm still sore a little to get up, but not walk, and I've heard ladies on here talk about it being gym sore, I can agree, but it's not super bad at all. I took a shower yesterday after my follow up, The Dr. said it was looking good and the swelling wasn't major at all gave me smaller garments that fit better.. Tomorrow, I'll put skin pics up.. I keep forgetting

See ya!

Day 4: Bring On The Swelling! lol

Seriously's not so bad BUT it is there.

I read day 2 is usually the most swelling is noticed, but day 3 for me.

Oh..and the itching has BEGUN..

It started off as a little itch here and there, and has progressively gotten to the itch inside a horses behind. Lol..

I broke down and applied some itching gel, the sunburn kind with helps almost instantly..

I've been massaging, lymphatically. Gently.

We've got this thing handled. :)

I can see in the mirror that I've gotten smaller, and my shape is peekin'..

"Come home to me baby!"

I'll be here ????

Here are those skin pics I promised.

Day 5

Ice Packs Or Frozen Vegs Are Your BEST DEFENSE against the itch monster!

Have at least two.

Other than that, make sure you have a squat urinal, OR a throwaway cup to go #1 in, cause the swelling makes sitting on the john seem awkward.

Here's to hoping for the best! ????
Goodnight ????

Day 6 (You know I'm Here For Y'all! :)

Soooo...Day 6..I think swelling hit its high yesterday, but here's to hoping.

Just took a shower for today, put my garment on without any help, I've been wearing my abdominal board all night even though he told me it wasn't necessary.

Laying here now in the couch icing my sides where the itch's are primarily on and off.

Wearing my garments RELIGIOUSLY but you won't catch me in a sanctuary.. Lol!

I'm feeling great..seeing my shape creep back up on me..( come on ole girl) lol..

I tried on a dress I can't wait to wear..its ankle length. I'm in an XL garment cause the 2X was too big after..

Damn, I'm just glad I don't have to pull my shirt down over my food baby anymore.

I stopped taking my narcotics next day, they weren't necessary. Just finished my antibiotics this morning, and only took my nausea meds immediately following the procedure just as a precaution.

I'm good.. till tomorrow then ladies and gents..

Day 7

Feeling PRET- TY Good...

So, what's going on is, it's getting firm.. which is a HELL of a lot better than that super heavy weird feeling I've had the past few days. Mostly numb, which isn't as bad as it sounds in comparison. lol

I prefer this over that one.

Anyway, the scabs on the cuts are starting to fall off I've been using my antibiotic ointment on those. Got that cotton ball in my button.. a new one of course.

I've been drying my button with q-tips cause.. eeww.. lol No seriously, I had a cut in there it's all the way healed but I want make sure it gets dried up to goodness. lol

I'm using my Arnica cream now, for the first time last night. I wonder if that's the reason why it firmed up. In that case.. I'll be dogging that tube and buying another. I was told that I can use Mederma for the scars. My scars tend to fade, but I have the knock off from WM simply because it has the SAME ingredient and amount.

So, It's firm. Less swollen but still swollen obviously. I'm feeling great.

That waist is sliding around the corner.. I'm ready for ya.. got the sheets ready.. It's been a LONG TIME! lol

I'm starting to feel like BEYONCE' in this "leotard" LOL Who run the world???.. GIRLS!!!... lolololol

I might slide some pics in after my shower..


Day 8

I swear

Everyday I get up it's drawn up higher after overnight healing.
This is good!

Well, I can see my top of my cat completely!

I could see it before, but maybe only half.

I'm so glad I did this..but NEVER AGAIN! lol

The hang has found it's death.

I am swollen indeed, I have this feeling my 2 week mark this major conscious swelling will be close to gone.

I'm feelin 95% just because it is still kinda awkward just because when sitting I can feel some of the flanks.

Still using the "urinal" to squat over the pot, and already moved my bowels the other day...not an's just grabbing this damn Velcro from behind to close it back in my crotch.

I'm not Inspector damn Gadget, lol

This garment gets hot at night buddy! Let me just say!

7 more days and I'm outta this joint.

OVER IT..but its bearable. I don't wear super tight things that will ruin my INVESTMENT.. I mean honestly, I could have paid off half my new car, but pests face it.

I'll get tired of the car, but I have to wear this body till DOOMSDAY so in that case..



Till later!

Did I Tell You How AWESOME DR. SU IS?


It's snatching so far up...I can not only see the top of my cat...

I can see the bottom of my STOMACH..


I take it you've see the pictures, and the only thing that is carrying swelling is my flanks (naturally) and the rest of my abdomen.

I'm going to SWEAR by that Arnica cream at this point. My scabs are slow, but I REFUSE to rip them off when part of it isn't ready.

I think I'll take picks and post on my 14th or 2wk mark and see if my prediction of the "most" of the heavy swelling being depleted about 60% I'd say.

I'm happy to give you this FULL REVIEW on Dr. Thomas SU..because I haven't seen a full and and flanks WITH pics..

And if I can help someone, well..

I'm happy to do that.


Couple More Pics

Hey You 15 Days In

My belly no longer can hold my towel!

It's REALLY drawing up. I am still super swollen but it's not with pain at all, just still firm. It's getting better by the day.

I went in for my 2 wk Appt and the nurse Lynnette gave me more oil, and told me to keep wearing my single lady garment a little longer.

I agree, just because it "feels good" but maybe I'll just wear it in the evenings. Idk

I still have a couple of scabs. Letting them heal on their own. I just started using Scar Away silicone strips for the main cuts. They are closed, and in two days this stuff is pretty good delivering on the flat and smoothing off scars.

I trim them down and can use them longer.

I think I'll post again at the month mark to show you how I'm doing!

See ya soon!

A MONTH! Hey, I Promised

So here we are at a month EXACTLY..
I'm feeling good, looking better in my clothes and still in this garment! lol

I take it off for a few hrs at a time, but it feels better on, even though, I kinda hate it..

Yeah, I hate it. XD

My belly is soft on the outside, firm on the inside. so, will not as flat as it can go yet.

It's still early.

I'm using the oil that the Dr. gave me about twice a day.

I'm still wearing the Scar Away silicone strips to reduce scars..

They work really well, but I still want to do at least a 2 months of them, maybe 3.

I can lie on my stomach with no issue now, and I'm feeling good.

Here's the before and after pics to give you some idea..

See you in about 2wks! Maybe a month, who knows, but I'LL BE BACK!


Hey there...

So, it's been almost to the three month mark..and I'm happy with my results...

I know it's still I know it will get better, but I just thought I'd drop in on ya.

So..what am I doing, and how do I feel..

My skin is still sensitive, certain fabrics kind of irritates it...Just slight to the touch.

It's soft (mostly) and I don't wear tight clothes on it yet and never roll my panties up over it either, because the skin is still impressionable. I refuse to ruin my investment.

For my scars, I'm using an Indian product called "No Scars" got it on EBay..Works WONDERS.. They compare it to Triluma the scar meds you get with a prescription for $100..

Yeah right...I paid $15 for this tube..and has hydroquinone use as directed. It's doing the job.

When I rub my feels lime it's waking up...No pain at all, but I can feel the circulation of fluids or whatever when I massage it, kind of like it's waking up.

If I go out for a while, I'll wear my garment, because it feels better than fabric rubbing against my skin.

When I sleep without it, when I get kinda I know it's still collecting it's not finished of course.

I swear I'm going to buy more, I have but booty is too big. I gotta buy a more expensive one. Just procrastinating.

I go back for my 4 month in a few weeks..I noticed in the follow up pics on the site..a few were 4 months later and the rest a year later, and they look AWESOME!

Some were WAY WORSE than what I started with in my opinion.

I'm not going to call my healing done until after the year mark.

I'm happy how I look..its a HUGE change, sometimes I look just for the hell of it.

I'm REALLY happy how I look in my booty is the thing that's sticking out AS IT SHOULD..vs my belly...

I'm still happy I did it. If the healing didn't go any further..I would be good.

It looks a little thick from the front...and from the side it looks better...I'm getting back in the gym and drop these 30lbs.. and I'm good!

See you soon!
Tampa Physician

He's is super friendly, takes his time. Very transparent, not cocky at all. From all of the pictures he showed of larger patients.. I believe this man can walk on I speak more about him in the review. Fun guy! PROCEDURE DATE: So personable..and hugged me when we were done..That's COMPASSION.. AWESOME.. Day of Procedure.. Dr. Su, perfection in scrubs.

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