High volume laser lipo, 47, 100lb. Weight Loss and 3 Kids - Time to feel good about ME!

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I'm having 5 areas done, inner knee, inner thigh,...

I'm having 5 areas done, inner knee, inner thigh, hips, lower belly, and upper stomach. I'm looking forward to the results, but not the procedure! I've had lipo on my arms so I sort of know what to expect. I do have a bunch of sagging skin, but my doctor is hopeful that it will spring back. The draining is the worst part so I'm a bit nervous about managing so many areas.

More detail about my particular situation.

I have a high BMI (36). My problem is in my legs. Most of the volume will come out of inner knee, inner thigh. My upper body is pretty slim. That said, I have the problematic areas where pockets of fat settled and never went away despite the loss. We're also doing my lower ab, upper ab, and waist (love handles) but that will be more of a contouring than heavy fat removal. I'm having it done on a Friday at 7am. Taking the following Monday off. I've lost 100# but hit a plateau with weight loss and working out. I'm at a point where the fatty areas of my thighs make it difficult for me to exercise/move efficiently. Try doing plyometrics or jumping jacks with extra large thighs. I'ts pretty hard, believe me I've tried. I'm hoping that this will streamline me so I can up the ante and vary the type of exercise I do. Currently I've been biking an average of 8 miles six days a week. I'll let you know how this goes once I can return to my normal exercise routine.

Clothing is the other issue for me. My waist isn't really the issue, but due to my large thighs it makes it super hard to fit normal pants. If not for my thighs, I'd probably be 2 sizes smaller. I end up buying pants to fit my legs and the waist is huge.

3 days pre-op and preparing

I ordered a bunch of supplies to have on hand so I can manage the drainage. I got some XL chux pads, some poise pads since I'll have 4 drain holes down south, I also ordered some adhesive backed nursing pads so I can cover the other drain holes and maybe manage those a little. I've been told to drink 2 liters of water per day and stay hydrated. Getting a little nervous, but I think I'll do great!

Day one post-op

I had the procedure done yesterday, and I will give a review on that when I feel better. Didn't sleep much last night, the pain was bad and I couldn't find a good position. The draining
was bad yesterday, but slowed to a stop today (day of procedure). Under doctors orders to leave garment on for 48 hours, so we fished out the pads that were super saturated and I feel so much better not having them in. The lidocaine has worn off for the most part, so the pain level is 6-8 unless I am moving about. Then its a 10+. When i woke up this morning i was pretty nauseated so I took some meds for that. I did have 5 areas done, so I'm significantly sore. This procedure definitely isn't for the feint of heart.

Day 2 with a before and after

I am swollen and feeling very tender today, but I feel that I'll be pleased with the results.

Day of Surgery Report: Inner knee, inner thigh, hips, lower belly, and upper stomach

The procedure was done on Friday 5/8 at around 8:00am. It lasted around 3 hours total. The doctor took a total of 4 liters of fat out of the 5 areas. I was given Xanax, Tylenol 3, and an anti nausea medication for the procedure. For the most part I was pretty lucid during the entire operation. They brought me into the exam room, and the doctor marked me up. Next we took pictures again, and the nurse washed me up. We started an IV "just in case" but had no intentions of using it. The procedure began with the insertion of the solution/lidocaine. It is by far the most uncomfortable part of the procedure. It is definitely an odd sensation having someone poke a stick under your skin and run through the fat layer. Not comfortable at all. The doctor took great care in making sure I was comfortable. The nurse was there to hold my hand during this part of the procedure. She filled up all of the areas before getting started on the laser part. The laser/lipo went pretty well and wasn't extremely painful except when she got to where I had my hysterectomy and gall bladder surgery scars. She worked extra hard to contour areas she thought would be lumpy or problematic. Once the suction part was over, the entry holes were patched up and I was helped into my compression garment. They put additional foam padding into the stomach/pelvic area to provide additional compression. The drainage on the first day was ridiculous. Oddly enough I got it all over with on the first day and by the middle of day 2, I had no more drainage.

Post surgery, I can see how much work was done and feel there is an amazing difference already. See additional comments below for day by day progress

Day 4 Post-op

Well, I have to say that I'm pretty pleased with the results so far. I am pretty swollen still, but can completely see results. I'm looking forward to what the final results will be after I lose more weight and continue to exercise.

6 Days Post op inner thigh bruises

I went to work today, and was sitting and standing quite a bit. I am sure that it did not help with the bruising and swelling. here is a picture of my inner knee and thigh 6 days post op.

9 Month Update

9 Months later, things have tightened up nicely. Super happy with my flanks. Super happy with my upper abdomen. I ended up with a little pooch in my lower abdomen, but I think that was due to the fact that there was so much to take out and she didn't take it all. At the moment, I'm about 20# less than I was day of surgery. Now that my legs and midsection are more trim, I am able to run and exercise more easily. I can even do jumping jacks. This has helped me accelerate my weight loss. Prior to surgery the extra bulk in these areas made it very difficult to do these activities. I do have to say that my skin has tightened up but it isn't "perfect". After 3 kids, I had plenty of stretch marks and this procedure wasn't designed to get rid of those. I won't be running around in a bikini anytime soon. Overall, I am extremely pleased with the results, and would do it over again. Once I reach my goal weight I will go in for a revision on any areas I feel need some work still.
Wesley Chapel Plastic Surgeon

I loved working with Dr. Azharian and the staff at Sono Bello. The doctor was very honest, thorough, and spent a great deal of time with me. She's very kind and has a great sense of humor also. During the procedure, she took great care in ensuring my comfort and making sure my pain level was low and under control. As far as the procedure is concerned, she exhibited a high level of professionalism. She spent time on troublesome areas to give me the best possible outcome. I didn't feel rushed at all or that she cut corners.

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