Tall & Slim All my Life (No Curves, No Where) Until I Turned 41YrsOld. Gained 60+ Lbs & Went for Lipo/BBL at 43YrsOld. Tampa, FL

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Where to start?!?! I came across this site (RS)...

Where to start?!?! I came across this site (RS) only 6 (or so) mos ago. I wish I had found it sooner. I'm finally going to share my three (3) bbl journey's with all of you. I must first say, this site is truly a blessing because I found that you all (dolls/soon to be dolls) are the most positive, most motivating, optimistic and inspirational women that I have ever came across in my ENTIRE life!! I've always been a private person/loner so this is SO new to me. I know it's because most the women I've crossed paths with are so miserable, negative and judgmental, I learned to keep thoughts and feelings to myself..

I've always been tall and slim but that changed at 41 yrs old. I went from averaging 160
- 170 (with no curves) to 225 lbs. Since I'm 5'11, It would not have been a bad thing if only I could have gained the weight in all the right places, i.e., boobs, hips, butt, thighs, etc., Unfortunately, I gained most of the weight in my upper body, I became top HEAVY. Eeek! I worked out at the gym, then bought a Nordictrac elliptical and dieted to no avail. I became so discouraged and more depressed than I had been when I was TOO thin. I was feeling zero confidence and to add onto it, there had been no intimacy whatsoever between my husband and I in a whole year and a half! It became obvious he was so turned off by my weight gain, depression, also..It was time to try something else!!

I can't remember how I came across the option of liposuction, but the bbl thought came after I went to the consultation appt. I have so much I want to share but for now, I'm going to share my before and after pics of my first Lipo/Bbl which was done in Aug, 2012. Notice I wasn't confident enough to take pics without clothing on! SMH. These are pictures from before round 1 surgery, up to 3 mos post-op.

I will share the rest of my round 1 journey with you lovely ladies soon. Until then, stay sweet and always optimistic, my RS friends!

Continuation of Round 1 photos

Dr. Robert Miles

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