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I am 22 and I am of Japanese ethnicity but also...

I am 22 and I am of Japanese ethnicity but also have some Latin in me. I chose to do laser hair removal because I absolutely HATE to shave. I have very dark, very coarse hair. Usually the prickly stubble would appear about 2 days after I shaved.

So I did my research. My brother had also gotten laser hair removal for his back with a very expensive competitor (they have commercials and infomercials everywhere all the time). They charged him $6000 for full back. I decided to make them my last resort if I didn't find another facility with cheaper prices (their Tampa facility also didn't get very good reviews online). So I went online and researched a bunch of places and finally found a cosmetic surgery center that also does laser hair removals. They had amazing reviews so I set-up an appointment.

I met with Dr. Carol (can't remember her last name) and she was just wonderful. She answered all my questions. She informed me what to expect during the procedure and everything I needed to know for post-op. She did a special price for me for $5175 for full legs, buttocks, and full bikini for 9 treatment sessions. So basically $5175 for the lower half of my body (and remember my poor brother paid $6000 for just his back at the competitor's).

5/15/2013 - My first session

I'm not even gonna lie. I'm not even gonna sugarcoat it. IT HURT. A LOT. She said that it would hurt on areas where I had the darkest and most coarse hair growing. So on areas like around my knees where I have very fine hair, it felt like she was pressing an ice cube on my skin for a brief second or like a rush of air on it. But when she got to my upper, inner thighs and on my bikini area where I have a lot of the dark, coarse hair, sometimes I felt like she was pressing a burning coal on my skin. In my head, I kept telling myself that it would be worth it. That it BETTER be worth it. And Dr. Carol was great. She went very slow and consistently asked me if I needed a break (which I requested a lot). The procedure took about 2 hours to complete (for full legs, full bikini, and buttocks). After the treatment, the areas I got done were a little sensitive and felt like I just spent a little too much time under the sun and got slight sunburned. I was a little red afterwards but that went away after 24 hours. I used lots of moisturizers to help my skin from drying out or ashing out.

The results: I have to say I am super happy with the results so far. The hair fell out for the next four weeks after the treatment and I didn't see any new hair growth for about 5 weeks. The hair that started growing back was very noticeably thinner and finer which I was ecstatic about! It was so nice to have to shave once or twice every few weeks as opposed to every few days and not have that aggressively coarse and prickly stubble. verdict on laser hair removal right now is so far so good.

I am due for another treatment in a few days so I will update then and I will try to upload pictures.

7/10/13 - Second Session

Just like the first session, there was a lot of pain. However, by this time I kinda knew what to expect so the session were much faster (2 hours last time for full legs, bikini, and buttocks) and took about an hour and 30 minutes. Also by this time, I no longer had any regrets about spending so much money and putting myself through so much physical pain. The 8 weeks after my first session, I noticed my hair was thinner and finer and was also not growing everywhere but rather was lightly scattered throughout the lower portion of my body. Already being able to see results made me very happy. One thing I did forget to mention about the results after my first session is that my bikini area itched A LOT when the hair were falling out. I did put on some anti-itch cream but the itching only really stopped when all the hair fell out. But anyway, my second session pretty much went the same way as the first.

The results: Wow! The hair is very unnoticeable now. I can actually walk around the house in shorts without being embarrassed about body hair. I didn't shave until about the 6th week and even then, I could've chosen not to and still worn shorts and no one would've noticed. One thing though, I did have an allergic reaction where my legs just itched and itched like crazy and it wasn't because of the hair that was falling out. For about 10 days, I would stay up half the night itching. It nearly drove me mad. I did put on some anti-itch cream and take an anti-histamine but that didn't completely stop the itching. I talked with Dr. Caroll and she told me that if you have allergies of any kind (pollen, dust, seasonal) that there is a chance that the hair removal procedure could trigger an allergic reaction and leave you really itchy. She told me to just continue taking the anti-histamine medication and applying the anti-itch cream and it should go away in a few days. And it did. Anyway, I'm still continuing on being blown away by the results. The hair is finer and thinner than ever before and now is even more scattered (not as much hair growing) as well.

So... my verdict on laser hair removal is still so far so good.

I am due for my third treatment and will update this soon!!

She is very informative and super sweet. She answered all my questions and gave me all the information regarding what to expect during the procedure and for post-op. She also gave a discounted price for all the areas I wanted to get done. What I was most grateful for is that she never pressured me into taking the price. She explained and broke down the price for me so that I would understand why it came out to that total. She gave me a few minutes to consider before I ended up agreeing.

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