35 Years old BBL...soon to be an Omulepu doll

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I had my fist consultation today. I went to...

I had my fist consultation today. I went to Artistic Lipo in Tampa. I saw Dr. su. He seems nice. They showed me a ton of before and after photos. The work looks good. They have this price list for all different procedures. They charge by small, medium, large, etc. I was considered to be small. For my upper and lower abdominal area it would be 4k. I really wanna do a "wrap" that would cost 7500 all together. Is that a lot? most places charge "per area" and I've seen 1000-1500 per area. What is considered an area? If upper and lower abs are considered say 2 areas that means dr Su charges 2000 per area. Yikes! Any I put anyone could provide would be appreciated.

Changing my mind

So after reading numerous reviews on here I was considering going to Dominican Republic to see Dr.Aniceto Rodriguez Delgado. I got an on line consult and he recommended a tummy tuck, lipo, and fat transfer. I will post pictures of myself later. I definite do not have any hanging skin and I am not that big. I am 5' 6" and weigh 156. He quoted me $4000.00.
After reading reviews here I found Dr. Fisher in Miami so I requested an online quote being that I am from Tampa I am not going there for a consult. I was quoted $3900 for a full abdomen wrap and BBL. But it is not with Dr. Fisher, it is will Dr. Omulepu. I looked him up on here and found great reviews about him as well. They also said another $1000.00 to stay at the RH. I think I am going to pass on that because I read horrible stories on here about their RH.
My question is anyone that has had surgery already, how long do I really need to stay in Miami for? The follow up is the next day so I could technically go home after that right? Any information you could provide would be appreciated.


So I was all set to pay for my procedure with Dr. O, I was doing to pay by phone and they told me they don't accept visa by phone die to theft issues but they would accept Amex. Well that just puts a hault on that. Not everyone has an Amex. Maybe it's a sign for me not to go there? So I am still "interviewing" doctors for the time being.

Some before pics (yikes)

Figured I would post some before pics. I'm posting from my phone and they are coming out sideways. Sorry

It just got real

So I just made my payment today. I am all booked for surgery May 16th with Dr. Omulepu. I am excited and scared all at the same time. I did not book the RH however. At first I was told $1000.00 for 4 nights but then I was told $1200 if I pay by credit card. Really? Why the additional $200? So anyone have any suggestions? Pretty please? lol

Need after care

Can someone please recommend a nurse that would come to a hotel and stay with me after? Also a ride? I wanted to stay in a RH but the ones that have good reviews are all booked of course. I spoke to Vanity about their's and they told me that if the house is full they put me in an extended stay hotel and have someone stay with me for a bit. I am not paying 1200.00 for 4 nights at extended stay when I can get a hotel on my own and hire a nurse. Any suggestions.....please

22 days pre op

I received all my info from Vanity today. I still haven't booked my flight or living arrangements for my stay. What am I waiting for?

Just booked my RH

I just booked with Meika today (cosmo comfort care). I will be staying at her RH instead of a hotel. She was really helpful. I had a ton of questions. She answered everyone of them. I will be staying with her starting the 15th. My sx is the 16th. I am beyond excited. Now I just have to book my flight.

Flight booked

I booked my flight I'm heading down the 15th sx on 16th and im heading home the 19th. Hope that's enough time. Now I just need to get my supplies.


So I ordered some stuff.
2 compression garments
Compression socks
Ab board
Lipo foam
Arnica gel and tablets
Stool softner
Gauze pads
Thick maxi pads
Thick yoga mat

I still want to go to the store to see if I can find a good pillow for my plane ride home. Am I missing anything?? Hmmm

8 days until surgery

Ok so I am flying down to MIA next Friday (5/15) 1 week from today. I don't know if I'm nervous. I don't think so. I had my blood work done this week, vanity called me to let me know everything was great!! I'm staying with Cosmo Comfort Care (Meika) she has been really helpful with any questions that I have had. All my supplies have been delivered. My concern is the flight home. It's only an hour but I think the yoga mat will be too big to use on the plane. Any suggestions?

Wish pics

A few wish pics. I know I'm reaching. I just want a slim waist and a round booty. After 4 kids.....why not. Lol

Wish pics

More wish

3 days to go

Only 3 days until my procedure. I'm pretty geeked and nervous at the same time. After reading some of the stories about the pain I'm super scared. Lol I need to suck it up and just tell myself it will be worth it in the long run.....I mean..it better be.

At vanity

So I'm here at vanity. Been here about 40 minutes. It's packed in here. They are definitely caking in here. There's a few girls in here for follow up in assuming, they look good. I asked one of them how many days post she was and she said 3, she is getting around really well so it kind of puts my mind at east. So far I had my before pics taken. I'll update more when I leave.

Talk about confusion

So today I go to vanity like I said in my earlier review, well I was there for about 2 hours. I took before pictures and they had me waiting....and waiting....and waiting. I finally went up to the desk asking if they forgot about me for them to tell me I need to go to the Hialeah location and that is where I will be having my surgery. Really? Why not tell me that to begin with? Anyway I went to Encore (the other location) much less crowded practically a desert town compared to Vanity. I prefer going there. I filled out some paperwork and was told to be there tomorrow morning at 6:30am. I will update you ladies on the other side once I can.

Morning of

I'm nervous y'all pray for me. ????????

On the other side

I made it!!! Sore but that's because the pain meds they gave me haven't wore off yet. I can't take my garment off till Monday so I can't take any pics. But I will I promise.

So far not so good

So I'm in the hospital and I'm going through it. I was bleeding way too much. I had to come by ambulance. My blood pressure was really low. My count went from a 14 prior to surgery to a 9. I'm in so much pain, they gave me morphine and it didn't even touch the pain. To top it all off I'm laying here in the hospital on my back of course.

A bad picture but

This is all I've got for now. Like I said I am not in my garment cause I'm in the hospital. I could barely get up.

Out of the hospital

So I'm out of the hospital finally. I'm sore as hell but I feel better now that I'm not paying in bed feeling sorry for myself. I almost lost it for a minute. I went to see Dr. Omulepu as soon as I got out of the hospital. He was very apologetic for the clinic and how they didn't give him the message I was in the hospital. I don't have pics for y'all yet because I had my garment off this whole time I was in the hospital and he put it in me today and I can not take it off for a few days but as soon as I can I will post pictures. Thanks to all of you who sent kind words I really appreciate it.

Recovery Options

I stayed with Cosmo Comfort Care. Look them up, they have a website cosmocomfortcare.com. Tameika and Tashell were my nurses. They go above and beyond to make sure you are taken care of. The do not have a house full of patients they have 1-2 at a time max so that each patient gets the care they deserve. They are very professional, they send you a menu in advance with several different options for breakfast lunch and dinner and snacks. The food is all organic and healthy. I will keep in touch with them because honestly I felt like I knew Meika for years we got a long so well. Loved them so much.

After pics

Swollen and bruised. I'm banged up. Ouch

Drain out

My husband took my drain out yesterday. It wasn't so bad. I had this horrible scenario built up in my head that I was gonna die as he was taking it out. He literally cut the stitch, twisted the tube and it slid right out. So for those of y'all who have to go home with a drain, it isn't the end of the world. I'm still swollen. I will post more pictures after my swelling goes down a bit.

Most recent

Ok so here are some before and after pictures. I'm still swollen bruised and bandaged so it's not pretty......yet


I'm not too sure why people troll this site just to make negative comments on what someone is describing in their journey. This is not a collegiate website in which people are looking to be graded. They are kind enough to share their experiences for others. Having said that, I'm finally feeling some relief. I'm a bit sore still but that's to be expected seeing as though it has only been 17 days.

He is very honest and will tell you what to expect realistically. Only complaint I had was with his team (vanity/Encore) they are out of control and do not communicate with the dr. Even if they say they do, they dont! But even after the issues I had he contacted me personally and gave me his cell number and told me I can contact him anytime!

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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